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  1. ger

    E61 panoramic roof glass replacement

    Good job on getting it sorted! Sent another pm...
  2. Did this for my brother's car last week. He had mentioned poor mpg and that his gearbox was hanging on to gears, not changing up soon enough. First thought was the heat exchanger as I had changed the egr and main stats last year for him. Ran car checking temps, highest was 67deg C going pretty hard uphill. Behaviour was classic heat exchanger 'failed' behaviour. Didn't bother clamping off the pipe to confirm! Got a thermostat (I had bought a second set of clamps when I bought some for myself) and added in to the loop. Temps are back up to around 90 again and box back to behaving as it should, a bloody great fix. Got it before the dpf started playing up so no extra hassles. It paid for my brother to be monitoring his mpg! Thanks again guys for a great improvement.
  3. ger

    E61 panoramic roof glass replacement

    Sent you a pm, I might be able to help
  4. ger

    Chester area meetup?

    I'm hoping to be up for it too
  5. ger

    SuperDave RIP

    Very sad news. Thinking of family and friends.
  6. Liking this. I want to change these bushes on mine, changed everything else but forgot about these! Thanks for the remainder.
  7. ger

    Error code 4667 (too frequent regen)

    I've found recently that driving style affects the regen distance and I've settled on these type of results with mine, which seem ok. It would be nice if they were a bit higher but I think they can be considered to be within acceptable tolerances. I think the roughly match up with what others who monitor them get. Mine is an 08 535d, with the replacement swirl flaps (see above posts). Had two long drives at steady 70ish speeds, regen was about 350miles, got in excess of 43mpg! Car was nice and hot most of the time, no warm ups every 20miles. Careful driving, sub 60, around and to and from work, mainly A roads, yielded regens about every 250miles and about 40mpg. Normal driving, a few overtakes and not particularly worrying about mpg but not hammering it all the time yields about 180mile regens and 33 to 35 mpg. Hard driving and the numbers go further south! A few things I've noticed: Up to about 55mph, the car/box likes to be in 5th rather than 6th, so doing 56mph is better than 54mph, economy-wise. The dpf is meant to do a 'continuous regen' whilst driving, as long as the dpf is at about 300degC. Driving slower than 50 brings its temp down to the 250-280degC range, affecting this continuous regeneration, but it uses less fuel so things sort of balance out. Engine takes about 7 miles to get up to temperature, ie 90degC ish. It gets over 75degC in about 4 or 5 miles (which is the temp it needs for regens). Thermostats, ie main engine stat, egr stat and gearbox heat exchanger stats are all very important to get sorted. If you are getting temp issues, clamp off the gbox he coolant pipe and see if it heats up any quicker (or doesn't cool down). Adding the inline stat 'mod' (search the forum) will sort it out. Change the engine and egr stats if there are no changes. Best bet is to change the engine and egr stat and do the gbox he stat mod, you then have a good starting point and temps should be spot on. Glow plugs and controller are very important as well. These are typically what 'go'. I changed mine but had one glow plug die about six months later, changed that and it all seems good now. I'm getting fed up with pluging in my c110 every day by now, so I'm going to stop monitoring dpf temps (and therefore the regens) for a while. It's a shame engine temp isn't displayed anywhere other than the secret menu, you could do it from that! Better monitoring and error reporting would be welcome! All the best gyus!
  8. Glad to hear. Nothing better than a proper check out yourself
  9. Can't see bolts causing an issue, unless they so long that the wheels don't tighten up! Check everything.
  10. No problems at all. I have mv2's all around (I think they're 8j, or could be 8.5j). I'm surprised you're having rubbing issues. Is your car lowered and/or are ypu running different wheels?
  11. Had a look last night at his and it's behaving correctly! I think they do re-calibrate automatically but other than that, I've no idea what happened!
  12. Thanks. I asked the same question on facebook, lbeit a bit shorter. It seems that the cover is meant to fly up. On some, either power tailgate or auto roll up cover, the cover is returned to the closed position automatically. Maybe you had a semi auto cover. It's this auto system that's not behaving for my brother. Link to the facebook bit (for comlletion): https://m.facebook.com/groups/499285920177689?view=permalink&id=1875547549218179
  13. ger

    Error code 4667 (too frequent regen)

    Anything from the turbo forwards really, though I'd have hoped the ecu would pick up on low boost pressures and give a code. Vacuum pipes are under the manifold and go around to the turbo side of the engine. Some pipes dry up and perish, especially in hot areas. Most replace them with silicone hoses but it really needs the manifold taken off. Some are 3mm inner diameter and others are 4mm, 3mm silicone does the job as it stretches mych more than rubber. Check realoem for the correct sizes.
  14. E61 owners with the auto roll-up boot cover, does the cover fly up or move up slowly when you open your tailgate or glass? My brother and I both have mid 2008 e61 535d's, they're only 11 days apart and 13 in chassis number! Both have the power tailgate and both have the auto roll-up boot cover, it lifts up the c pillar when you open the tailgate or glass and is then returned to the closed position when the tailgate or glass closes. However, both behave differently when we open the tailgate/glass! Mine flies up quickly. His raises slowly with the motor working. Which is it meant to be? Both park again, pulling the cover back down into the closed position after closing the tailgate/glass. Mine makes some more motor noises after this, as it moves the carriage back up to the top of the c pillar, so that the cover flies up again. My brother's doesn't, his waits for the tailgate/glass to be opened again and retracts slowly. Additionally, the boot cover isn't always released in my brother's car. I know sometimes they can be a bit slow releasing (I think it's the spring at the roller end that's not quite as strong) but my brother's doesn't release rather often, I reckon this is linked to tge retraction issue... I think mine is the one that works correctly. It would be sensible that you would want the cover out of the way quickly if you had your hands full etc. Standing waiting for the cover to retract is a bit silly, even if it's only a handful of seconds. Also, letting all the motors do their dance after the tailgate/glass is closed (when you get on with something else) makes more sense to me. But, I don't know for certain. Also, what would cause one to behave incorrectly? Let's say my brother's isn't working as it should. It knows that either the tailgate or the glass is shut as it retracts the cover. But it doesn't return the carriage back to the top afterwards. It knows that it needs to release as it goes up, albeit slowly. So, I reckon that any contacts (confirming tailgate/glass are locked) in the locks are ok. Is there a contact (microswitch?) to tell the motor that it's reached the end of its travel? Could this be coded or is it more likely to be a bad contact somewhere? I've had a quick look at the wiring diagram but nothing stands out that could cause this. Both cars' tailgate wiring has been done (by me) and everything else works. Has anyone had this or a similar issue before? Any help would be appreciated
  15. ger

    Error code 4667 (too frequent regen)

    Keep on keeping an eye on it. What sort of driving was that over?