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  1. ger

    Thermostat failure

    He'll be monitoring the temp closely, I'm certain of that. If anything goes wrong, we'll sort it!
  2. ger

    Thermostat failure

    That s fair enough. If this one gives up maybe I will get a genuine one. I just wanted to point out that these stats can also break at the housing as well. It's about time they made a 'belt and braces' version
  3. ger

    Thermostat failure

    The little pice, it's very small and plastic so not too worried about it. Just hope it's going to be ok. Didn't have much choice with the stat really, euro's was the only local place to have one in stock today. I'm not that convinced with the genuine bmw stuff, their stats don't particularly last long (hence all these problems) and neither do their cam sensors (had one go on the e39 m5 and new one died after 2yrs and 2mnths, about 3000miles of driving!!! Aftermarket one has far outlived the expensive genuine one).
  4. ger

    Thermostat failure

    Recently my brother has been reporting that his car (virtually identical to mine, a e61 535d, 2008, about 70,000miles) was hanging on to revs before changing gear and that his mpg was down. This got me thinking of thermostats (I understand that the gearbox control sw hangs on to gears more when engine/box is cold, to help get things warmed up quicker, so hanging on to revs-not warming up-stats!). We had changed the engine and egr thermostats last year, so I naturally thought of the gearbox heat exchanger and duly fitted the inline thermostat mod. This seemed to do the trick for a few days. Then the temps dropped a bit, mid 70's. Ok. I had a spare egr thermostat so thought it a good idea to swap that out, it was a relatively quick job. Unfortunately, the temps remained identical. Only one left was the engine thermostat. So, we got a new one and changed it today. I was pretty shocked to find that the replacement I fitted last year had broken! The plastic that holds the thermostat down, on one side has snapped! Another pic: The spring pressure is quite strong and over time the plastic must have given up. I presume the wax part of the stat was ok, but this made things difficult for it to work or it's extended too far and leaked out. Either way, with the new stat fitted, the car is again at running temp and gets there quickly. The broken stat was a Vernet from eurocarparts. We got a Circoli one this time as it was in stock locally and a bit cheaper! Glad it was different, let's hope this one lasts longer. If I find the receipt, I'll take it in to see if they'll replace it or give us some money back. Anyway, sometging else to think of with these bloody things!
  5. ger

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Croeso yma ffrind
  6. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    To be honest, I don't know! It must have been, they said it was needed. I hadn't thought of having a look at the old one before taking it in, I just followed the instructions on the recall letter.
  7. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just been to the local dealer (Halliwell Jones, Llandudno Junction) and had a new steering wheel airbag under the recall. Nicexto get something for free
  8. Passed its mot test, 0.0 on one emissions measure (limit of 0.5) and 0.01 on the smoke test. Seems to be behaving :)
  9. Drove the 535d 425 miles today (well, techically yesterday by now, it's 1:20am!). Got 44.8mpg, not bad eh!
  10. ger

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Remember about carparts4less as well, euro car part's sister site that's usually much cheaper, they have discount codes as well, just check the homepage. The item codes are identical between both sites too!
  11. ger

    KCA-420i wake-up mod

    It's probably safer. You have greater control over a hand held drill than a blade, I'd say.
  12. ger

    E61 panoramic roof glass replacement

    Good job on getting it sorted! Sent another pm...
  13. Did this for my brother's car last week. He had mentioned poor mpg and that his gearbox was hanging on to gears, not changing up soon enough. First thought was the heat exchanger as I had changed the egr and main stats last year for him. Ran car checking temps, highest was 67deg C going pretty hard uphill. Behaviour was classic heat exchanger 'failed' behaviour. Didn't bother clamping off the pipe to confirm! Got a thermostat (I had bought a second set of clamps when I bought some for myself) and added in to the loop. Temps are back up to around 90 again and box back to behaving as it should, a bloody great fix. Got it before the dpf started playing up so no extra hassles. It paid for my brother to be monitoring his mpg! Thanks again guys for a great improvement.
  14. ger

    E61 panoramic roof glass replacement

    Sent you a pm, I might be able to help