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  1. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nice work! You did a proper job too, dropping the tank as well.
  2. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Take a look at this picture: That small grey part is at the bottom of #15, it should be held there with a circlip or a small o ring. It clamps down the battery so it won't move. The top bar is an additional precaution. This was taken from realoem.com , enter your chassis no and you will get to see all the parts for your car.
  3. That brake pedal is fun to fit!!
  4. ger

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Beautiful car, never thought so much time has passed. Pitty you couldn't have sold it 13day earlier, would have been 7y 7m and 7d! My daughter said this! All the best with it Char
  5. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Couldn't find mine for a reasonable price (for the e61)..
  6. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That's a good price I'd say, for an original! Going to look for one myself now!
  7. ger

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Yes, the module is in the boot for the e60 I believe. Might be worth a close look, though I'd still think a good clean for the connectors would help. Have a look at this threads first page, it's shown clearly there.
  8. ger

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Just remove bumper and follow loom, it probably has its own hole and grommet, should be quite easy to follow. You could check each wire from the unit connector to each of the sensor connectors, they could be just dirty/oxidised and need a blast with contact cleaner and sliding them back and forth a few times. You might have an intermediate connector between bumper and body (for easy bumper removal), give the connections there a good clean too. Did you check the transistors/mosfets on the pdc controller board? All the best with it..
  9. Have you looked at it further, ie taken it apart? What was it they managed to actually get wrong? It's more than astonishing that it went in to eliminate this fault and returned in a worse condition. Good on you for finding the problem and you're lucky it didn't get worse. I wouldn't like to think what the lawyers would think of such a situation. I'm starting to wonder if all of us should double check! Mine has been ok since the recall but makes you wonder!
  10. ger

    Thermostat failure

    Not really, its a fair few miles away, too far to get there in time Friday evening unfortunately. I'll keep the link from mpgscott though, thank you!
  11. ger

    Thermostat failure

    A little update to this story. My brothers car seems to continue to be well behaved, I've got him to monitor his temps regularly with a vgate bluetooth obd thing (goes into low power mode so no need to remove) and bimmertool, which once tapped, will connect and go to the dpf menu automatically (or whatever other menu you choose). I use the same myself. Fingers crossed, it seems the Circoli is holding up ok! I popped in to work on Thursday and noticed on the return journey that the coolant temperature only reached 54⁰C. My main stat had failed. Unfortunately I need to have the car up and running asap, even though I looked around locally I could only get the usual crap from Euro Car Parts. Failure was the same, the plastic 'clip' piece had failed leaving the stat insert flapping about, not able to seal. It pained me to have to fit another of the same Vernet brand that will undoubtedly fail again at about its 'end of warranty' period but I couldn't wait for one to arrive. I have a feeling that the insert (containing the wax) would last, it's the plastic that fails! If they changed it to a stronger shape, it would probably last ok. I'll be getting either a genuine or Mahle/Behr one for my own personal 'stock' soon, fed up of this happening. I'll be ready next time! Oh the fun!
  12. ger

    E39 M5 touring build

    Following, this is interesting!
  13. ger

    E39 M5 2002 Gearbox/parts

    Apparently there's one bearing that's impossible to get hold of, Getrag only sells these to BMW or something and only getrag get them. There's an old thread on m5board that talks about it. NWJW, that's a very good offer, fair play to you!
  14. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'm the same, to me it really stands out! I''ve got them rotating centre caps now, so no need to worry