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  1. I doubt I had new covers. I haven't checked underneath for the bits under there, but the top one is certainly my original cover.
  2. ger

    Playing music through phone?

    Just open it in Chrome, it translates it for you. It's a bluetooth to aux adapter, looks like it connects directly to the back of the head unit, so if you don't have aux you only need it coded, no need to run wires. I doubt the car's controls will control it, ie you would have to use the phone to skip, pause etc. It's just like the firefly just plugs in behind the headunit.
  3. ger

    E61 touring tail gate wiring.

    Good stuff, I hope the module works for you.
  4. ger

    E61 touring tail gate wiring.

    I took that at a glance to be the rear wiper! If the front's don't work... could be a module, relay, coincidence! What he's described screams out the hinge wiring. If they actually short out to each other, there could be strange results. I just thought it would be worth it to check them where they break. He's getting a fresh module anyway, which will eliminate the module, not sure if it's going to need coding!
  5. ger

    E61 touring tail gate wiring.

    I've had to do this job twice, for my car and my brother's car. I'm getting the feeling that you've missed the area where wiring fails, what you describe are the symptoms of the wires at the tailgate hinges failing, especially when you say that things got worse after playing around with the wiring at the hinges... Also, the modules are pretty tough items, they take some beating; unless drowned in water for ages, they don't really fail. The wiring comes from the sprung gaiter (the one just behind the roof speakers) and then enters the hinge area of the tailgate. Here, there are four sections of wiring, two per side. Two for the glass part (one per hinge-inner guides) and two for the steel part of the tailgate (again, one per hinge-the outer guides). To get things nice and tidy at the hinge, bmw used the black guides to carry the wiring. The wiring always fails just at the front, curved end of these black guides. You have to remove and open these black guides, get at the wiring then undo the tape wrapping at that point to check the wiring. Just ckecking is quite an involved job! This picture is the best I've found to show the area, the wires fail just where they enter the black guides (arrow): {Just a heads up about this picture...This picture is pretty confusing, the wires shown are for the metal tailgate section, which pass through the outermost guides (wires should actually be in the other guide in the pic).The guy must have cut them and pushed them into the innermost guide, just to show. Regardless, it shows the area where the wiring fails.} I've sketched a little picture that might help: Not the best of drawings but it shows the wiring fatigue/failure point, just at the curved end of the guides. It is possible to get some slack by removing the plastic panels and releasing the grommet in the tailgate, the wiring takes a shorter run giving you something to play with. For the glass section, just remove the wiring from the light and diversity modules etc. Opening the tape in the 'speaker area' will not show much, more dismantling is needed I think. I hope this helps and the best of luck with it all.
  6. So it's only the LM that needs coding? I'd have thought that another module would have needed coding too. Not up on tge e60/61 module names, but isn't there a body module, possibly the ccc, rear airbag control unit, abs/dsc?? Not entirely keen on doing the whole car, doesn't this take ages? One thing I could do is read my whole car (I'm sure i saw an instruction in ncse, can't remember now) and read my brother's car and compare both, other than the hud, the only other difference should be the the trailer settings - both cars are virtually identical and only about 11days between them!
  7. Does anyone happen to have the bmw instructions for fitting the oem towbar, specifically the wiring and any coding requirements. My brother has just got a towbar, with a bmw module but it hasn't got any instructions. Just wondeting if anyone has a pdf they could share. Thanks.
  8. ger

    Playing music through phone?

    Ok, not sure'which version you have but I'd say you have nav if you have two drives. I think these things work with nav. Maybe someone else could elaborate?
  9. ger

    Playing music through phone?

    No clue what that is. Take it out and have a look. You might have a bt receiver! Which version of computer do you have? Mask, ccc, nav or pro nav etc.
  10. ger

    Playing music through phone?

    If you have a cd changer in your glovebox, or, you can code one in (ie activate the feature) it should work. These use cd instructions to control the device, (so you can use the car's media controls) it 'pretends' it's a cd changer but gives you much more. Double check with the seller, but it should be compatible. If you can see this on the Facebook e60/61 group, there's a bit more here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/499285920177689?view=permalink&id=1723858444387091
  11. ger

    Playing music through phone?

    Here's the 'new' one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluetooth-USB-Fiber-Optic-Adapter-Interface-Car-Kit-CCC-MASK-BMW-E60-E61-E63-E64/223506467451?
  12. ger

    Playing music through phone?

    Here is another, might get it cheap! This is the one I have and I'm pretty happy with it. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323880785165
  13. I don't mind them, they look like extended shadowline trim, they 'sort of' balance out with the black trim higher up. Not too sure how they would look body colour matched, has anyone got these and painted them?
  14. Yesterday...thought the brake calipers looked a bit sad so gave them a lick of paint and fresh springs, look much better and cleaner now. I did them black as I didn't want them standing out. Then, to finish the front splitter and side skirt extensions off, I fitted the rear bumper side extensions: Maxton finally sell them, so I got a set. I searched on ebay and they came out at a ridiculous price. Checked their website and price was more like you would think. Searched for a discount too, got 10% off .