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  1. Just to update, my car did have a Superchips map, the car ran faultless for around 3 month after having the map fitted it would pull to an indicated 170MPH on the Autobahn. Then it just faulted as stated above not wanting to go over 120 without going into limp mode with NO faults logged! Removed Chip and all was fine. Car Now SOLD as never used it much and was just sitting doing nothing.
  2. Not my car but Brother in laws 335d. It has no go untill it hits 3000RPM then simply it explodes into life and shoots down th road like a scoulded cat. No smoke etc no noise. Any ideas?
  3. gtfire

    Have BMW slashed their prices

    M135i is a steal at under 30k make a golf GTi look expensive!
  4. BMW have had the car and have done a full road test and a diagnostic check and you guessed it came back with no Faults found!!!!! But they have plugged the car into BMW main computer which said the car has probably been modified!!!!!!!!!!! Now lets say it has, but the software was maybe reverted back to original, such as like a Bluefin. How did they know? HOW? Still thats beside the point. Ill pick car up in morning and re test, I may have to get dirty a strip it all out AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  5. No you can not detect rev wobble by vibration only looking at needle (you can on cold start though) No Fault codes, just checked?? The car was fully serviced less than a 1000 miles ago, so would not think its fuel filter. I'm going to book it in, I know a little but stripping down a 35d lump is not on my knowledge list!
  6. Now tried again and was a bit more scientific about it. 1st run and all went well, 2nd run and it hit that wall at 120 ish. Put the car in manual 1st gear and it would not rev above 3700RPM slot into second and the same again. Also worthy of note is the car is lumpy when cold as though it's missing the odd cylinder now and then but give it 20-30 secs and it settles to normal. Also the rev needle does tend to wobble very smoothly on a steady throttle. I am now of to plug in my code reader and see what it says...... Did you get power back once restarted though?
  7. Ill try to keep it simple 1/ On my Local Runway I accelerated to 120MPH Hard! 2/ On reaching 120mph the car just would not go any quicker. 3/ I let the speed drop and as I did it was very hard to regain any speed. 4/ If I put the car in manual mode and feathered the throttle it would creep up to 100 or so but was very slow in doing it. 5/ If I put it in auto pinned the throttle it just did not want to go. 6/ Stopped car turned of restarted and full power was back but then it was back at 1-5 above again Strange thing is on the back road blast home after restart it was fine on full power outa all corners, hard on the throttle etc, etc. Only the 120MPH seemed to kill the power. No dash Fault lights on??? HELP!!!! FWIW it feels as if the waste gates (gate) is stuck, the enging is perfectly smooth as are gear changes.
  8. gtfire

    Loss of power

    Had the same issue, HOW can it be DPF? Why would this kill power then if you pull over stop the car and restart its fine?
  9. gtfire

    Loss of power

    did you get this sorted as have exact problem myself?
  10. gtfire

    Track Day - 535D, tyre pressures?

    At the end of the day if you start with low pressure you could kill a £1000 worth of tyres in 10 hard laps I've seen it done. Yes, pressures go up but a high pressure tyre will not wear out a tyre like a low pressure tyre. The car may well slip and slide about thats when I would bring it in and drop a PSI or 2.
  11. gtfire

    Track Day - 535D, tyre pressures?

    Keep it high start as though the car is loaded to the brim, go steady and work your way down but remember low pressure will kill your tyres, Ive seen it happen be warned! My Brother in law just took his 335d to snetterton and started of with full traction control on as it was wet, he said it made him look like a driving god As the day and himself improved he loosened the electronics a little and had the best track day of his life. He could hit over 130 at 2 points on the track but kept braking to a minimum as he said it did not take long for the disks to start groaning. What ever you do dont leave it in Auto even on the sighting laps as it will spit you off in a second as it will just kick down mid corner with no warning!! He had it happen entering the esses and said it was very close!!
  12. Just had the service completed at a cost of £290.00. Oil, Fuel and filter service but not inc. micro filters as had these done 4 months ago.
  13. My 535d is of for it's 3rd service at 54'000 (6 years). It's had the brakes done and it's also had a full brake fluid service by BMW in the last 6 months, anything I should be bracing myself for and what should I expect to pay?
  14. gtfire

    bmw spanks audi

    I had a 120d which I chipped to 200BHP and it was a hoot, i'd take a M135i any day and just may but would prefer the coup.