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  1. Hello baus, I've been told you do the brighter led builds for the halo side lights, is this right?


    regards Lee


  2. kjb1

    baus im trying to contact you, are you able to contact me?

  3. Hi Baus,


    I hope you can help I've had one of my halo's go and don't want to replace it with another standard bulb and would like to upgrade to your bright LED's, my car is a 2007 530LCi with halogens.

    Can you supply and fit to my car?






  4. after a while it notices the car's been still for too long and cancels the regen until it can next reinitiate, so better to keep driving Around town at constant 30mph mine finishes in about 4 miles, mway 60mph it takes around 8-10 miles Also I've noticed the exhaust gets hottest with low revs, anything over 2.5k and it starts cooling down...
  5. baus

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Bxx has only recently come out, within the last 12 monthsish (?). If you run a vin check it'll tell you the engine type... Might want to check thermostats (operating temp) again if buying a higher mile car, especially after having to replace them twice on one of your E60s!
  6. baus

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    Oh and Chaz, the new Bxx engines seem to be getting very poor mpg, worse so than their previous Nxx counterparts (especially since BMW claimed these new Bxx engines are a lot more efficient that the predecessor). Definitely lots of reports about this for the 2.0 engine, I suspect the same would go for the others too. Maybe the testing procedure has changed or something. I don't know if the new Euro 6 emission specifications are playing a part in the underwhelming mpg figures...
  7. baus

    Talk to me about F10s Please

    yeah, hard finding a decent spec E60 these days eh Ian! :P:P:P
  8. baus

    Knackered ECU

    Might be worth giving Enda a shout, I'm sure he said he can clone damaged ECUs (user name The End on here)...
  9. baus

    AMP failure

    I remember seeing a video on youtube that suggesting just a few caps needed replacing. Seemed very simple to me!
  10. Hi


    Thanks - my reg is "T50 BAL"




  11. baus

    E61 Headlights - Brighter please!

    if you PM me your reg I'll confirm what you have...
  12. baus

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    pics or it didn't happen
  13. baus

    It happened ! Morimotos are in !

    I've done side by side comparisons between morimottos and eBay, there's no difference If the morrimotos started up like OEM xenons it'd be worth it but they don't even do that... :/
  14. baus

    Turbo recon recommendations

    +1 Tom535d had the same issue
  15. baus

    DPF blocked on e60 520d

    what's your location Nawaz? You're certainly doing the right thing clearing the codes, it should regen if all the conditions regen are being met...