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    BMW E34 525 M50 1993
  1. JimmyE34525

    Done the deed - E34 525i

    i have 7200rpm limit from 6600 after a new programm that a friend did (tried to other two m50's). he also had some job done underneath the gearknob cover and yes it works short and fine 6 years now. sorry no more info cause i used to leave the car to him before i went to work - irony...i used to work at a bmw dealer (sales dpt) and had my bmw at a bmw specialist. cheaper and even better. anyway he told me to avoid pushing the 1st and 2nd gear to the rev limit.
  2. JimmyE34525

    Done the deed - E34 525i

    nice to see another E34 going strong again - waiting for pics
  3. among all of those i love about E34, is that every day, feels fresh like the first day
  4. JimmyE34525

    sway and anti roll issue

    nobody has ever fitted a kit ?
  5. JimmyE34525

    sway and anti roll issue

    Hello everyone. I need your help and advice cause i want to fit a kit to my car and my questions are : What's the diference on size and brand ? (stock 23/15mm - sport 24/18mm - M-techink 25/18mm - RD 27/19mm etc) As we have sleepery road's at 50% of use, what do you suggest ? I have bilstein sport with h&r (minimum drop) and 235/45/17x8 all 4w. I also had an offer for eibach but i'll go tomorrow to check the size ( the dealer gave no information by phone only 2013.320 on add). Is there anything else i should know about ? thanks in advance
  6. JimmyE34525

    How many e34's here

    116. 1993 525i Diamond Schwartz,manual,black leather,bbs 5's
  7. JimmyE34525

    New E34 in the family

    looking very good - i hore it serves you well - mine for six years now needed only one radiator - nothing else !
  8. JimmyE34525

    E34 525i sport

    It's a beauty - rare color in Greece - love the interior !
  9. JimmyE34525

    New here from Calif.

    very beautiful E28's - i was about to buy one 520 at my early driving years but no luck - so everytime i see one i stand drulling!!!
  10. JimmyE34525

    Hello everybody new here

    thank you - most of us are trying to keep things in order - thank god i don't have any loans cause i am unemployed for 8 months now - we have zero goverment and they invent phenomal taxes every now end then - If they think to retrofit on our chest a breathemeter (like taxi cubs) they might do it !!! we have to stunt up againts these politcs - i was about to order an exhaust,swaybars and anti roll bars,a full body kit and others but i lost my job and now nothing... we will see...
  11. JimmyE34525

    Hello everybody new here

    thanks a lot - I am trying to take good care of it and service in time - e34maniac !!!
  12. JimmyE34525

    Hello everybody new here

    Hello I am very happy to join the forum.I own my bmw for six years now and decided to sign in than be a guest. I feel every day that i just bought it.It's a '93 525 M50 with 180.000klm on clock. As we share the same passion i am looking forward for your help in upgrades cause here in Greece they all like E34s but few spend money and time.Magazines are not enough.I believe UK is number one for beemer lovers.Some pics of my beauty (hope i add them right). under the hood : bilstein sport suspension,hr springs,short sift,bmc air filter,remap at 7.200rpm,bbs wheels (lucky to find them) 8x17 235/45 with michelin pilot sport 2 and some paint jobs. I would like to ask sorry in advance if i make any mistakes or don't understand some comments in the future. p.s. the Mbadge is a good bate for the road !