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  1. Evilsanta

    E70 couple of issues

    Recently purchased a 2010 E70 and absolutely love it. Came with all the extras going, even a few hidden features of being able to open the boot with the doors locked. I believe the boot lid has been replaced at one time as the power boot does not work, there is no wiring going to either strut. Do they need to be powered to lock the boot? Ie a limit switch or something needs to see a signal from these to say its closed properly? The boot opens by placing my hand on the switch underneath the lid for a few seconds and it clicks, but surely not when the car is locked? Or does it know the key is in my pocket and allows entry? I'll test that by leaving the key in the house. Second issue is that it idles rough when turning it on when it's cold. Only lasts around 15 seconds and then stabilises but then when driving for the next 5 mins it's very jerky. I've recently serviced it, haven't done the fuel filter yet as didn't have a jubilee clip for the hose, had a look at the filter and it has the bmw clip one use clip, really hope its not from when the car was new as its done 128k on the same filter. I will get it changed this week at some stage and think the problem is fuel related but anything I can try or look at to get a better understanding would be great. TIA Alan
  2. Evilsanta

    E39 535i V8 M-Sport 108’000 miles

    Still for sale?
  3. Evilsanta

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    changed all the rear suspension arms on the car, ended up snapping one of the bolts holding the left wishbone in place. So have to organise a lift to the dealer tomorrow for a new nut, bolt and washer. Got one side all tightened up and spun the wheel and it sounds like a broken washing machine so thinking the wheel bearings will need changed soon. Dont think the arms have ever been changed they were that bad.
  4. Evilsanta

    D358 Issue in ABS Menu

    Thanks Ill get it checked out.
  5. Evilsanta

    D358 Issue in ABS Menu

  6. Evilsanta

    D358 Issue in ABS Menu

    Hey guys recently bought a cheap (£1500) 2004 E60 530d with 110k miles and have discovered a transmission fault with it. It wont allow the car to start whenever the fault manifests itself however if I turn the car on and off it disappears, if that doesn't work then Ill leave it a few minutes and try starting it and away it goes. This only happens every few weeks or so and I'm just looking to know if theres a way to narrow down the fault to pinpoint the cause, or if theres a way of removing the fault from the car by blocking that part of the car being tested (DME Tune). Ill post a photo of the fault code I have got from my diagnostics. Ignore the brake warning, new discs and pads put on yesterday and the fault hasn't cleared as yet. Thanks in advance
  7. Evilsanta

    LED numberplate lights

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-SMD-LED-Number-License-Plate-Light-Fit-BMW-5-Series-E39-E60-E60N-E61-/390975487227?hash=item5b07f47cfb:g:qpMAAOSwLa9UXXUY Theres a whole load on eBay going, had these before and lasted a couple of years so not bad for a tenner.
  8. Is their any run on noise when you put the window up as a one button touch?
  9. Evilsanta

    Still toying with the idea of an E38

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/2002-bmw-7.35i-top-of-the-range-full-mot-full-service-history-2-keys-miles-81.000-/1141494283 Was out scratching that itch last night. Was offered a swap for my 530d with 101k on it. The sound was incredible, heated seats sat nav, few issues I noticed sunroof didn't work, sat nav works but radio doesn't and felt a lump in it when idle. But my head has been a mess ever since wondering what to do, soooo smooth and the heated seats were amazing, and the noise was class. Only do 4k miles a year as have a work van so MPG doesn't bother me but I fear if I had the car I wouldn't be able to shift it on for decent money if I needed to go back to diesel.
  10. Evilsanta

    I'm buying an e39 and need some advice!

    Ive a 530d manual, remapped and I'm getting 30.7 mpg and all I do is short journeys and usually don't cruise about doing them. Its fairly low mileage 101k but very smooth and quick.
  11. Evilsanta

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ebay, if you buy two they give you a £5 off discount. Seller is called ybcarsuk. I couldn't believe the price for both. Eurocarparts were after £18 each for them so to get both that cheap was perfect.
  12. Evilsanta

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Full service, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, turbo filter, air filter, pollen filters. Only been 6k miles between services but its been a year since it happened. Have two dodgy rear brake flexys to fix next, ordered 2 Borg and Beck hoses for £12 including delivery which was a bargain.
  13. Evilsanta

    Thinking of selling, require valuation.

    That looks delicious.
  14. Evilsanta

    E39 front discs opinions please

    Ive always had ATE discs and pads on the car and have found them to be very good. Pagid discs and pads also a good shout, stay clear of Eicher, squeaky brakes and not great for these cars, perfect for 1.0 Corsa.
  15. Evilsanta

    Does this altenator slip ring need replacing ?

    try giving it a clean to get some of the grains polished out and make the surfaces more even. When we are doing slip ring motors in work we use a chalk burnishing stone and it is pretty effective at cleaning the surfaces. If it doesn't work then it will need replaced.