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  1. Mike530i

    Windscreen scuttle

    Hi, can I get a price on part 51717203125? Thanks!
  2. Mike530i


    Sorted now, thanks. Please delete this post
  3. Mike530i

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    An AUC car with Landsail tyres? Are they BMW approved....?
  4. Mike530i

    Potential 530D F11 purchases - Opinions welcome

    Are you sure you want variable dampers? These cars are at mileages where dampers may need replacement and the cost of new VDC dampers can be significant.
  5. Mike530i

    Potential 530D F11 purchases - Opinions welcome

    I have actually had two 530d's - an original pre LCI and my current LCI. All F10 530d's have the N57 engine - but from September 2011 onwards they gained the revised N57TU with 258bhp instead of 245bhp. My first was a 245, my current LCI a 258. The revised engine to me seems about 5-10% more efficient and slightly quicker but otherwise very similar.
  6. Mike530i

    Potential 530D F11 purchases - Opinions welcome

    NBT was introduced from MY13 production start in late 2012, it didn't appear with the LCI. The touch pad was introduced with the LCI, but prior to that they had NBT with the older controller. The 62 plate car in the photo has NBT - you can see it from the photos anyway. The obvious giveaway is the PDC graphic - it was top down 2d on CIC, and rear view 3d on NBT
  7. Mike530i

    Potential 530D F11 purchases - Opinions welcome

    If only that were true Actually both cars have NBT.
  8. As expected my 2015 530d is listed and is also within the date range but I was surprised to see our 2013 N47 520d listed as outstanding recall on the DVLA site as well. I thought this whole thing was N57 and B47 only? Evidently not..
  9. Mike530i

    Rear seat rattle

    So I pulled the bench up and moved it forward so it's not touching the backrest. Car is absolutely silent. So it's the rear bench interfacing with something on the backrest. Now to work out how to stop that...
  10. Mike530i

    Goodbye F10...

    But take both of those together and you get.. the lowest cost to change. There is no point getting an astonishing deal on your new car if they give you £10k less than your old one is worth, or getting top dollar for your old car but ripped off on the price of the new. So, when trading, its all about cost to change.
  11. Mike530i

    Rear seat rattle

    Just been out with a passenger and the way the noise always stops when something is on the seat makes me think the base of the seat itself touches something which it doesnt when weight is placed on it. It's so frustrating that the dealer had 3 goes at it and now say 'oh warranty is over thanks'
  12. Mike530i

    Rear seat rattle

    I've had the base off a few times and checked the belts etc. By the Isofix mounts I meant the plastic covers over them
  13. Mike530i

    Rear seat rattle

    Hi all, For about 6 months now, a rattle from my rear seats, nearside, has been driving me insane. It's a sort of slight clicky sound over bumps. Weirdly it seems to go completely silent if you chuck a jumper or something on the seat. It went into my local BMW dealer on 3 separate occasions - the first time they put a load of felt under where the base anchors into the car, the second time they sent a tech out with someone sat in the back and couldnt hear it (Well duh, I did explain that anything ON the seat stops it..) and the third time they just no-fault-found it. My new car warranty has now expired so the rattle is no longer covered, frustratingly. Any ideas? I suspected ISOFIX mounting points flexing, but took those off and its not gone away. Doesn't seem to be the seatbelt buckles either. I have split folding rear seats. It's a saloon.
  14. Mike530i

    BMW warranty cheaper if AUC car?

    Yes, you'll get a letter about 3 weeks before.
  15. Mike530i

    Front brake pad warning won't reset

    This is the key - reset unsucessful is related to the handbrake status NOT whether you've replaced the sensor or not.