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  1. paulhunter-e28

    1980s car stereos

    Ive replaced my previous head unit with a nice Phillips Cassette Stereo from 1987. original working units are getting quite pricey and adapted recon units that take mp3 more so. I found this operational unit at a reasonable price and at the same time - fitted the much desired OEM Cassette storage unit. The appearance really compliments the overall design of the dashboard and provides the hi tech dynamic of the car. In order to fully appreciate the new feature. I bought a job lot of pre recorded cassetes from ebay - Assuming everyone has better taste in music than i do. Id be interested to see what other period correct stereos people are using. Very pleased with the new old system. Big pack of tapes in the glove box! never listen to the radio again. Brian Ferry all the way. Another victory for the e28 warrior.
  2. paulhunter-e28

    Replacing my blower motor

    i dont get it. is this some carry on comedy? Another victory for the e28 warrior. Good tip on the right lube - great flow at slow and full speed with no noise after a bit of 10w 40 The hinge that holds the motor very satisfying like the air filter box. very nice. Feature of the car I've never seen before. putting the plastic covers back on looks the worst part. will i get those clips back on, hmm
  3. paulhunter-e28

    Replacing my blower motor

    This is something that ive been meaning to fix forever The shot blower - used to make a dreadful sound, untill it stopped working all together. So after research and obtaining a replacement. Im going to have a go at it. With the plastic trim removed from the bulkhead - below bonnet, i saw for the first time the dead blower - i never new this was how you go about reaching it i thought for many years the dashboard would have to come off. Not so - I think about 4 screws it took to remove the panal. a hinge and not much else holds the blower in place, after removing the electrical connections, clips for the plastic surrounds, out she came comparing the new one to the old one shows how shot it is, this old motor is junk. I dont think it will be as easy to replace as it was to remove. This job will be 100% satisfying if it works out. It works! a little wd40 and it was silently blowing away - connections are slightly different but fits okay. great to have this feature working again.
  4. paulhunter-e28

    what oil for my getrag gearbox?

    got a draper tool today its a 17mm to check the oil level, found it was over filled. refitted gearbox today, what a painfull but very satisfying job - and now i have both exhaust bracket bolts, secured in place, should stop breaking my head studs. another victory for the e28 road warrior, i am margo the rest are tom.
  5. paulhunter-e28

    the best e28 video on you tube

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHLOk1j3KbM the warrior buys a write off 518i this car lives on.
  6. paulhunter-e28

    what oil for my getrag gearbox?

    So i removed the gearbox to have a broken exhaust bracket bolt removed and replaced. Before i put it back onto the car i thought its a good time to change the gearbox oil But i dont know what oil to use? car is a 518i m10 1987 much thanks for your thoughts
  7. paulhunter-e28

    BMW e28 518i m10 gearbox - spot the difference

    thanks very much john - now i know i can sell it on
  8. paulhunter-e28

    Changed my wheels to these opinons

    yeah i agree i would prefer them without the fake split rim But its great to be free of wheel spacers so im very happy overall and i got them cheap which is always nice i would expect to sell them on for more.
  9. Over in my research and development garage - I made the following discovery. I bought an early 518i e28 m10 engine and gearbox from 84 A reg 5 series. It is exactly the same as my late e28 518i engine - 87 E reg Except for the gearbox My late gearbox has a bracket on the casting for the remote gear selector fork. Shown on the right. The early gearbox does not have this casting at all for said selector fork. Shown left. I have never noticed this difference before and i am confused as to how the early gear selector would have differed? Also what are these blanking plates on the right blanking? any info much appreciated
  10. paulhunter-e28

    Changed my wheels to these opinons

    These wheels are not e36 sport bbs style bmw alloys - they look simular however The wheels fitted are 7.5 16 lenso BSX for e12 e34 e28 not requiring spacing as e36 wheels do. I got them second hand off ebay and had them refurbished. I didnt like the chrome finished plastic hubs so i sprayed them satin silver and fitted new BMW decels instead of lenso. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/7-5-X-16-LENSO-BSX-ALLOY-WHEELS-FOR-BMW-5-SERIES-E12-E28-E34-E39-E60-E61-F10/192941848981?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Model%3A5+Series|Plat_Gen%3AF10|Cars+Year%3A2016&hash=item2cec3af995:g:dbgAAOSw8Jxc-ZIN
  11. e28 warrior makes a return in 2019 with a change in detailing 16" bbs style wheels and deleted rear spoiler renovated interior opinions please apologies to my delay in updates.
  12. paulhunter-e28

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    I have enjoyed everything i have fixed on it and now i enjoy looking at it - ultimately how much it will sell for.
  13. paulhunter-e28

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    My parents didnt even know i had a car in my lock up. Untill last night when i told them it was coming here on a transporter. Luckily it does not appear to be dripping oil on the driveway seeing this car in the more attractive surroundings of a green surrey property puts it into context - executive family saloon. Its added a very retro atmosphere and feeling of the 80s. Along with something thats become lost over the decades. Contrasting with the neighbours, there drives look souless.
  14. paulhunter-e28

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    Well i bought this project car on ebay - now its back on ebay for sale Sadly i lost my lock up, and she has to go. Handsome again and looking sharp Bronzit is now at my home address and is nice to see from the kitchen. Waiting for a new owner and a new journey to come. Donar engine looks honest and complete. Period stereo for a correct interior experience Age related marks do not spoil the elegant lines. Rather annoying is this brake wear light remaining on. Car idels at 680 aprok rpm clean smoke started the auction at £500 - who knows what it will make. Classic sharknose
  15. paulhunter-e28

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    Here we can see the flange distortion to the exhaust downpipe - compared to the genuine replacement i have sourced. Finding one wasnt easy and it wasnt cheap at £100. But it means the exhaust system is where it should be, and the system is now gas tight. Many many many many gaskets had to be used to cancel out the distortion to the neck. This is the last damaged item to be removed from the vehicle. Jubilee clip with a patch of beer can - plus plenty of paste silenced the split in the pipe, for the first solo flight with the new engine. I had bought a pattern part from Germany, but was dissapointed to find, it was utterly wrong in every way so it went back. This part is now Discontinued by BMW. Its nice to be back on with the project, now the weather is milder and progress continues, a man in his man cave is a man in his own creation.