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  1. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Very interesting, starting to wish mind had it! I was aware of the auxiliary heating, used it a few times and rebuilt the pump/valve block to make sure it works. I'd imagine these things aren't yhe easiest to retrofit! Thanks :)
  2. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thank you, that's the sort of explanation I was after... So it is plumbed into the coolant system and does warm up the engine a bit. Also runs to the matrix. It's really clever how it controls the fan and distribution vents, I suppose a benefit of having computerised controls for such things. Thank you very much for your explanation.
  3. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I understand it's a heater. I've not got one so don't know much more about it. I think it lives in thr passenger wheel arch, the same area that the screenwash bottle lives, but on the opposite side of the car. I was wondering if it heats up the coolant, it could then pre heat the engine. There are already pumps and valves to run the warm coolant through the heater unit, even with the engine off So it takes outside air and pumps it into the cabin? Does the heated air go into the heater unit for distribution or just to the footwell behind it? I presume it uses engine fuel, electrically pumped, and ignites it via a glow plug? Thanks.
  4. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ray, how does the webasto work, as in what is it connected up to? Does it circulate the coolant or air or something else? Just wondering...
  5. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    I'll have to have another look, I can't remember the options, but I think there were only two categories. I left it as it was, it sounds great so didn't want to mess around with it!
  6. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    That's a good point, I'll go and have a look later on. Not many options iirc, but the e61 has a larger cabin. Thanks for thinking of that.
  7. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    Thank you very much for being such a hreat sport and helping out. It was great to have a good chat and to have finally met you. It would have been nice to talk for hours!! Music sounded greaton the journey home, sounded better than ever actually, seems something has been activated somehow Huge thank you. You are a star!
  8. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    That would be uttery brilliant, thank you so very much. I'll pm you..
  9. Tried the emergency flash, it didn't work. More here (help/suggestions etc are welcome!): Thanks!
  10. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    Emergency flash didn't work, exactly the same result (it uses winkfp in batch mode to do the writing). I'm pretty sure it's recoverable. Inpa lists it as ok but in status mode 6 if I recall correctly. So, I could get an icom (doubt I'd stretch to a genuine on, if they're even available now), find someone reasonably near who wouldn't mind helping, find someone who does this for a living, again reasonably near or take it out and send it away. Anyone in the North Wales, Chester/Machester/Liverpool area?
  11. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    These are the error codes that came up: 2089 PAGB (I think!) AMPT70 Programmieren Index - 3445 Switching programming mode failed 10FLASH, DIAGNOSE_MODE (ECUPM): ERROR_ECU_SECURITY_ACCESS_DENIED__SEQUIRTY_ACCESS_REQUESTED 2086 PAGB AMPT70 Preufe Signatur Index - 2493 Signature check failed 10FLASH, NG_SIGNATUR_PREUFEN (Daten): ERROR_FLASH_SIGNATURE_CHECK 2086 Error COAPI2.CPP (or it could be COAP12.CPP) coapiRunCabd Index - 6 Signature check failed SG_PROGRAMMIEREN 2086 Error COAPIKF.CPP coapiKfProgSgD2 Index - 19 Signature check failed It did seem to program ok. First percent bar wizzed by, the second took longer, but both seem to have written (but this is me guessing).. Now, the amp isn't the original one in the car, I replaced it a couple of years ago. I thought updating it would correct the chassis no. I have since, been able to change it using ncsexpert (moral-chamge chassis no using ncse, no need to reprogram the unit!). But, I'm sure I've seen the origan chassis number pop up somewhere as well! Is the uif (user information field) stored in a different, central place and just read? I initially thought that inpa read all of the modules and made up a list of their chassis numbers etc, but not so sure now. I'm thinking that the modules carry the chassis number and it's also stored in a central uif as well, reprogramming a module will update it's internal chassis number but the uif also needs to be updated to reflect the change (with ncsexpert). I'm sure I've seen behaviour similar to this..
  12. ger

    Coding ICOM Amp help

    Thank you, I'll give this a try in a bit. Just need yo confirm its address and the zusb number. I think the address is 32. I'll get the zusb from inpa (and check address).
  13. But it's the amp, not the idrive itself. Spoke to a local bmw indy, he suggested re-coding it (not reprogramming). I'm going to give that a try in a moment, just finishing reinstalling the centre console so I can control the idrive with the new controller... Thanks!
  14. Managed to brick my amp by programming it last night. I was adding a later idrive controller which needs a 'cgate' software change, which went well. Then I updated one or two other modules, again ok, then the amp, not ok, stupid mistake! I've put a post in the e60 forum asking for help. Looks like I need an icom to program the amp, I had completely forgotten it's on the most network! Errors (2089 and 2086) are typical ones of not using icom, apparently. Any suggestions on sorting it with d/kcan cable or if there's anyone in North Wales who can help, I'd really appreciate it. Happy to drive to get to someone, further if really necessary. Car is completely silent, no boings, beeps nor pdc! It had to happen just before Christmas!! Things will take ages to be delivered if I order an icom and I'm not all that keen to spend hundreds just to sort one thing!. Help!
  15. I'm fitting a later idrive controller to my e61, which needs to have a different firmware (9185636) written to the 'cgate'. Did that fine using winkfp and my d+k-can cable. Then, thought I'd update a few other modules. One or two went perfectly fine. Then I went and did the amp, which is an individual amp, bit of a mistake! I had forgot that you should use an icom to code 'most' units, so things didn't turn out well. I got a switching programming mode error (2089) and some signature errors (2086). It seems that some coding worked ok, it took abot 15mins and now the bloody thing doesn't produce any sound From what I've been able to gather, the errors are due to not having an ICOM; but them things are a bit expensive just for a one off job (though it would come in handy). Is there any way to get this sorted without ICOM? Can I change some config settings (no uia, force prgramming... , etc), or use expert mode (not sure how with that) to bring it back to life or am I completely stuck, needing an ICOM to do it? Is there anyone in North Wales who has an ICOM that could help? The car is now completely silent. I can handle this for a while, but not too long! Any help would be appreciated!