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    E61 LCI 535d and 1986 E28 M535i
  1. judojody

    E61 LCI Diversity Antenna

    I've gone and bought a new one as the car wasn't unlocking unless you were 1m from the rear. This cured the problem. Thanks anyway. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. judojody

    E61 LCI Diversity Antenna

    As per the title E61 Diversity Antenna in good known working condition. Just wondering if anyone has one available? Part number on the sticker is 9183564-01 Thanks, Jody
  3. judojody

    New E61 535d Owner

    Thanks. I've checked the hidden menus on test drive and all seems good. She's returning over 36mpg without trying to be frugal. I was thinking about shadowline instead of Chrome but not sure of cost or how tricky it would be and whether it would improve the overall look?? Cheers, Jody
  4. judojody

    New E61 535d Owner

    New to the E60/61 ownership have owned a few BMWs of the E30 variety and still own and drive an E28 M535i Traded in the Panda 100hp (which was great fun to drive and handled superbly but just a little bit of a harsh ride) for a locally owned LCI 535d SE with the following optional spec S1CAA Selection of COP relevant vehicles S255A Sports leather steering wheelS2PAA Lug bolt retainerS2SDA BMW LM Rad Sternspeiche 243 / Notlauf S2TBA Sport automatic transmissionS302A Alarm systemS320A Deleted, model letteringS323A Soft-Close-Automatic doorsS386A Roof railingS402A Electric panoramic roofS423A Floor mats, veloursS428A Warning triangle and first aid kitS431A Interior mirror with automatic-dipS438A Fine wood trimS441A Smoker packageS456A Comfort seat with memoryS470A Isofix-SystemS494A Seat heating driver/passengerS508A Park Distance Control (PDC)S5ADA Lane departure warningS644A Preparation f mobile phone w BluetoothS672A CD changer for 6 CDsS676A HiFi speaker systemL812A NATIONAL VERSION GREAT BRITAINS850A Additional Export tank fillingS863A Retailer Directory EuropeS877A Delete cross-pattern operationS880A On-board vehicle literature EnglishS8S2A Coding alarm signalS8S8A Country-specific nav. system supplyS8SAA Navigation access request,country-spec.S8SMA Car ident. number visible from outsideS8SPA Control unit COP The seats are amazing. The power delivery so smooth and immense. The sports auto box is also really good. So far I am pretty really pleased. I think a DPF delete and stage 1 remap from Avon tuning will be on the list later this year, but for now I am just going to drive it and enjoy the feeling it gives me just wafting around in it! Thanks, Jody
  5. judojody

    Expert advice and thoughts on this E61

    Thanks for the comments guys, I like the colour, interior and exterior, but realise it's not the most desirable. The dark wood does go well with the leather. I'll keep you updated. Thanks Jody
  6. judojody

    Expert advice and thoughts on this E61

    Deal has been done and I am collecting it on Monday!
  7. judojody

    Expert advice and thoughts on this E61

    Thanks, I checked this and its bone dry. First thing I will do if the deal goes through is check all the minor design issues with drainage pipes front and rear!
  8. judojody

    Expert advice and thoughts on this E61

    Yep they are those active seats and they are very comfy indeed! Torque convertor seems OK no issues noticed on the test drive and gear change was silky smooth. The seller will put 3 months warranty on it but i might try to get him to make that 6!
  9. Hello experts, I was after some advice and general thoughts on the E61535d SE in the attached pictures. It is a 57 LCI originally from a dealer less than 25s mile from me, now being sold just 5 miles from my home address by a reputable home seller who only deals in German vehicle, with 104,000 miles on the clock and 2 owners. FBMSH from the supplying dealer until the last 2 which were carried out by Eden in Yeovil. I have had a decent test drive in the car and it all seems good. Body work is immaculate, interior very good everything function as it should. Spec is OK, Panoramic roof, Soft Close, Heated Comfort Seats, Sport Gearbox, Lane Departure. I know it is not a huge spec sheet. I know it is not the most desirable of E61 given it is an SE and the colour of the leather etc but that said, it is by far the best priced E61 535d around for sale at the moment and it is 10 minutes away from me! I have checked all the necessary things such as, running temperature, water in the spare wheel well etc. However any further advice or thoughts would be greatly received. Thanks in advance. Jody
  10. judojody

    Tyre Sizes?

    The M535 when through the MOT this week with the only advisories being the front tyres near the limit. As you can imagine I was well chuffed. Now what I need is some advice on the correct tyre size for the wheels fitted They are 17" M5 Contours, not to everyones taste but until I have some more money available they will have to stay. At the moment it has 225/45/17 on the fronts (which need changing) and 235/45/17 on the rears. What size would you guys recommend? Thanks, Jody
  11. judojody

    Anyone know this car?

    That's what I thought!
  12. judojody

    Anyone know this car?

    As per my previous posts I think I have decided that I want an e39 m5 and this one http://www.ebay.co.u...d#ht_626wt_1271 is just up the road from me! I was wondering if it belonged to anyone on here. or any thoughts regarding the advert and price etc. I'll probably go and have a look as it would give me a decent bench mark and its less than 20 miles from home so worth a look I reckon. Thanks, Jody
  13. judojody

    E39 or E34 M5?

    Thanks for all your replies. I think I will go for an e39, I have an e28 m535i which seems to be a pretty decent ongoing project and a nice occasional car. I had,albeit for a short while an e34 535 sport and did enjoy the refinement over the e28, but I think the v8 itch needs scratching. Thanks, Jody
  14. judojody

    E39 or E34 M5?

    Evening folks, I'm after some friendly advice. As per some of my previous posts I am looking to get an M5. What I would like some advice on is which would you buy with your own money an why. This would be used as a fun occasional car, I'm handy with tools and have access to bodyshop services at favourable rates. Thanks for your time. Jody
  15. judojody

    Propshaft centre bearing and guibo

    Hey Rob, Thanks for the info. I notice that there is a new ECP open in the nearest town to me so will remove the old one and take it in to try and get a match. Thanks, Jody