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  1. cableguy

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    My first f11 after owning e34, e39 & e60's. Still have two e34's for that old school analogue feel. I waited and bought the highest spec'd car in Petrol 535i guise and like the following: Adaptive LED Headlights with High Beam Assist. Unbelievable down a country lane with oncoming traffic. Air Cooled Comfort Seats with Oscillating Bases. You need to try them to appreciate them. Head Up Display with Speed Limit Option. Excellent for keeping your eyes on the road and great for changing radio stations too. Surround View Camera's. Makes tight parking a doddle. Variable Damping Control. Comfort+ is great on local pot hole ridden roads and Sport/Sport+ awesome on the motorway and fast sweeping A & B roads. Heated Steering Wheel. A god send on weekends after watching from the side lines at my sons Sunday League football. Panoramic Roof. Brightens the dark Sport cabin on a gloomy day. Soft Close Doors. My first car with this option and they're bloody fantastic. It's great just gently clicking the door and then letting the solenoids do the rest. Alcantara Headlining. Quality and really gives the cabin a luxury feel over the standard perforated black rubbish. Engine & gearbox. Motor is a peach, refined & quiet which works effortlessly with the ZF 8 Speed Sports Box. C.
  2. cableguy

    2020 BMW M340xi

    A lot of money for a car that looks the same as most company 320d repmobiles IMO. I've owned a good few 3 & 5 Series cars over the last couple of decades and the difference in quality and refinement between the two models has always been very noticeable, hence the 5 Series daily. The newer range of F & G Series cars need to be well specified to make them feel special, base models feel cheap and like every other run of the mill manufacturer and without a six cylinder are definitely not the BMW's of yesteryear. C.
  3. Mentions "No rust" in the advert. They clearly missed the bubbling on the leading edge of the sill shown in pic 8! C.
  4. cableguy

    Just saying hi

    Welcome to the Space Grey F11 M Sport club... Year, mileage, engine & options...? C.
  5. cableguy

    Leather seat repair

    A coloured leather cream or touch up pen would sort that right out. £130 is laughable... Example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Leather-Touch-Up-Scratch-Repair-Pen-All-Colours-Custom-Paint-Dye-1-30/261166214604?var=560182312140&hash=item3cceb82dcc:g:9iYAAMXQR-dREnSO C.
  6. Facelift e38 in Imola will always be a winner, however grey interior will deter many and i'm always wary of owners who fit cheopo tyres! C.
  7. cableguy

    Brake Sizes

    Why big brakes... are you thinking of tracking the car? The standard brakes if in good working order are plenty good enough for these cars. I've recently had new calipers and a fluid change on my 535i Sport and the brakes are pretty impressive. C.
  8. cableguy

    New bloke - still looking

    Just goes to show that pics can be very deceiving... A shame as it's a decent spec and colour. As with myself just recently, be patient and the right car will come along. C.
  9. cableguy

    Big Bmw fan unexpectedly gets back in a 5

    I thought they looked a tad larger than the 18's I thought they were! Liking them a lot. C.
  10. cableguy

    Big Bmw fan unexpectedly gets back in a 5

    Welcome from a fellow Space Grey F11 owner. Great looking motor and in particular the Style 328's. C.
  11. Finished at £7k. Fair price if it's a good solid car. C.
  12. cableguy

    2 days in and enjoying it!

    Interested in your thoughts on the above as i'd have thought the G31 2.0 4 Pot in the 530 was no match for the F11 3.0 6 Pot...? Edit: Just noticed that the 530d is a 6 Pot, unlike the petrol 530 which is a 4 Pot! I recently test drove a couple of petrol G31 540's which were very good purely down to the refined and strong 6 Pot motor. C.
  13. There isn't one decent pic of the full car either and the seller has made little attempt in writing an advert, however it still seems to be garnering interest... C.
  14. I recently bought an f11 535i M Sport with no VDC or Adaptive Drive and was disappointed with the harsh ride. Long story but the car went back to the BMW Main Dealer for other reasons and i'm now in another f11 535i M Sport only with the VDC Option. My opinion, go VDC or Adaptive Drive. VDC in Comfort + is sublime... Night & Day compared with standard M Sport suspension. Edit: Car is on 19" Style 351's for reference. C.
  15. Seconded. Still have my 535i/5 Sport which I ran alongside a 540i/6, V8 sound aside I personally prefer the earlier big 6. Great colour combo that eBay example. Watching with interest to see where it ends. C.
  16. cableguy

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    This is a great link/tool for calculating tyre sizes: https://www.tyresave.co.uk/tyre-size-calculator/ Work on 2% difference, 2.5% max either way. C.
  17. cableguy

    New bloke - still looking

    Ouch! Link to car to save others wasting their time...? C.
  18. cableguy

    Alloy wheel refurb

    The Wheel Specialist price of £199.00 includes tyres removed, refit, new valves and balancing. C.
  19. cableguy

    Alloy wheel refurb

    The Wheel Specialist franchise have a December Special of any size upto 20" for £199.00/set. I'm dropping three sets off with them on Monday as they're one of the best single piece rim refurbishers around IMO and the price is a bargain... C.
  20. cableguy

    Wanted single Alpina Classic wheel

    That may take a while to find as 9.5j's are the most sought after of the 17" Classics. I only have spare 8.5j's. C.
  21. Billy bargain and manual box too... get it bought Piper. C.
  22. cableguy

    Its been a while / valuation help please

    £16k to £22k for exceptional examples...? Christ they must be museum pieces! The 540i/6 is a good car but it's no M5 IMO, and a good M5 would struggle at that money. Good luck with your search and maybe have a look and drive of a mint 535i/5 Sport or M5 if purse allows. C.
  23. cableguy

    Improving 535i Performance

    For a small cost in comparison to head work, manifolds etc., try the chip and see how you get on... C.
  24. cableguy

    Its been a while / valuation please

    Raj, pop the same post in the e34 section as you'll have a better chance of reply and knowledge. C.
  25. cableguy

    Improving 535i Performance

    Have a search around as there seems to be plenty of info on the chip. Hopefully Sir ARP can offer more info if his old man wrote the mapping. Take huge power gains from a chip with a pinch of salt, however a few horses or small gain can sometimes make all the difference. Your car seems set up to cruise, whereas my 535i Sport Manual is doing 2500-2600 at 70mph so the diff as mentioned above could be another way of helping. C.