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  1. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Remember about car parts 4 less, the web side of Euro Car Parts, always a bit cheaper, even after the discount codes, but you have to wait for delivery, usually two or three days. I always go for the free postage, might be possible to get next day for a few more pounds, you would still save!
  2. Gave mine a much needed wash, looks much better now, there are some reflexions!!
  3. Hi, forgot about this. Here's the file. It's not perfect, it probably needs refinement, but it's ok as is. I've been messing around with it, trying to get it to print the cover and text separate but I'm missing something, I can't get the slicer to do the text floating in mid air (Cura 4.8). I'm convinced it's possible, so I could flip the cover over, hold it down and print the text directly on it . More research will be required! Have fun! Cover 535d.stl
  4. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ok, I presumed you were talking of the oval connector with the three pins, for them the 'key' can be easily removed. They were used on our old e46, e39 and my e61. But, a different style can be used on, presumably newer, e60/61 and minis etc. You've come across some really early pdc sensors there! The flat sided or 'D' shaped sensors (non circular faced) also come with the oval connector with three pins, I had these on the m5. Changed them to all being round faced ones. A little bit about it here:
  5. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I have a feeling that you can cut the 'key' section of the connector to make them fit, it's just a little 'tang' you can slice away with a stanley knife. I did this with some after noticing that the cheap ebay sensors have a very wide slot that accept all keyed connectors. If the ebay sensors work for most of the cars then most of the cars use the same electrical signals so I really doubt they would be electrically different, it all worked fine for me. Either used e39 sensors in an e46 or vice versa. Being keyed is only a money spinner for bmw.
  6. The main power steering reservoir is to the right, the hole is for the adaptive syeering reservoir. The system isn't fitted to many cars, I'm surprised bmw decided to have a hole in the cover for every car and not make a separate cover for the adaptive steering cars, but that's what they decided. Part number for the little cover in question is 11147788915, I was quoted £26.71 +vat for it, then there would be post on top. If it had a greater purpose I might not mind much but it's just a cover with three pretty hopeless clips and it's a loose fit as well, no wonder mine popped out (so not technically fit for purpose), I wonder how many more have lost it. My brother's car is the only one I had seen with it, we had looked at a lot of cars by the time we saw his, so it must pop off on most cars. I'm glad to say, my version wasn't that easy to fit, so I doubt if it will ever pop off. I'm thinking of maybe changing colours, a black cover with red writing might be less garrish, but I haven't reached 'changing filaments' in my 3d printing yet. A few things are required to do that, pausing at the correct time etc. I might even be able to do it in two goes, which would improve the finish and use less stuff, doing the cover upside down then flipping it to add the text (placement is key here). Some chrome would be great, not sure if it's available or if it would look good! 3d printing is pretty amazing, I never realised how accurate things could be done. But there's a lot to it, I just tinker with it and do little things like this to sort problems (hopefully!).
  7. Made this: then fitted it: I recently checked how much the original cover was, being pretty sure that I only paid about £4 for it a couple of years ago, I was shocked that is was almost £30 by now, just a blank round black piece of plastic to fill a hole!! What's worse is that it didn't stay put, it flew off somewhere, it didn't do its job right, probably still within the undertray somewhere but I couldn't be bothered to take all of that off for the time being. I had red filament in the 3d printer and I thought it would spice things up a bit
  8. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The further under half a tank you get, the worse the reading 'in the morning'. Both sides of the tank have a fuel level sensor but only one is used for the gauge, the right hand side one. When you park up, the fuel slowly finds its way to both sides of the tank. So, in the evening it could be showing say 1/3 of a tank, but when you get back in the morning it could be under 1/4 giving you a boing that you need fuel! As the engine/fuel pump runs, it siphons fuel from the left hand side to the righ hand side. If you were to drive your car for a few minutes, the level will rise again and report the 'evening' level again. Why the gauge doesn't consider both gauges, I've no idea! If you were to enter the secret, hidden 'service menu' and look at the sixth menu item, you can see the levels from both sensors. Have a look here for secret menu: All part of the fun
  9. That's a fantastic price!!!
  10. Looking good, sides and rears look very similar to mine (maxton) but the front is different.
  11. Go for it, makes life so much easiern especially if you're going to use spacers. I think I went for 82mm ones, with 15mm front and 20mm rear spacers (for the mv2 18" wheels). You can get a McGard locking nuts that fit as well..McGard 24012su is the part number, better than not having them and about £15 to £20 on ebay.
  12. ger

    Android Mounting Bracket

    I should have measured them but didn't think of it I'm afraid, they've been fitted for a about three months. I'll have a look for the plastic ones and I'll measure them, if I can find them! As a guesstimate, they are about 15mm wide, 7 or maybe 8mm thick and 150 to 160 in length. Screw centres you could take from your dash, the thickness at the screw locations is about 3 to 4mm (to suit screw length), a slottted conterbore here would help stiffen them, the 'straight through' cut makes this a weak spot but they are strong enough, no harm in them being stronger though! The small screw is central to the thickness and it's distance from the mounting holes could be measured from the pressed steel brackets that come with the units, , again I'm not sure where mine are (a lot of my stuff has been moved, so my brain map of where everything is has ben scrambled!!). Thread is pretty small, M2 or M2.5, I'd be surprised if it was M3. They were pretty long to aid fitting, 20 to 25mm. The notch could be measured off the unit, there's a protruding screw head (the biggest issue with the original steel ones is that there's no hole/clearance for this screw). If I get hold of the other bits I'll measure them up or if I get enough time I'll whip these out and measure them direct.
  13. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I changed the crappy scratched and pitted lenses for brand new ones. I've had them for ages but only got around to doing them last night. Car looks like new now. I only have this pic at the moment: The covering on the lens is some cling film, I took that off after fitting them.