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    E39 523i SE
  1. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    Thanks again peeps. I think I'm going to avoid an e46 for now. Too many problems and not enough of the right ones for sale locally. Having said that there ain't much I'm interested either. Only a ford C-max and they ain't much kop either. 3k ain't alot of budget but it's a lot of money for me.
  2. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    Suppose they are like any car. Can always get gooduns & badduns. Thanks for the help so far.
  3. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    What's the 320i then. 6 pot? Got to be a touring though.
  4. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    Thanks Duncan. I so want another bm over a euro box and ford but things looked stacked against it at the minute.
  5. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    No its a manual and I love it. Just need more space for kids stuff.
  6. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    Got 1. Trying to downsize the engine for running costs etc. If only my e39 was a touring.
  7. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    Goodness. That sounds like a bit of a money pit. Is that general consensus concerning this engine? Might be a good idea to steer clear. Probably do less than 5k a year as live on an island and rarely visit a motorway.
  8. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    Thanks for the quick reply. Do these have belts or chains and do they need any attention around this mileage. Cooling system and bushings noted. Looking for any play and wobbles. So these suffer from the dreaded shimmy at 50-60? Are there any "big bills" to expect from engine or bushings. Read about subframe issues. I like the car and coming from the e39 as we want a bigger boot for some more kids stuff although it's smaller overall. I'd prefer another BMW but we are also looking at the ford Cmax and focus estates of that year to bring down servicing costs etc.
  9. Mr_Scisco

    E46 owner experience

    I see some of you own one of these bit just looking of any advice or owner reviews of them. I'm looking to but a 318iES 2004 touring. 54k full service history and looks to be in good condition. Here's the ad http://www.manxads.com/?Title=BMW-318iES-Touring&ListingId=128421&Category=1 What are these engines like to run and service etc. Any help appreciated thanks
  10. Mr_Scisco

    E39 propshaft nuts & gaskets

    Hi Thanks for that. Could you please quote me just for the retaining nuts for both ends of the prop shaft, the CV gasket & 2 manifold to centre section exhaust gaskets please. Thank you
  11. Mr_Scisco

    E39 propshaft nuts & gaskets

    As above please. Price for both ends of the propshaft. 9/1999 523ise saloon manual
  12. Mr_Scisco

    Rear brake overhaul

    Sounds like a plan. Any idea where I'd get the nuts and gaskets from?
  13. Mr_Scisco

    Rear brake overhaul

    Thanks again ger. It's one of those jobs that if you don't buy all the necessary nuts and gaskets I'll need them but if I buy them I may not need them. Suppose it's better to just do it properly from the start.
  14. Mr_Scisco

    Rear brake overhaul

    Has anyone replaced the handbrake cables themselves? Reading the Haynes it tells me I need to remove the prop shaft and in doing this replace all the nuts connecting it to the final drive CV and gearbox CV along with replacing the gaskets too. Is this essential? Could use a little advice if anyone has any tips or hints on it please.
  15. Mr_Scisco

    brakes help

    Just replaced my rears. AFAIK they are all the same size through the model range. The ones I got where labelled as Alpina b10 but they fit and confirmed with the likes of autopartoo. Mintex ones MDC1054 I think they were.