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  1. GlossBlue

    central locking / rear doors don't lock

    There is also a electric connection on the latch of the body shell if this connection gets bad from rust you will have problems.
  2. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    Back again i had no luck tracking down the right wiring loom this is the one i need but it costs 400 euro from BMW : Part number 7 so i am going with using a sunroof switch i have & join it into the loom; THERE are 3 yellow wires on it does anyone know the wiring of these pins on the socket so i wont wire it wrong .I also found the kickdown wire it comes into a plug from ecu to steering wheel where it connects to another socket . if i just tap onto this grey wire & run it to the kickdown switch it should solve that problem.
  3. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    yes i found a wire with no connection on it so i put a fitting on it . It looks to be either red or brown with yellow stripe. I take it to be the kickdown wire as its going to driver speaker footwell.
  4. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    I thought the mode switch was hard wired from ecu if it only plugs into a socket ( X6003 ) then i only need the plug for switch.
  5. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    Sorry back to you again I decided to look up the wiring loom than to go cutting into it . Can you tell me which loom the plug is on as they are 2 looms under the dash 1 that crosses over from the passenger footwell in the dash & the other crosses over from P/ footwell loose across the A/C CENTER Box to steering wheel. I hope its this one as it will make it easier for breaker to remove & post on to me. Thanks.
  6. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    MY Gearbox ECU IS in engine driver side all wires enter the car at passenger side footwell & join up with under rear seat electrics . The dash then plugs in also to take connection over to steering wheel . its this dash is where my problem is i will go out & check for these wires under steering wheel & get back to you thanks.
  7. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    It seem now what i did wrong is keep the wrong dash i kept the 89 dash which was a manual car & does not have this switch socket in its loom . Does anyone know the wiring of this switch socket does it go back to one of the sockets in passenger footwell i have another spare loom that comes from backseat that has the sunroof switch socket on it i can cut this from this loom to work the sports gearbox switch if i can find out where it goes too thanks.
  8. GlossBlue

    Auto Gearbox Switch

    Hi I am looking for more help finding the socket for this switch . I moved over the whole wiring loom engine & under back seat. 520i 95 auto I have a wire that goes to warning lights button & docket that plugs into gearbox with one free male socket is this what works my switch if so I am missing a lead to plug into it to connect to the switch. Here is socket with part number. Here is the switch.
  9. GlossBlue

    Common rail diesel in an E34?

    Hi I was thinking of doing this to my 89 E34 but complete swap of everything .The engine support mount in the E34 is just bolted to frame legs by 6 bolts 3bolts each side is the e39 the same. I am thinking of buying a e39 & swapping everything over the diff on e39 has different mounting points has it. E39 530D is what I want to do as I can buy a doner car for 1k. I found it done on YouTube but it doesn't say how
  10. GlossBlue

    AFM & Kick down wire

    ok thanks
  11. GlossBlue

    AFM & Kick down wire

    I am selling parts off my M20 2 Liter that i dont need i have someone looking for the afm for there 2.5 m20 are they different. I am also looking for help finding the kickdown wire connecting back up every thing again i dont see it in drivers footwell does it run from ecu engine or under back seat. 335990_x800.webp
  12. GlossBlue

    TDS Inter cooler rad

    Here is the cooler I am going to use.
  13. GlossBlue

    TDS Inter cooler rad

    Just getting back about this upgrade I haven't fitted it yet as the intercooler needs to be modified to fit right one of the inlets on the cooler is angled wrong. That is not my question though I want to know will I get a drop in pressure from turbo with a larger inter cooler fitted. The mod is worth doing as the standard inter cooler is very small so as well as getting more air into the engine it will get a better chance of cooling the air having it bigger. Thanks
  14. GlossBlue

    Identify socket

    Thanks i was thinking it had something to do with cd changer i removed in boot any way i can forget about it as its nothing to do with the car starting again . It has a thick wires in it that what was putting me off as it maybe carrying power with this wire.
  15. GlossBlue

    Identify socket

    Hi putting my car 95 520i auto back together again & I can't remember what this socket plugs into it's down in passenger footwell Left hand side going into floor speaker hole.