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  1. papercutout

    Clutch/selection problem

    Hey everyone, the other day I came out to my '95 525TDS and found the clutch pedal on the floor. I was actually off on a date, so it was a pretty awkward situation! I DID drive the car, and after being in 1st once, 1st disappeared. Anyway, I got home and discovered the car had no fluid in the reservoir - topped it up, bled through pushing and releasing the pedal, cleared as much air out the system as possible (was watching the bubbles come up into the reservoir, then bled the slave cylinder to cycle new fluid in there. Props to my mum (as the only person around) for pumping the pedal for me! Now I STILL have no first - the gear lever simply won't go into it, it's 3rd or reverse, it's as if there's no 'gate' for first. And 2nd gear crunches going in, even trying to rev-match or double clutch it, it isn't smooth. Ironically, I can get a smooth gear change if I don't use the clutch and rev match. Can anyone suggest what the problem is? The fluid level hasn't dropped again, so there doesn't appear to be a slave or master cylinder leak. Thanks
  2. papercutout

    Clutch/selection problem

    Thanks, no leaks, fortunately! Carried on bleeding today. I'd gone till I got clean fluid the other day, but it can't have been enough. Did some more bleeding today and had a patch of NASTY milky brake fluid come out. I now have first gear again, crunches a little going in, but hopefully it'll get better. We bled, and bled and bled it, so can't imagine there's more crap in there.
  3. papercutout

    Giving away - old 520i exhaust

    If anyone wants the bits, feel free to come and collect! The rear box is dented, but will work fine. No blows (from what I can see), the rest of the exhaust is servicable, except for the quality-street-repair end of it. That is crunchy. Other than that, it should actually work absolutely fine! And you cannot complain at free... (I also have some cream leather E34 seats for sale, but I'm not a Gold member, so I can't advertise. Contact via PM only)
  4. papercutout

    Giving away - old 520i exhaust

    Can you text me back or pm me if you didn't get it? I'm free all day today and tomorrow if you can come here.
  5. papercutout

    Giving away - old 520i exhaust

    I just texted you Tim.
  6. papercutout

    Uprated clutch

    Black Diamond also do uprated clutches. I've got one in my '520i'. I'd happily have stuck an M one in, if it fitted. Damn 520i box!
  7. papercutout

    Changing the ignition barrel?

    Hey guys. I'm most of the way there with my swap, but I had to change the steering column over when I changed the pedal box (did you know a 1984 car has a different spline on the column to a 1987 one, and a 1987 spline is the same as an E30?), but of course it means the old key fits the new cars ignition, so I'd like to change that! So, how does one get the ignition barrels out, without breaking everything? Thankyou!
  8. papercutout

    the 518i and the m52...

    I'll get photos on Friday or Saturday of as many bits as I can! Where (out of curiosity) will it say 'ZF' or 'Getrag' on the g/b? It's certainly looking interesting with all these M5X'd E28's happening isn't it? Although they're all happening very slowly!
  9. papercutout

    the 518i and the m52...

    Ok, so I'm back from work! I read it to mean the ZF box from a 520i too, especially since he says 'box, clutch and flywheel', and I've just fitted a stage 2 clutch for a 520i, that bolted up perfectly. I'd have been pretty cheesed if I'd ordered that, and found that it was the M50 flywheel and it didn't fit... He does say he heated the gear selector and twisted it. I've seen no evidence of this (didn't think to look though), but since then I've changed a bunch of selector stuff as it was shot to pieces and sloppy as hell. I've also got a Z3 shifter fitted with is RIDICULOUSLY short. A bit too short really. Box doesn't appear canted from the shifter POV, but the mounts are definitely not parallel heights, which made making a G/B mount a royal pain, as I couldn't reuse the one Noodle Soup used, due to having tweaked the engine over from where he had it. Regarding the angle iron, I've actually got a similar setup, except in stead of angle iron, I have a 6mm piece of plate. I'm hoping it holds OK, if not, we'll bash the welder out again and weld it in place. It does mean tweaking the engine position is easier though... (when it's loose) I've also since fitted an E36 rad too. Made it clear the viscous fan no problemo. I'm not working from Friday onwards, if you want photos of anything, please say. Just don't criticise the welding (it's strong, not pretty)
  10. papercutout

    the 518i and the m52...

    Looks good mate! Several things on mine: A. the front half of my prop is an E30 one, the E28 definitely won't fit. I've got an M50B25 and original 520i gearbox that sits in the right place too. You really want the engine as far back as poss, the prop length is very tricky, mine is close to the length limit. B. my brake booster is from a renault clio. C. I have 328i exhaust manifolds. D. There was no way I could get the engine to clear with the standard mounts tweaked. I'm using the standard rubber mounts, but have welded a platform to the left side of the subframe to raise and align the engine, the right side sits fine and the height with a standard rubber mount is good, but it's too far forward, so, once again, out came the 6mm steel. E. I made a custom gearbox mount out of some square tubing. Hopefully it'll hold, only 1 way to find out! I am using the E34 metal engine mounts though, not 520i ones. So no 'custom engine arms' for me, just 'custom engine mounts/platforms'. It was a ballache to do, 1 person laying under the car aligning everything, then cutting cardboard templates up, crawling out, welding, checking, welding, checking, placing in, welding more and hoping it fitted. I've also fitted a Black Diamond stage 2 clutch for a 520i. Original 520i clutch with M50 2.5 power? Doesn't last so long. Especially since I'm looking at the turbo route sometime
  11. papercutout

    the 518i and the m52...

    That's so comprehensive, I don't think I need to get under my car now!
  12. papercutout

    the 518i and the m52...

    I routed mine the same route as a normal exhaust, but with a single pipe. We used the 328 exhaust manifold, then created a 2 into 1. This was flanged just after to make removing the exhaust much easier (I recommend doing this, so the main length is in 2 bits). I'll try to get a photo or 2 tomorrow, as I'll be working on it anyway. Ironically it doesn't quite fit in the new car, due to the engine sitting differently, but you'll get the idea.
  13. papercutout


    Lucky car! I bet mine wished it were! I'm a bit more on the bread-line I think though! OK, you get a video of yours, and I'll get a video of mine, and we can compare M20 and M50 noises! I'm interested as to shows too - since I don't know any of the E28 BMW crowd in person. If I'm in the country and can afford it, probably the RetroRides Gathering. I'm also going to Gatebil in Norway, but on a bike, not in the car. Much cheaper that way!
  14. papercutout

    new year, new cars? new projects? old timers

    And there's me with my 520i that used to be an auto, hoping that the diff is a 3.91, and not another 3.73 (as I have 3.73 in both welded and LSD options atm!) Short gearing = lots of fun! I'm riding a 4 pot motorbike atm though, and at 80 in 6th that is about 6500rpm, redlines at 12'500! Regarding the thread - New year, and my M50'd E28 is now up at running! It's almost ready for the road. Apart from 1 binding brake. Anyone got any suggestions on how to free it off, other than just driving it?
  15. papercutout


    I had a system done by Longlife (basically powerflow) at about £400 + VAT, which was everything except the downpipes. BUT downpipes are a pain in the arse, and really time consuming. I'm not surprised they're quoting that much. I'd expect Powerflow to be able to everything except downpipes though - certainly the Longlife near me can, and he'd probably be able to do downpipes too. He's a bit of a fabricating wiz! All about product knowledge. Good luck with it. You've definitely spent too much money though. A new cyclinder head? You nutcase!
  16. papercutout

    M50 into E28 problems

    First off, if anyone wants help working out what you need to do etc if you're planning on it, let me know and I'm happy to help! But I'm still not completed! It's all in there, fresh fuel and ready to go except it won't start! So we can crank it over, although we've had to wire in a separate button for some reason, it won't fire off the key. Despite following the wiring guides, but a multimeter is telling us the signal is lost somewhere in the steering column/ignition barrel wiring, hence putting a button switch in. (we're cranking it with the ignition on too) So, yesterday evening we cranked and cranked and cranked the car after draining all the old fuel out and putting fresh stuff in. More than long enough to get it to the engine (as you'll see in a mo). It is getting spark. It's not flooded. The ECU says it has had the EWS delete (or whatever they do). I've currently got the fuel feeding to the front of the fuel rail, but it was the other way round yesterday, it doesn't seem to be doing anything either way. Is there a way to check if the injectors are firing? (changing the fuel lines over = plenty of fuel over my engine bay, so it's definitely got through) All the fuses are fine. Has anyone got any idea's? It's this one last little problem, and then the car will run and drive! Many thanks, photos will be posted once it's running and I can get it outside! It's got a nicely cleaned up and tucked bay, so it'll look snazzy too
  17. papercutout

    M50 into E28 problems

    We'll make some. I have spare struts, but I want something with at least a 50mm shorter strut body, so I need to find shorter inserts, of otherwise correct dimensions. Hmmmm!
  18. papercutout

    M50 into E28 problems

    WAHEY! I managed to get down to it tonight, after half an hour of re-arranging pipes, and fixing stuff back in place and tightening it up properly, I connected the two magic wires and in under 10 cranks, it'd fired up. Blood loud though, with only the downpipes fitted, amazingly my neighbour, who was home, and who's garage it is in, didn't come out to enquire about the racket! Lots of smoke, and she's definitely due an oil change, but the list of things to do just got smaller. Next up: Finish trimming the throttle cable. Drop the front and raise the rear to see if the clutch is fully bled (bastid thing), better done with the rear raised, than by either going 'scrrrrrrnch', or into the garage wall... Fit the rest of the exhaust Fit the front seats and any other interior inc stereo (for which there is currently no wiring) Fit the battery box in the boot Bleed the brakes Do an oil change TEST. Then the list continues; get it MOT ready, sort out coilovers, etc, etc, etc.
  19. papercutout

    M50 into E28 problems

    That might well make all the difference! I'll get onto swapping the fuel lines round in the next few days, possibly hitting the starter motor with a hammer again, and seeing where we stand! Hopefully, sorted. Doyal - the pump is definitely working. My mate put a hand on it while I cranked the car. And I'm using the stock 520 setup, which my previous one ran on fine.
  20. papercutout

    E28 shock options?

    Mine had Bilsteins on. They're pretty good! Might even be for sale in the not too distant future, once I've got shorter inserts and made coilovers. Otherwise Gaz will do coilovers for not a massive amount.
  21. papercutout

    M50 into E28 problems

    OK, so it's been a long time since I started this now! Sorry about that... The crank sensor, according to the Bentley manual, should have a resistance of 1280 ohms, according to the internetz, it should be 540, +/- 10%. We checked mine today, and it was 490, so JUST within the 10% allowance, and certainly not enough of a problem that the car shouldn't fire... So we carried on tinkering - put my inlet manifold back on and attempted to find a way to check how far fuel was getting. It turns out it is getting to the FPR, but the rail is staying dry inside. For some reason it isn't getting past the FPR! There's a small vacuum hose in it that runs to the inlet manifold, but I can't imagine that takes a lot of pressure, it's not exactly a strong hose. Apparently fuel pressure should be between 35psi and 50psi. So - fuel isn't getting past the FPR. I have a spare rail with another FPR in, and it isn't going past that either. What could be the problem? Why FPR no worky? Thanks guys!
  22. papercutout

    engine bay preped and primed

    This is what I used. It's not so cheap, but it's a good quality, big thick unit that you can fit plenty of wire through with a little choppage! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Race-Engine-Loom-Rubber-Grommet-60mm-Bulkhead-16mm-out-Cosworth-Escort-Kit-Car-/121147929611
  23. papercutout

    E28 528iSE Project.

    Here's a link to another forum he's a member on with some pics: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5995809-Custom-1-piece-wheels-to-2-3-piece
  24. papercutout

    M535i vs 528 strut housing

    Could be years? My 1984 and 1987 had differences. I've never checked the struts though.
  25. papercutout

    They are still out there....

    The 2.5 uses about the same amount of fuel as the 2.0, but with much better power! I'd get it. Even if you get it to clean and sell back on again.

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