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  1. Romes

    E32 750i misfire, new dizzy' and rotor's

    Right.... had this on my 750i M73. To check.... 1. Make sure all HT leads are pushed in properly, they "swell" with heat sometimes and pop off a little. When cold just gicve each one a good push to make sure all on ok. 2. Change your fuel filter. 3. The metal petrol tanks rust, siphon out of the bottom the debris, you will loose some fuel unless you filter it and put it back... 4. The HT leads also do get worn but i changed the coils on mine which helped. Failing that plug it into DIS and see if there are any codes which appear.
  2. Romes

    Combination Corded Drill

    Morning Bill, Whats the model please? Roman
  3. Romes

    4 wheel dollies

    Best price? Only going to be used sporadically.
  4. Romes

    HTC One M9

    Bought from new, so year at most as for battery 1 to 1.5 days if used normally. Still under 2 years warranty so any issues fixed for free.
  5. Romes

    I phones anything about 5c 5s?

    Girlfriend has her I phone 5 for sale, white unlocked, charger , box etc..... any good to you?
  6. Romes

    Bench saw

    Thanks Duncan, good to know it went to a good home
  7. Romes

    Bench saw

    This gone or still available Bill?
  8. Romes

    HTC One M9

    Hi Guys and Girls, I am selling my HTC One M9 32GB Gold on Gold (only available through EE when they came out) mobile phone. The phone itself is in great condition and from day one has had a screen protector and a case. Locked to EE but easy to unlock pretty much anywhere. Complete with Box, headphones (if i can find them - never used), charger, data cable, case etc and Warranty for another year ish. Brilliant phone - only selling as I have received a work phone HTC Site: http://www.htc.com/u...nes/htc-one-m9/ Specs: http://www.gsmarena....one_m9-6891.php Price £170 collected or extra £10 for P&P, but as always open to offers.....
  9. Romes

    E34 Battery

    @welshpug I have no idea but its enough to kill the battery within a few weeks in winter.
  10. Romes

    E34 Battery

    @TomGC Yes this is another issue, because the car has a tracker it tends to drain the battery over several weeks (6), 3 in the winter months. This was the reason of putting the 700CCA 100Ah battery into the E34 and having a new higher 900CCA 100ah battery in the E38. With this in mind it may last longer once laid up including over the winter months ??? If I'm wrong please do say so and I will leave the E34 alone and upgrade the battery in the E38 instead (sluggish start), but I though I could "recycle" the battery into the E34.....
  11. Romes

    E39 m5 alloy wheels,

    Think they are still available Barney