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  1. ger

    Torque Pro and Extended PIDs for BMW

    I haven't reached that stage yet! Hot them loafed up but haven't tried in the car yet...
  2. ger

    Torque Pro and Extended PIDs for BMW

    First of all, download the TorqueProBMW-pids.csv file from the above link. You have to go into 'my files' on your phone then settings and find/switch on 'show hidden files'. All hidden files have a full stop at the beginning of their names. Find the downloafed file and select it, either copy or move. Then, find the .torque folder, then find the extendedpids folder. Paste or move the file to this location. Then go to torque, settings, manage extra PID's/sensors and from the three dot menu, select 'Add predifined set' and they will be there, available for you to select. Then, go into a blank screen, hold your finger down and set up new displays. The extra sensors/readings should be available
  3. ger

    Torque Pro and Extended PIDs for BMW

    Thank you very much for this. Should be handy for the phone and the xtrons in the e39.
  4. ger

    Android Mounting Bracket

    I doubt you could use the metal frame. I had the two standard types and they won't work. The standard brackets that come with the Chinese units aren't particularly good as they're not very sturdy and don't allow the unit to lay flat against them. There's a small screw on the rear of the units mounting surface and the brackets don't allow for them. Someone worked out how to modify them so they adjust and sit a bit more upright, so fit is a lot better: This doesn't show nor address the screw head problem though, you would need to measure it's location and drill a suitable hole, when you see the unit it will make sense - sorry, I don't have any pictures. I got the 3d printed brackets that someone in Germany produces (they worked out at about £15-search a lot, you will find him in the end) these are much better as the allow for adjustment and have room for the screw head. These are the brackets (side view): The two slot holes are for the mounting screws and are adjustable. The small allen bolt at the top is used to mount the unit. There's a small nut in the plastic for the screw. Just below this bolt is a cut out, that's for the screw head. Here's the left side fitted to my car: Not the best of pictures but shows how they fit, that the brackets are wider at the top and the groove for the screw head. The allen bolt isn't shown here. Right side: This one shows more but probably not lit very well, I think I used the inspection lamp and not the flash! You can however clearly see the hole at the top for the allen bolt and groove for the screw head. These brackets have worked fine but I've heard of one breaking. They are printed and so are not solid. When I took out my unit a few months after fitting, the brackets had bent a bit due to the padding around where they fit. If I ever get time, I may well make up a set from aluminium bar, they would be much sturdier, I think there's enough room to make them the same thickness for all of their length which would make life easier. No idea if I'll ever get to this though! There's a lot of useful information in this thread on m5board. Should have most issues covered for you. https://www.m5board.com/threads/xtrons-pb7639bp-android-head-unit-installation.586378/ All the best with it all. Show us the progress and finished job!
  5. Excellent advice and much appreciated. The mounts are big lumps aren't they! Following this advice got it out of the way in no time. Only other thing I'd add is that removing the plastic around the steering gaiter helped quite a bit too.
  6. Forgot about this, sorry! Got both engine mountings changed. Although better, the noise remains. I have a gearbox mount on order, might as well finish them all off, at least they will be ok. So, fewer things to think about, but I still can't nail it down. Might change the prop bearing, but that will have to wait a few weeks. As has been mentioned, diff mounts and driveshafts are also candidates. One person (mum, using a stethoscope!) reckoned the noise emanated from the transmission tunnel, pretty close to the prop bearing location, that's the strongest 'evidence' I currently have. It is strange, only happens at about 35mph whils accelerating pretty hard. Easiest to hear in 3rd, but it does happen in 2nd at higher revs; so it's linked to roadspeed rather than revs. It continues...
  7. ger

    Shuddering on exeleration

    I can see this going on and on....
  8. ger

    Strange rattling sound

    Update: Just changed the drivers side mounting, so both have now been changed. Old one wasn't bad, it wasn't rattling around like the lh mounting but loads of bits of 'stuff' fell out of it when I held it upside down. Infuriatingly the rattle/noise remains, but is a bit better (I think!). Gearbox mount shall be next, already ordered. Failing that, I'll be digging deeper and going after the propshaft.
  9. ger

    Shuddering on exeleration

    Just changed the drivers side mounting, so both have now been changed. Infuriatingly the rattle/noise remains, but is a bit better (I think!). Gearbox mount shall be next, already ordered. Failing that, I'll be digging deeper and going after the propshaft.
  10. I'm sure I've had some vibration when starting off, but no noticeable bass noises in the cabin, just this rattling noise at approx 35mph. Going to tackle the os mount in a mo, if I do it in reasonsble time I'll let you know how it's all turned out!
  11. ger

    Shuddering on exeleration

    Originally I thought noise came from front left, ie engine mount. However, passengers said it was nearer the middle of the car, I was thinking of the prop bearing. I've given the prop a good shove, to get to it properly the exhaust has to come off, so waiting until I drove it to see if that's required. I'll certainly let you know of the result!!
  12. ger

    Strange rattling sound

    Just changed the ns(lh) engine mounting. The top half of the original one was rattling around, pretty loose. Hoping this was the cause of the sound. Will be changing the os mount tomorrow and probably the gearbox mount as well, for completeness' sake.
  13. ger

    Shuddering on exeleration

    I'd look again at engine mounts. I've literally just finished changing the ns one, top of old one was rattling around, wasn't torn but probably not very far from it. I was getting a strange noise at about 35mph accelerating in 3rd. I'm hoping this will fix it. I'll be fitting the os mount tomorrow and hopefully taking it up the road to check.
  14. Just replaced the nearside (lh) engine mounting. Although not completely broken or separated the top part of the old one was rattling around. New ones are solid! Other side tomorrow, it can't be far behind re condition.. Hoping this will sort out my strange noise.