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    Mark White reacted to robsey29 in Replacing your M5..   
    Off topic but you may see mine as im coming up there friday going to the motorpoint arena.
    I see the b7 rs4 has been mentioned but i would prefer the b5 rs4 i have always wanted one.
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    Mark White reacted to DirtyHarry88 in Looking for an E39 M5, do I consider this one?   
    I don't think people are being unreasonable.
    If I went to see a car that 'had good tyres all round' and they weren't even the right size I'd be pissed off. Much hassle could be saved.
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    Mark White got a reaction from Jason M5 in KCA-420i and Intravee II install   
    I got a charging adaptor from ebay, however it's a bit hit and miss.
    After a bit of research I found that Maplin do them for around £8 - going to get one this week at some point and give it a good test before I receive my lumidock as it'll be hidden away once thats installed.