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  1. Ian E

    Starting to repair the rust

    Hey Joss! Where did you get the lower 1/4s from? I need a set too!!!
  2. Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    OMG. It still goes up to the normal height and higher (to clear speed bumps,etc). I'm done.
  3. Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    MOT'd and Taxed the 5 for the summer and took a pic as the sun was out... Find me on instagram ije79
  4. Ian E

    Hello from across the pond

    There is a BMW meet at the Ace Cafe in North London on the 14th if you are around then. I should be there.
  5. Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Had the radiator re-cored (£200) and replaced the heater valve as that had a small leak inside (£70 from BMW). Trying hard to get this on the road in the next few weeks.
  6. Ian E

    Help! Recoring radiator

    Ended up getting it recored as mine has a built in oil cooler for the auto gearbox oil. Cost about £200.
  7. Ian E

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Looking good!
  8. Ian E

    Hello from across the pond

    Good to see another e12 528i on here! All here to help if we can. Enjoy!
  9. Ian E

    Help! Recoring radiator

    Cheers guys! BMW want £500 so I'm hoping a recore will be cheaper. The rad is shared with e3 and e9s only. A friend of mine has told me about Serek in Hayes so may drop it off with them.
  10. Ian E

    Help! Recoring radiator

    Just before I tax the e12, it has sprung a leak from the radiator! Grrr! BMW want a small fortune for a new one, so can anyone point me towards a company that can rebuild it? Being an auto it has a built in oil cooler if that helps. Cheers!
  11. Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Spent about £2,400 getting all the parts incl another set of front legs, managment and bags. Not to mention the time taken so far! One day to install the managment. Tank also had to be modified so it could be inverted under the rear shelf. Another complete day to fit the struts and run the air lines. I was being very fussy as to how they would run etc. Probably easier to just pay someone to do it but thats not why I do it! Thanks! Looking forward to seeing yours one day! One more Instagram pic (ije79)...
  12. Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Afraid so Joss! Not everyone's thing but I've always wanted it and it seams like a suitable car!
  13. Ian E

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    One sneak pic of what I've been up to over the winter. Nearly finished...
  14. Coolant change and flush. Was well overdue. Got my carpet mat set fully fitted now. Top guys at Hamilton Classic.