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  1. nt7650

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    I checked on my daughters phone and yeah, it was them emoji things. Removed them and it connected without fault. Usualy its my kids that contol all the music from their phones. I don’t have a say in the mater. But I do notice that on the I drive it will have an album photo of the song that was played a few back and hadn’t changed. Also from the steering wheel control it just displays the current song on the speedo cluster display. Ive never tried to change it, I’d be told off ☺️
  2. nt7650

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    Yes. I have the f10. If I remember correctly I had to unbolt some anchor point with a torx bit. And then remove 2 or 3 plastic retainer lugs and then remove the whole inner wheel arch panel. Only takes about 3-5 mins. I ended up having to do this a few times until I found it was my daughters phone.
  3. nt7650

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    Hi. Just had this come through on my email. What i I discovered or should I say eventually worked out it that when my daughter tried to connect her phone is when everything stopped working or connecting. This is happened again and again and after her upgrade and new phone tried to connect it did the exact same thing. We we all have I phone and all I can think of is something to do with an app or something on the phone that makes it different ? So anyway, when nothing would connect i had I had to disconnect the plug from the blue tooth com box that’s found in the boot under the left hand wheel arch cover. There is the amp and then the com box. Id pull the plug for a few mins and reconnect and then be able to connect all phones ( except my daughters ) she’s banned from Bluetooth. This is isn’t the definite answer or cause, but it’s just what I worked out and how I managed to get it all working again. Danny
  4. nt7650

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    Problem solved. I was was putting in pass code as 0000 and same on car. I was trying all different combinations. Then in I did 1234 and it all connected. I didnt think think it mattered as long as they matched ? But it all ok now
  5. nt7650

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    Ok. Sorry. I'll try again. I did did sucessfully have my phone connected. I tried to to connect another 2 phones and they said connected on the phones but the car just continued to connect. I deleted met phone and then tried to connect and having no joy. It it gets as far as pairing, phone reads paired, but the display on the car keeps connecting for ages. However, I can stream Bluetooth audio, but no phone calls and the phone isn't listed in the paired devices on the car. I have told phone / phones to forget car connection and re discover and still can not get connection. idd add photos.
  6. Hi, i am am not sure what I'm doing wrong but cannot add my phone to the Bluetooth. My my first attempt it added and was listed in the addeded devices and then connected automatically and I could make called and stream audio. Everything as it should. Then in my daughter wanted to add her phone. Went through the same procedure and just wouldn't add. My boy tried to add his phone and the same. So so I removed my phone and went to reconnect to show how easy it was and now I have the same problems. Ill expaine what's going on. There red is no devices added on the telephone Bluetooth list. Click on add device, then discover the car on the phone. Then put a code into the car, same code onto phone and click pair. The he car says connecting, the phone immediately says connected. The car just contiunes to say connecting for a long time. But this is some connection as I can play audio through Bluetooth. Once my phone rang and was connected to Bluetooth. But I can't access the phone or phone book on the car as there are no added devices. I checked the the software version and was uptodate. I restored to the previous versions and still the same. I loaded a fresh up to date version and no luck. Am am I unlucky enough to have broke this within just 2 days of owning this car. Or am I missing something ? Would really apriciate any help.. The he car is a 2012 535 with professional sat nav and I'm not sure of the names of the other bits. Thanks danny
  7. nt7650

    Easy Speaker Upgrade

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I have read up on the plug and play amps and i think this is what i will go with. Are them tweeters a bmw part ? and i am needing the door mirrror covers from a 525 /530 etc. would anyone recomend replacing the under seat speakers ? or would an amp improve whats already there, also does anyone know what the under seat speakers are connected to ? (seaperate / front / rear ) thanks danny
  8. nt7650

    Easy Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have the standard stereo fitted to my 2008 e60 and the stereo is not that good, my old transit van seems better. I have found that there are the speakers under the seats and as far as i can work out a speaker in each door. is there any way of knowing if the car does have an amp fitted that can be upgraded ? im not to keen on cutting into wires everywhere so a simple solution is what im after. I have read lots of posts and get quite confused with all the options. I only want to spend around 300 - 400 pounds and am not looking for top spec sounds or boom boom boom base, just an improvement on the standard equipment i have Thanks Danny
  9. Hi, I have owned my bmw for 2 weeks now and need to get a hands free kit sorted out. I have a 2008 520d some questions im asked when looking at options is what i drive do i have, and i am not sure ? Its not the wide screen, it has not got sat nav or disc changer. I guess its not the professional, or the business ? i was looking at a way of getting phone details up on the screen with controls from the steering wheel. the denson 500 can do this but only on business or professional i drives. the parrot unika can do the steering wheel buttons but not the screen. I so wish i had got a bmw with the bluetooth optional extra. Thank , Danny
  10. As far as I can work out my I drive is just really standard. No Bluetooth or navigation. I need to get hands free installed and not even sure if a parrot will be compatable with one of them iso cables. I have been reading about all other devices but unsure what will work on my basic 2008 I drive system. I would be quite happy fitting a parrot if the harness cables fit on with the I drive stereo equipment. Any advice would be really helpful. Thanks, Danny.
  11. nt7650

    Just purchased 2008 520

    Hello everyone, Brought my first Bmw yesterday after having a 2002 ford galaxy 1.9tdi for the past 5 years. spent absolute months deciding what make and model and then decided the 5 series e60. then spent another heap of weeks deciding between the sports or se. I loved the sports, spent hours and hours comparing between the 2. However the car was mainly for the wife to drive the kids about and really it decided on what came up. so after viewing a few different ones here and there finally (wife fed up with looking) made a deal on a 2008 520 d se. it has 44'000 miles, full bmw service, 5 year service plus pack which is till july 2013, new tyres, leather seats. and spotless condition inside and out. £13'600 Just wished i has know about some extras available, as quite standard apart from the leather.Look forward to getting to know a bit more about the e60's from other members. Danny