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  1. Aaron_P85

    520d coolant pressure

    Yeah they're genuine, from the dealer my mind is boggled haha
  2. Aaron_P85

    520d coolant pressure

    Water dripping out of expansion tank cap (only after a good drive and fully up to temperature) suggesting too much pressure. Engine Thermostat/water pump have recently been changed. Tried 2x new caps just to be sure not that. I'm not 100% but think cap did this before that but only very slight. Assumed head gasket and exhaust pressure into coolant but done the test and there is no exhaust gas coming through cooling system nor is there any oil in coolant or coolant in oil, no exhaust smoke either. I have to keep topping coolant up after and reasonable distance. Is there anything I'm missing or could there be a huge air lock?
  3. Aaron_P85

    E70 pre facelift headlight washer nozzle

    Hi Phil, I did indeed, look forward to rebuilding the whole front end of the car to put this washer back in haha....thought it would have been a 5minute job....HA! sidenote, you're not the same Phil Ennis that worked for M4YM? been on TV abit? .... long shot I know just not a name you come across often haha
  4. Aaron_P85

    E70 pre facelift headlight washer nozzle

    Excellent Phil, will make payment immediately - just to check this does include the nozzle aswell as the telescopic body? Cheers
  5. Hi guys, as the title really.. My 2007 e70 just sprung a leak from the passenger headlight washer nozzle - have removed it and require a new one posted to NE34 9LD ASAP please
  6. So...I decided against getting an M5. the two I went to see had £1,500+ bills every year....not something I'm after at the minute haha So I've just bought an E70 3.0d....its been stood since 15th December until Sunday just gone when I got it.... started on the button but the time/date needed reset....completed that and drove an hour home on the A1... next morning 'BING' time/date need set again, and cranked over a little slower...but started first time... I've unlocked the hidden menu and checked voltages Idle: 14.9/15v switch off: drops under to 12v within 60 seconds - illuminating the battery sign and shutting down near enough everything... so with everything off I went on a 45 minute, non stop, motorway journey...turned the car off...waited circa 2 minutes with the ignition on but 'everthing' off and BING battery sign again. no 'high drainage' signs and its an original BMW battery....perhaps the original? before I take it to the local Coopers...does this sound like a dying battery or something else?
  7. Aaron_P85


    It's still in my possesion, taking the plate off online in the morning, getting it detailed on Friday for collection on Saturday... feel sick. put so much money and time into it - but there's only one thing left to do with it now...chase power, next turbo up would be £2k and see me good for 550bhp on vpower and 600ish with 20% meth....but then youre talking even more money.... I love what I've done with it and been asked by Jap Performance Magazine to do a feature in the summer, the new owner has said I can go with him to the shoot and he'll stand back and let me take the credit for it - really wanted to get it back on the track and shows too... oh well... atleast I can walk (cry) past it and say 'i made that' lol
  8. Aaron_P85


    100%! along with the Hartage badge... What the hell are those wheels off though?
  9. Aaron_P85


    just found this!! http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/bmw-5-series-e60-e61-m5-2005/5176820?v=b
  10. Aaron_P85


    There's a few different guys we use, depending what we're after, also got a relative out there that can go see private cars for sale too????No, the JDM models are all RHD unless they're exotica, for some reason they only come in LHD?!?! Weird!
  11. Aaron_P85


    White is lucky in Japan and red is unlucky, hence finding a red jap car is worth loads over here! I'd buy a UK one, but then I look at what I could get/pay in japan and it's crazy... that second one I've pictured - I could get it to my local Port for £15k.... 1 owner from new, those BBS wheels, full documented BMW history and......58k!! INsane lol I'm currently shipping over an Integra Type R and Impreza Type R. M6 maybe an option too, but the wife is ready to drop, and I'm lazy - so dont fancy a Coupe...yet - but if the right one came up...
  12. Aaron_P85


    How you all doing? Some may remember me, most wont.... I sold the CLS 500 and bought a 2006 Impreza Sti... Blew up on the 1/4 mil sprints, so I threw daft money at its rebuild and bodywork.....it's BY FARRRR the best and most enjoyable car I've owned....to date! ...I went to a 'meet' last week and a guy instantly fell in love with it, asked me all sorts - asked how much I'd take for it - told him and he accepted!!!!! madness - had zero intention of selling it upto that point haha So now the search is on, my V10 itch needs scratched.... I've setup a Jap Car Imports business with a friend and seen a few LOVELY and GENUINE AC shnitzer M5 models like the one below... absolutely love it!! and also this little Gem... But I'm not sure on the KPH Conversion read out... will this be a coded option? or will I need to buy UK cluster and replace? also the mileage to convert it from KM to miles.... something BMW can do, given the fact I'll have all the import papers etc (got a friend at BMW asking a master Tech on Monday)
  13. Aaron_P85

    Dash Cams

    Ebay special from HERE and also bought THIS FULL HD - clearly compressed a fair whack for youtube...plays spot on with my 65" 4K TV straight from the camera
  14. Aaron_P85

    My E60 M5 project

    Beautiful. But can't help but think that adding OEM backboxes (straight through) is just adding unneeded weight... get some sound clips up
  15. Aaron_P85

    heads up fast n loud knight rider

    Loved it testing the indicators, everything BUT the indicators started flashing haha