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  1. GlossBlue

    Spare Replacement ECU

    I am looking for help on a spare ECU i bought online for my tds all the numbers match with both ecu's but spare ECU wont start . I scanned this ecu with carsoft it says anti theft is stopping it starting what do i do to fix this.
  2. GlossBlue

    Changing center driveshaft bearing

    sorted with a chisel.
  3. Anyone on here done it i have removed the circlip but it is still well on cant get it to move is it a angle grinder job.
  4. GlossBlue

    Battery Cable

    Sorted wire goes to Fuse box.
  5. GlossBlue

    Battery Cable

    Looking for help with putting my car back together where does the small battery cable go in the picture i forgot to label it like i did most other wires is it for the 12 volt socket alongside the glove box or does go to the engine. Thanks
  6. GlossBlue

    Best place to buy parts?

    Are known to switch parts though if you are willing to take the chance you could put a note in with order to help.
  7. GlossBlue

    M30 E34

    Trying to sell it this side of the pond market for big engine cars must be totally gone if it couldnt be sold in the uk as its still on uk plates i would say its the same owner also when a car comes into this country you are suppose to go straight to tax office to pay vrt to put irish plates on it if you delay you are charged for every day you dont. Looks a clean car & manual aswell
  8. GlossBlue

    Door DeadLocked...

    Could be a bad connection in wiring loom as its old.
  9. GlossBlue

    Exhaust needs changing

    my back exhaust needs changing in my 520 found this site price varies alot is there a big difference buying the cheap ones a good bit of rust came out of my back box will i have to change middle silencer as well. thanks https://www.bestpartstore.co.uk/bmw/5-e34/238/10414-muffler
  10. GlossBlue

    Change sunroof

    I am looking to convert my manual sunroof to electric will i have to change whole sunroof as i cant see how manual opener comes off roof. also if i manage to change that i also need to change cover on sunroof to match replacement roof liner i am fitting out of scrap car how does it come off. If not i will just swap whole sunroof
  11. GlossBlue

    Windscreen Replacement

    I just intend to remove the screen from doner car to give to paint shop they can call out the windscreen repair crowd to fit done screen remove old onefrom my car. It would not pay me to call out the windscreen crowd just to remove windscreens. I dont want doner car lying around too long as i am thight on space.
  12. GlossBlue

    Windscreen Replacement

    Ok thanks for that i am going to try remove it myself i see there is a couple of tools to do it & let a installer fit it as i have to get a rust spot fixed on windscreen frame before fitting. I think the wire would be better for cutting it out as the glue would be gone too hard for the blade puller cutter. Windscreen removal removal tool
  13. GlossBlue

    Windscreen Replacement

    Looking for a bit of info on windscreen's are the y the same windscreen's fitted to early e34 as late model e34 as i am trying to save a windscreen out of a late e34 for my 89 e34 . I am fixing up my 89 after 6 years in the garage & it needs a new screen to pass the test as its not in test & not insured i cant claim a new screen untill i pass test so will a late screen fit it as the doors are different in both late & early model does this change the shape of the screen.
  14. GlossBlue

    e34 electrical issues

    I managed to get it sorted by swapping cable colour to same socket pins.
  15. GlossBlue

    e34 electrical issues

    This is what i found out about wiring pins on another site This must be wiring for usa cars as my wiring was different to this in both my cars. Pin Colour Function 1 GN/WT Fuse 19 PWR to mirrors + Interior light cancel 2 br Interior light GND door handle switch 3 RD Interior light timer; central lock control PWR 4 5 BU/BK PWR passenger window motor 6 BU/WT PWR passenger mirror motor 7 WT/BK Switched PWR to passenger mirror clutch 8 BR GND central lock control, double lock 9 BU PWR/return door lock motor 10 WT Return/PWR door lock motor 11 YL/BU Lock request 12 GR/BU Unlock request 13 VI PWR window motor 14 BK PWR window motor 15 RD/BK Interior light timer; central lock PWR 16 17 RD/BR Double lock request 18 GN/WH Fuse 19 PWR interior light cancel 19 BR/GR Interior light enable 20 GY/GN Radio speaker 21 GY/YL Radio speaker note: colours BK=black, BR=brown, RD=red, YL=yellow, GN=green, BL=blue, VI=violet, GY=grey, WT=white note2: colours not used in all years/models, this is a general guide only! note3: some cars have lock heaters, some have interior light timers, probably in an either or situation.