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  1. Here's a picture of the rear of the steering wheels, it might help confirm you have the correct one! Take yours off to be 100%
  2. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That wasn't half as bad as I thought. Thank goodness!
  3. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    One kidney or both? I hear them things are expensive
  4. There's a rubber grommet at the bottom of the pool, they always block an cause this! Pull it out (ir push it through) and you'll never have this problem again. I'd say that it doesnt have drain tubes, they attach to the sunroof cartridge, no cartridge-no tubes. You could check behind the rear fusebox for a black rubber pipe, but I'd hazzard a guess that you don't have them.
  5. They look fantastic. Do you know the paint code for that black or did you just mix some up yourself? It would be great to know the code, I scratched my door piece with my watch ages ago, it reminds me every time I get to the car!
  6. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Don't press too hard on the glass, you wouldn't want to crack it, this has happened to some! eg:
  7. ger

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Get a new fuel filter whilst you're at it, old pump is likely to have been working hard to push fuel through the old filter; though I can imagine you've changed the fuel filter as part of normal servicing, still, not a bad thing to do.
  8. Just a little update. I reset the learned adaptations for my brother, he was complaining it was hanging on before changing up (getting close to 3k rpm most times); this in ordinary 'D' mode, behaving more as if it was in sport mode. He's had the car a good two years, it's had plenty of time to 'learn' his driving style, but in reality it hasn't changed at all. After the reset he's seen a big difference, changes up just like mine now, nearer 2k rpm under normal day to day driving. Just putting it out there that resetting this can make a bit of a difference. How it behaves before resetting mostly depends on how the previos owner drove it, so not a bad thing to reset it.
  9. Just a little reminder, still looking
  10. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Somebody's been polishing!!! Looking good!
  11. It could well be for the twin exhausts, or possibly sometging on the pre lci that they decided not fit on lci models. I was surprised it was listed for my car, some things on the car aren't listed! I just thought that it all looks a bit unbalanced without it there. One thing, all the old heatshields look dirty now!! I'll have to find a way of getting them a bit cleaner. Car used to be owned by a vet, it certainly has seen more than it's fair share of muddy fields, no wonder the underneath is dirty, all of it. Maybe one day I'll get a nice warm bucket of soapy water and give the underneath a good scrub. I've cleaned out pounds of mud from behind panels, sls pump panel and both side skirts being the worst! Been a bit busy but there's more to come, I'll have to sort the propshaft next time I have a bit of time! I'll get the heatshields clean at that time I hope.
  12. ger

    Android Mounting Bracket

    Mine have arrived : I'll fit them soon!
  13. B-tool expert, on android with a decent bluetooth adapter (can't remember what that one is!). Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.pw.btool.expert I've paid for the full app, but it wasn't a fortune anyway!
  14. A bit late replying, sorry! Yes, the gearbox does feel lovely now, almost imperceptible changes. Had to think about it as they didn't stand out! Did this on Saturday evening. Changed all wiper blades to Bosch ones. Replaced the top (small) turbo oil feed pipe, old one was leaky. Couldn't find torque value for banjo bolt into alloy distribution block, did it by feel. Other banjo goes into cast steel/iron, found 22Nm for that and no worries (both M10 banjos). Pipe is the one covered in aluminium, under the red vacuum pipes: Didn't bother to remove exhaust, it needed the rear brace removing and I hadn't thought about that, couldn't get to one bolt with the car up on ramp and I was running out of time, so the prop shall be done another time. Removed the gearbox rear mounting and carrier, this allowed enough access to refit the mechatronic sleeve and plug in the wiring connector. I hadn't realised this, but it's not much more work, just some hassle moving the right hand heatshield out of the way enough to get at the bolts. Fitted the new gearbox sump, torqueing to 10Nm as per ZF instructions. Gearbox oil added as per indtructions. Ran through the gears and let it flow over a little. Seems to have taken a good 7.5l of oil! Used b-tool to monitor gearbox oil temp, final level measured at 37°C, it quickly reached 40 thereafter! I had noticed that there seemed to be a missing heatshield piece from around the left hand side of the gearbox. There were a few mounting studs and empty holes here and there, obviously for fitting something. I'm pretty sure it's the same on my brother's car as well (virtually identical to mine). I felt it all looked a bit odd with a missing piece. I did find surprisingly, on real oem, what I thought was the missing section, so I took a little gamble and ordered it. I wasn't expecting it to be there for my chassis no. but it was! These are the details: Heat insulation front left - 51487033721 . It's #11 (left) from this page: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=PX92-EUR---E61N-BMW-535d&diagId=51_5154 Everything was good except that there's a small hanger for the plastic undertray, so I decided to make a slot for that, plastic undertray was going back on 'on top' of the aluminium one. This is the part, you can see where I marked the cut for the plastic undertray hanger : Fitted: I doubt it will affect anything much, but it all looks complete underneath now. As I've said, gearbox changes very smoothly now, so much so that I hadn't noticed it! Everything else seems fine too.