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  1. M5_Ben

    RIP M5

    Hi mate, That is terrible news and I'm glad you are ok. This car was without a doubt the best car I have ever owned and still dream about owning another one. Let us know what you go for next! Ben
  2. M5_Ben

    An E39 M5 without PDC?

    I was gonna say that
  3. M5_Ben

    Y Reg Pre-Facelift?

    Yep, deffo facelift. Facelift wheel, front parking sensors, head light etc.......just has old nav
  4. M5_Ben

    How much to super charge an E39 M5?

    It's not just the lit and labour you need to think about. Might want to up-rate brakes, suspension get engine and banks refreshed etc etc I remember speaking to someone about this a while back and the recommended getting the car in tip top shape first then super charge it. Could be looking 15k+ if you want to to all the extra bits too......... Plus you will have to source a car
  5. M5_Ben

    2001 Facelift E39 M5

    Have an open day in London and it will get sold!
  6. M5_Ben

    E39 M5 Prices likely to peak?

    They cant all be bad
  7. M5_Ben

    E39 M5 Prices likely to peak?

    I'm sure this was 12.5k the other day, reduced by 2k: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201504242900825?atmobcid=soc3 Dealers/sellers overpricing? What's the story?
  8. M5_Ben

    White E39 M5 For Sale

    It's cat C though. Only "minor" damage.......
  9. M5_Ben

    E39 M5 4th gear pull

    Hi mate, Sorry to hear that - hope all is well. I definitely agree with enjoying life while you can. Life is too short not too! Take care mate
  10. M5_Ben

    E39 M5 4th gear pull

    You thinking of getting another one?
  11. I haven't, but a lot of people in the past have not rated them at all. I think it would be a good idea to go down and see the car and see if it feels right? Good spec and an 03 plate........
  12. M5_Ben

    2001 Facelift E39 M5

    If this was London it would have sold by now.......
  13. Maybe he loves the car so much he doesn't really want to sell it Good mileage of course, but you can pick up a good m5 for that money I reckon.......or okish anyway
  14. M5_Ben

    Thoughts on thie e39 M5?

    Shoot me down, but I think 170k miles would be too much for me........
  15. M5_Ben

    Thoughts on thie e39 M5?

    lol - I think they would be the first thing I remove! Car looks ok......prices are all over the shop at the moment though. So not sure if that is a "good" price or not!?