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  1. Well I've just completed my first thousnad miles on the 520, And I have to say Im very pleased so far, Im also quite impressed with the MPG around town. Couple of observations. Im sure its been well discussed but very dissapointed with the daylight driving light looks awful, Why not just have the angel eyes lit. The I drive controller menu screen, Too many options with the split screen menus etc, Please make it simpler. The auto Light feature does not seem to work correctly as its on all day(Shame the Audi features are really good at this) Rear visibilty very poor, But I guess the PDC is there. The heated seat options switch off when I switch the car off wish there was a way of having them on when I restart the vehicle. Any way theyre just minor, But as I said Im loving it. Anyone considering a 5 series go for it you wont regret it.
  2. Thanks for the replies, My Iphone/ipod works fine with the white cable (excluding video out) and does exactly the same job as the £45 cable I was sold. From what I understand there is not a video out possibility on the Iphone/Ipod unless you have some other option. Its just a shame the knowledge of the people selling these cars are next to none, They know more about Gap insurance and S**tGuard theyre trying to sell you and line there pockets. I will be making my way down to the stealers on Wednesday to get a full refund at the end of the day £45 is £45. Anyway rant over hope everyone a Merrry Xmas.
  3. Good evening Finally Picked up my 520D see pics in earliar thread, Very impressed so far though only driven around 15 Miles, Upon collection I was told my Vehicle had a com box controller installed and I needed a cable which would enable me to Play videos from Ipod Iphone via this cable. So I paid £45 for a cable, But upon connecting my Iphone, The video is not transfered on screen just Audio, Hence I tried connecting My iphone white cable and it does exactly the same. Have I just been conned out of £45.... When the white cable I have at home does the same thing. Couple of Qustion what exactly is the use of a com Box controller and Is there a way to transfer video to the screen. Any advice would be appreciated and Many thanks in advance Seasons Greetings
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    Thanks the pictures don't do the interior Justice it looks fantastic. I've always thought black leather is must but when I seen this one no contest. 😃😌
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    Yes another newbie

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    Yes another newbie

    Hello First of all seasons greetings to all members, Im excicted to picking up my New 5 series on Friday (Cant wait). Hopefully will have lots of advice and help in the future from this site and look forward to knowing afew regulars in the West Midlands here. Few Pic's of the car attached.