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  1. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Whats normal about the top half of dash on e34 you dont get a passenger airbag on the dash like on that one so its definelitly a modded e39 dash if he didnt do so many mods it might be ok the plus he has with the engine is he gets full obd2 scanning instead of ads.
  2. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    sorry your right . I just wanted to know was it possible fit the e39 rack to replace the box in e34 sort out the play we all have to deal with in our cars.
  3. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Pity he didnt show the steering box to show did he swap it for the e39 or have to do some mod for the exhaust to fit.
  4. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Its definitely a e39 dash because you wouldnt get the e34 speedo clocks to fit in a e39 dash maybe he just got a bit of it cut-out to fit that screen.
  5. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Someone on youtube turned there e34 estate into a e39 interior & all i read somewhere online that a e39 dash will not fit into a e34 this proves that wrong. Youtube link to car
  6. GlossBlue

    M50 Gearbox

    Hi I am looking to know will a manual Gearbox from a e39 fit a m50 engine in a e34.
  7. GlossBlue

    525 TDS Leaking Injector

    Problem solved it was a water leak from coolant inlet hose.
  8. GlossBlue

    525 TDS Leaking Injector

    Hi i am having trouble with a leaking injector in my car i replaced the copper sealing ring on injector & rubber fuel line on injector to to fuel pump line under inlet manifold butits still leaking is there a sealing washer down in the engine where injector screws in to be replaced. Thanks
  9. GlossBlue

    E34 TDS anti theft

    OK Vin number of car GC11594 Date of first reg. is 31/10/95 I bought a spare key off main dealer but they hadnt the plugs to do it i will have to try & find someone who can.
  10. GlossBlue

    E34 TDS anti theft

    HI i am looking for information on how to turn this off i got a spare ECU & my car wont start with it i take it that anti theft has to be turned of to get it too work. The reason i am asking is i am going to get the tunning chip off the end for my car but i want a backup ecu going before i go ahead with it.
  11. GlossBlue

    central locking / rear doors don't lock

    There is also a electric connection on the latch of the body shell if this connection gets bad from rust you will have problems.
  12. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    Back again i had no luck tracking down the right wiring loom this is the one i need but it costs 400 euro from BMW : Part number 7 so i am going with using a sunroof switch i have & join it into the loom; THERE are 3 yellow wires on it does anyone know the wiring of these pins on the socket so i wont wire it wrong .I also found the kickdown wire it comes into a plug from ecu to steering wheel where it connects to another socket . if i just tap onto this grey wire & run it to the kickdown switch it should solve that problem.
  13. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    yes i found a wire with no connection on it so i put a fitting on it . It looks to be either red or brown with yellow stripe. I take it to be the kickdown wire as its going to driver speaker footwell.
  14. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    I thought the mode switch was hard wired from ecu if it only plugs into a socket ( X6003 ) then i only need the plug for switch.
  15. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    Sorry back to you again I decided to look up the wiring loom than to go cutting into it . Can you tell me which loom the plug is on as they are 2 looms under the dash 1 that crosses over from the passenger footwell in the dash & the other crosses over from P/ footwell loose across the A/C CENTER Box to steering wheel. I hope its this one as it will make it easier for breaker to remove & post on to me. Thanks.