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  1. ianstent

    Water leak in spare wheel well

    OK, I've spent the whole weekend working on this and, while the spare wheel floor area is rust free and repainted, and the body seam alongside the battery has been dug out and an offending 5mm hole filled and everything resealed and painted, I'm still getting water pouring in! Final investigation on Sunday night is pointing me nearer the problem... I think. If I spray the car with water there is no visible water ingress. However, it's only when on the move and going around corners that water comes in. Sitting in the back with my other half driving I can hear the water sloshing around in a void across the back of the car, beneath the rear bumper. On corners the water sloshes up to one end and comes into the car at this point. Mainly this happens on the battery side, but I also get a small amount coming in and sitting behind where the cd changer lies. I really don't think this is coming in around the lights, but more likely is collecting somewhere behind the bumper, when I hose down the back of the car after having washed it. Has anyone investigated this area? Is there a panneled in void here where water might get in and then into the car via an inner mounting hole or something? Very frustrated, but have just found an excellent thread on this forum on how to remove the bumper. Ian
  2. ianstent

    530d M Sport Touring checks

    Hi Rob, Really appreciate all that. Inspires me to get the car working even better. But got to sort of leak somewhere at the back offside of the car (separate thread started on this forum), that's currently filling up my spare wheel well! Hopefully get it sorted tomorrow. Ian
  3. ianstent

    530d M Sport Touring checks

    Wow, now that's more like what I was hoping for! Virtually all my mileage is up and down motorways, so I really should be able to max my MPG. If I can hit those sort of figure then paying out for the remap becomes self-funding with the subsequent savings. Cheers Ian
  4. ianstent

    530d M Sport Touring checks

    Brilliant. Thanks again. Interesting the performance changes so significantly through the seasons/temp etc. Ian
  5. ianstent

    530d M Sport Touring checks

    Hi, Thanks for those. That's exactly what I was looking for. Perfect. My car's done 120,000 and I will be covering about 20,000 miles in it a year, so I need to be on top of these issues. Has anyone got any experience of chip upgrades, primarily to improve MPG. I'm currently running at around 33mpg, but would like to see this improve if at all possible.
  6. ianstent

    530d M Sport Touring checks

    Hi all, Apart from a rear water leak for which I've already started a thread on this forum, I'd like to check over my car for any model specific issues. Mine's a 2002 model and it was originally a brand new import into the UK via a UK main dealer. As far as I can tell it's UK spec in every way. Both front lower track control arms were bent when I bought it and they've been replaced and the tracking etc has been reset, although I'm still not 100% happy with the way it steers and will get it rechecked. Does the M Sport have different track control arms to the standard car? What other 'issues' should I be looking at on the car/engine? I've seen online that people talk about a mod to the engine (not an ecu chip, but something like a valve removed?) and I've heard talk of replacing the auto transmission oil to improve changes (although mine appears fine). All suggestions welcome. Ian
  7. ianstent

    Water leak in spare wheel well

    Thanks for that. I had noticed this was another issue found by others online. My rear washer appears to work fine and wiper motor etc was replaced some time ago. Certainly the seals in this area need checking, and I'll double check the pipework etc at the weekend, but like the rear lights... I somehow don't think it's the culprit. There was SO much water in the spare wheel well that I doubt it's accrued from a leaking rear washer bottle. It's almost certainly as a result of me keeping the car clean and washing it too regularly (!)... something I've never done with previous cars! If I can find it I'll certainly let everyone know what it was! Ian
  8. ianstent

    Water leak in spare wheel well

    Hi Justin, You're correct. Just been searching online and it holds the pump, solenoid and a reservoir for the self levelling suspension units. Since I've removed the floor panel in the boot to help the back dry out, I can hear a buzzing when I first start the car and I suspect that's the system priming or setting itself. It lasts for about three seconds before going quiet. Hope I haven't buggered it by unbolting the whole unit from the boot floor to dry out the spare wheel well! Also hoping it's not full of water!
  9. ianstent

    Water leak in spare wheel well

    Cheers dryjoint I had assumed the rear lights leaking problem was on the saloons only, but may be wrong on that (it wouldn't be the first time!). Need to get in the car this weekend and have my other half carefully hose the car so I can hopefully see where it's coming in. One other question, what's in the round case/box that the spare wheel locates on, and which has some cables going to it? Tried to open it today and the obvious bolts seemed to spin with the studs. It's pretty heavy, anyway.
  10. Hi all, Recently bought an M Sport E39 530d touring 2002. Loving almost everything about it but have just discovered a huge pool of water under the spare wheel. I have now managed to drain that out through the drain holes in the floor, which I shall reseal once the problem is cured. I am getting some water ingress from the nearside of the car through, I think, the ventilation flaps behind the bumper sides, which are just visible from inside the car, behind the cd changer. How do I cure that, when they are designed to open!? My suspicion however is that the majority of the water is coming from the offside, from beneath/behind the battery or fuses etc which are located here. Any suggestions where to look? My car doesn't have a sunroof and I don't think it's the rear lights (both highlighted issues when searching online). The problem has obviously been happening prior to my ownership since the floor of the spare wheel well has paint peeling and is generally not too clever. Are there's drains from the tailgate hinges and could these get blocked? All suggestions welcome.