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    Carbon Black BMW ///M5 (E39)
  1. Mark White

    E39 Nav Knob Upgrade

    Do you have a picture of the 1 series knobs, am I thinking correctly - do they have a dash of chrome on them?? I could be interested
  2. Mark White

    Replacing your M5..

    Not too far away tbh, about 15 mins drive - I'm in Renishaw, 2 mins off M1 Jct 30
  3. Mark White

    Replacing your M5..

    I could also be tempted with the Mk5 edition 30 GTI but I'd be stupid and do all the air ride stuff - mate is a show wining painter/air ride installer. Owning a VW again would almost certainly cost me more than the money I throw at the M5!! I was also tempted with a dare I say the following..... Range Rover tdi VW Scirocco Z4 3.0 Mk5 Golf GTI
  4. Mark White

    Replacing your M5..

    I work away from home most week days so the car only comes out at the weekend - I'm from the south side of Sheffield, have only ever seen one other M5 in Sheffield. If someone was to offer me the money I'd want or a E60 530/535d M sport - right now I think I'd be very very tempted to let her go!
  5. Mark White

    Replacing your M5..

    I had this debate a few months ago and actually put the car up for sale/part ex/swap as I thought I wanted a cheaper to run motor.... ran the advert for a month and wasn't happy with any offers I had for part ex/swaps and only had tyre kickers with not enough money. I'm kinda now glad that it didn't go... well I was extremely glad I kept it, Spent around £2k on servicing few repairs, all new brakes I was as happy as the day I bought it.... up until last weekend when I hit a pheasant at high speed causing a new headlight and bumper repair to be required! Yet again more money to be thrown at it!
  6. Mark White

    Quote Request: Tow eye cover + foglight E39 M5

    Thanks very much - will be in contact when I know the car is booked in for bumper repair.
  7. Hi guys, Could you quote me on a front towing eye cover and drivers side fog light (quote pair too, may change both) for E39 M5 please. Many thanks
  8. Mark White

    Thinking I've been robbed by BMW

    Thanks for the info about the fuel filter guys! It is a shock that it's not part of the service but as is documented thats more my fault for not checking I guess! I do have a very trustworthy garage I will be using from now on - for the cost of being a bit anal wanting to have a BMW stamp in the service book I'd rather save money and receive a much better level of work from my friend! So are we all in agreement that it's impossible to change brake fluid without bleeding through the nipples on the callipers? I'm 99.9% positive it's not possible, but maybe some form of witchcraft can happen.
  9. Mark White

    Thinking I've been robbed by BMW

    I had my M5 (E39) in for a inspection 2 service over christmas, got the car back on new years eve after they changed me some front bushes and engine drive belts. I also paid for a coolant change and brake fluid change. They advised I needed some new rear bushes at a cost of £900 odd pounds! They also advised I needed new brakes all round - discs, pads, handbrake shoes - this was certainly the case. Now I've barely driven the car - probably 300-500 miles tops since getting it back - car kept garaged. I bought the brakes myself and had my friend change the brakes at his garage. Whilst there he looked over the car with me and we came to the conclusion that there actually isn't any problems with the rear bushes (no excessive play or signs of issues etc), also it doesn't look like the brake fluid has been changed either - not one bleed nipple looks disturbed! Upon further looking around, it also doesn't look like the fuel filter has been changed! Unfortunately I'm not at home (work away) so can't check my invoice fully. Surely though the fuel filter is included in an inspection 2? I have photo's of the bleed nipples and undisturbed fuel filter and cover. I'm planning on approaching BMW to raise my queries but I'm wondering a few things... Fuel filter - is this part of the inspection 2? Brake fluid - surely the only way to change it is to flush it through the bleed nipples on the callipers? Bushes - what bushes would cost me £900+ to change? It's left me feeling very angry towards BMW, I took it there as apposed to my friends independent garage as I wanted the car to have a good BMW history! I'm now thinking that they are not the best people to be working on our cars! What would be my best course of action?
  10. Mark White

    Pagid Brake pad check

    Nice one! Thanks very much for that ðŸ‘
  11. Mark White

    Looking for an E39 M5, do I consider this one?

    I mirror what everyone else says about the facelift/pre-facelift! I saw a few dogs of facelift cars after being 'internet advised', ended up with my 99 pre-lift, under 100k with full history, facelift lights and milltek exhaust. I've since tidied a few bits up, fitted cellis rears and it's just had inspection 2 with BMW, I put it up for sale/swap/part-ex as I thought I wanted a change. But after all the silly time wasters or not so good offers for swap/part-ex I've decided to keep it!! It's an awesome car and I've just bought a full set of discs, pads and h/brake shoes as a little apology for my thoughts of selling! haha Having said that, the brakes aren't fitted yet, and if someone was to offer me the cash and maybe wants to buy the brakes on top then I could be tempted again... :/
  12. Mark White

    Pagid Brake pad check

    Thanks Kenny! Mine's a 99 Having just been trawling through pagid's online catalogue the only questionable ones seem to be the rear pads - paged show the number as T1563EP The T1563 part references through pagid's site are: ManufacturerReference BMW 34211163324BMW 34211163326BMW 34211163833BMW 342111638334BMW 34211164581BMW 34211164582BMW 34213403241BMW 34216750160BMW 34216761240BMW 34216761247BMW 34216761248BMW 34216761250BMW 34216790071LAND ROVER SFP000120LAND ROVER SFP500210LAND ROVER SFP500230
  13. Mark White

    Pagid Brake pad check

    From what I can see they are the part numbers Kenny, but here's some other numbers Rear pads - T1563 - WVA 21487 - 4007590088209 - 90R-011025/720 Handbrake shoes - H905 - Euro car parts number 103110088 - 4007590005978 - 90R-011300/188 Front pads - T1136 - WVA 2148619,3 - 4007590018886 - 90R-011392/1102 - 12248/03
  14. Mark White

    Pagid Brake pad check

    I've recently purchased a full set of discs and pads for my M5 which are to be fitted soon but I feel they have sent me the incorrect pads. Is anyone able to confirm the correct paged part numbers? I've received - T1136 H9505 T1563 Non of them say E39 M5 on the vehicle lists on the side of the box.
  15. Mark White

    Intravee iPhone 5S

    Just to reflect on what others have said.... Definitely don't buy any chinese knock off lightning adapter - I learnt that they don't work! Apple's expensive one works fine, you do need the 5v converter too - I've found Maplins do a reliable one, been in car for a year without a problem. Cheap ebay one failed after a couple of weeks.