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  1. blimey anyone old enough here to remember it, i was 8 at the time, and mostly slept through it. but woke once of twice to hear an insane howling scream against my window. parents and sister in the mum and dad bed, listening to a battery operated radio, no power no telephone no warning. After the devastation. along with friends had so many bases and dens amongst the fallen trees and such, was like the blitz for me. interested to hear others memories of this night. Still many a bombshell where a teee stood, can be found in a woodland from the day. wonder where my e28 was being an 87 E reg - wasnt in fam untill 93. i believe it was the work of russia to use weather as a weapon during 80s
  2. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    | have with research and advise from forum found my e28 518i should run just fine on e10 fuel The experience i had last week of putting 5 pounds worth in to try the new fuel, was very dissapointing - cut out at idel. Backfired on start up. drained and replaced with e5 in - and lots of white smoke. next day ran fine. down to the fact im not using the car on a daily basis. car been grounded since 2011 from regular service. The e10 therefore, just absorbed all moisture built up in system and the result was as i found, in daily operation i dont think it will be a problem. so e5 for now untill cars back in action.
  3. paulhunter-e28

    Removing Ethanol from e10

    My concern also, clogging. bits of tank in injectors etc. im thinking about when the price of e5 goes sky high, and eventually discontinued entirely in 5 years. I am only using e5 in the bimmer, as really ran bad on e10. Maybe ill try again in a while. | ran lawnmower on supreme e5 99 - thing never ran so well it didnt want to stop.
  4. paulhunter-e28

    Removing Ethanol from e10

    Lot of videos coming up on you tube just now, from the classic car classic bike peoples not fully grasping it, but im seeing people filling up large jerry cans with e10 - then transferring it to a clear container with a tap at bottom. adding water to e10 with a food dye used in baking. Ethanol known for absorbing water. the water added to e10 left overnight, shows an inch at the base of clear tank with food colouring agent. like you have pissed in a swimming pool well it happens? Shows at the bottom of your clear tank like a blue waistband on the bottom. Clear tank tap at bottom. they drain an inch out that !0% of ethanol that blue stuff - via that tap - water an oil dont mix, that trick when that blue level at base of tank gone, they have removed all ethanol from the fuel. then use an octane booster to increase octane. im getting reports saying ethanol increases octane.? i thought it lowered it.? but its better than replacing all parts in car. but i dunno where is the octane after you have done this. No doubt the BBC will inform us The goodwood people off course are not worried about their lightweight e types.
  5. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    my dads car used to do the school run. has to be saved. really did not like e10 really was terriable couldnt idel without dying start back up with throttle, nothing then a massive backfire i know the car. it was my mate who said did you put e10 in. yes.
  6. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    Using new fuel esso e5 99 octane, i had to adjust my ignition timing not precise like just where she seemed happy. and idel about right good revs. turning distributor, i got a nice electric shock doing so, but thats quite nice in a funny way - oh well the coil is good. good old gal lives. car connects me to the good old days before all this #$&^ its 1987 in this car. all i have to give me a yes! its Esso e5 99 octane all the way for me. being so close to mot. Devastation at team bmw last night. backfires etc i know her ways. Countess Dracula - keep feeding me new parts. but not that e10 crap. poison old girl sounds her age. 4 cylinder overhead rockers 8 valve and a timing chain - minor oil leak from front timing chain case - but runs. oil pressure light flickers at low revs when warmed up. not a new car, engine block im using is from an 86 5i8i m10 engine low 60k miles when my big ends went coming up to 200k - timed up to cylinder head - without broken studs from ebay? no machine work. just new gaskets. its amazing really shes still around and alive - an e28 without a 6 cylinder oh its just a 518 then rubbish, still alive and so close now. Mum tells me to get rid of that $%&^^K car.cant do it.
  7. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    I noticed when I pulled my fuel hose going to inlet manifold to drain out e10 one hose has a nasty crack not good but not leaking Its a new market upgrading tanks hoses pipes etc e5 will prob be obsolite in 5 years E5 will go out like 4 star
  8. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    I started the car again today still with esso e5 99 octane. To my surprise started up just fine and ran pretty much same as before perhaps with a bit more punch? Last night there was a lot of white smoke today none? maybe whatever e10 remained in system has been dilluted evaporated ive no idea but she lives - very bad night last night. Not dead yet.... Never buy e10 for the e28! i dont think id even put it in the lawnmower. I shall just use it as a degreaser.
  9. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    e28 warrior darkest hour. shes done.
  10. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    my fear is whatever you put in now, is potentially harmful to kill old cars.
  11. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    Was your idel a tad high lol in 2013 we wernt buying what we get at pump now tho. i think this high octane plant based fuel.. is going to kill my cars internals. my e28 is very unhappy so far with what i have put in, and its not like her. shes behaving like there is a vacuum leak , unstable and backfiring. its out of chracter all i did was put in the e10.
  12. paulhunter-e28

    What fuel should we buy for the e28 now?

    so then i go out with jerry can to buy premium e5 from esso but 99 octane? Rocket Fuel and got a fast idel in it went. running and better - but its not right - im not changing anything mechanically then i noticed a lot of white smoke out exhaust this new e10 fuel attract moisture like a sponge from tank to injector petrol is now plant based, so far my e28 doesnt like the new fuel. it has ruled out my early worries, a fail mechanically air flow meter - dizzy, no its the new fuel. changing parts is not going to improve anything. will just add to the problem and complicate. this is very disappointing this new e10 fuel is going to kill a mans practical classic very depressing .
  13. its confusing this new e10 fuel 95 and e5 97 ron is e10 okay for an e28? will it damage engine Esso e5 is 99 octane what a delima? advise much appreciated I put a 5 pound amount of bp e10 95 octane in the e28 it started as ever mixed in with with good old stuff, 5 mins later - shes not happy, engine is running a bit rougth - engine then a bit shaky on the mounts, then engine dies, doesnt want to idel i start the car back up no no no massive backfire. so it was the last thing i did then i guess, put in 5 pounds of the new fuel. e10 so i drained it out with good advise from john on the jumper wire
  14. paulhunter-e28

    Rear Cv boot replace

    final option victory my father could have bought an austin montego back in 1993 he didnt he bought an e28 i respect that. Its still here, mans gone long live the shark
  15. paulhunter-e28

    Rear Cv boot replace

    Could be the end I fear