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  1. paulhunter-e28

    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    my guess looking at spare parts is that the oil is sucked up off the base of the cylinder head and pumped up into the oil feed tube via the turning motion of cam and the eye let hole in it?
  2. paulhunter-e28

    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    God bless the real oem it sure is helpful - cant really see where part 19 goes up along side the chain guide somewhere, but doesnt seem to connect directly to upper oil pipe this is the underside of the oil bar i can see why the holes clog tiny - trying to clean mine still fitted with a drawing pin and some brake cleaner.
  3. paulhunter-e28

    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    thanks for the above This is the hollow bolt with 3 holes, removed from the oil tube im still beat as its just a dead end in the bolt hole so wheres the oil delivery from? maybe i need to rotate the camshaft? This is looking at my spare m10 cylinder head not fitted to block Ahhh that old trick quarter turned the camshaft and it pumped up some oil like an upper oil pump.
  4. paulhunter-e28

    OMG i fixed the air blower not worked ever

    i did oil mine but sadly it only made it a lil quieter for a while before completly burning out
  5. paulhunter-e28

    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    the cranks got a nice clear mark that aligns with the cam
  6. paulhunter-e28

    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    With spark plugs removed i have manually turned the engine to TDC on no 1 cylinder on the compression stroke. Im curious how the oil tube on the top of the head is supposed to function? - theres no direct oil feed to it, its all enclosed with holes on the downside, its said to be important to ensure these small holes are not clogged as this lubricates the camshaft.
  7. paulhunter-e28

    Valve clearance adjustment 518i

    one of my tappets sounds a bit noisy at normal running temp have been researching valve adjustment, lots of different advise This is what im sure off so far Engine set at TDC start from cylinder one - when engine is stone cold nice and snug on the feeler gauge just gripping. adjusting the valves whilst turning the engine over, in the firing order 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 clockwise on crankshaft with spark plugs removed.
  8. paulhunter-e28

    OMG i fixed the air blower not worked ever

    this 87 518i has been in the family since 1993, and even back then the air blower was a terrible sound i cant stop fixing things - why arnt these cars worth as much as a 2002 they should be by now. i hate saying at petrol stations when people are interested, oh its just the 518i but its a gem of an engine. when i go BMW main dealer, parts department - say yes they wouldnt buy any of the new stuff
  9. paulhunter-e28

    BMW e28 518i Warning lights all on all out

    MOT man will love it but will he care the sills are full of chemical metal
  10. From 3 different instrument clusters and a new oil sender from germany i now have all warning lights coming on and going off
  11. paulhunter-e28

    BMW 518i m10 first start after some work

    beautiful 1960s sound all stock with standard exhaust and bosch fuel injection. what a joy.
  12. old bmw 518i m10 first start after 5 years first start
  13. paulhunter-e28

    E28 Shadow Line Windscreen Trim - Classic Part Status

    there discontinuing making good parts for the real BMWs and concentrating on making rubbish parts for their current models
  14. paulhunter-e28

    Speedo unit warning lights

    I have 3 speedo clusters all of which have an issue with the warning lights - one shows all with ignition except oil -The other shows all except hydraulic brake and steering systems im not sure whats the deal with the other, but as i understand all warning lights have to come on with ignition and go off when the engine starts for MOT My question then is can i get any info on how to dismantle the cluster and somehow get one working speedo cluster showing all warning lights many thanks