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  1. GlossBlue

    Wiring loom swap

    once there is no fear of blowing something i will give it a try save me a lot of pulling out. thanks
  2. GlossBlue

    Wiring loom swap

    Thanks for reply I intend swapping the dashboard so that takes care of most of it .it's only the wiring to the abs ECU & others under the rear seat..
  3. GlossBlue

    Wiring loom swap

    Hi i am swapping a e34 tds engine out of a estate into a petrol saloon e34 car both are 95 cars can i leave in the interior loom or will it have to be swapped out.
  4. GlossBlue

    steering box seal kit

    Hi i am looking for a set of piston seals for my 525tds steering box does anyone know where to get them i removed my box & moved the pitman arm side to side & fitted it a gain now it feels more loose than it was so i am thinking i ruined the seal on the pistons of the box.
  5. GlossBlue

    Sump Swap

    Thanks for reply so the oil pickup tube that runs to the sump can be changed to fit a front sump that is all i wanted to know doesnt this let you use your E34 Engine subframe to fit a engine swap no need messing with welders to fit m52 engine into a e34 with m50 engine.
  6. GlossBlue

    Sump Swap

    Hi just asking how this works take the m52 engine with a m50 sump is the sump on the back of the engine on a m52 if so the oil pick will be back there too so how do you move oil pickup to front if fitting a m50 sump to a m52 engine. thanks
  7. GlossBlue

    The e34 rear sill thread

    Hi i am also looking to repair the sills on my estate i saw these patch panels online from uk company does anyone know if they are anygood as they seem cheap if not can someone point me in the right direction. Also are the sills the same size on estate & saloon as these are only saloon. https://www.centralpanels.co.uk/product/bmw-e34-1988-1996-new-full-sill-rh-4-door-004/
  8. GlossBlue

    Oil Catch Can

    I intend fitting one of these to my e34 tds has anyone on here done it .I intend to use it on the breather pipe from rocker cover to air intake turbo as its pulling a lot of oil through it i saw this one on amazon.There is alot of them  about which ones are best.
  9. GlossBlue

    Cost v Benefit

    Hi are you converting your manual to auto if so you will need to swap pedalbox i did to my project most of the swapping you should be able to do yourself to save funds if you dont have a garage it will be tuff in the winter.
  10. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Whats normal about the top half of dash on e34 you dont get a passenger airbag on the dash like on that one so its definelitly a modded e39 dash if he didnt do so many mods it might be ok the plus he has with the engine is he gets full obd2 scanning instead of ads.
  11. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    sorry your right . I just wanted to know was it possible fit the e39 rack to replace the box in e34 sort out the play we all have to deal with in our cars.
  12. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Pity he didnt show the steering box to show did he swap it for the e39 or have to do some mod for the exhaust to fit.
  13. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Its definitely a e39 dash because you wouldnt get the e34 speedo clocks to fit in a e39 dash maybe he just got a bit of it cut-out to fit that screen.
  14. GlossBlue

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Someone on youtube turned there e34 estate into a e39 interior & all i read somewhere online that a e39 dash will not fit into a e34 this proves that wrong. Youtube link to car
  15. GlossBlue

    M50 Gearbox

    Hi I am looking to know will a manual Gearbox from a e39 fit a m50 engine in a e34.