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  1. cableguy

    F11 530d M-Sport Touring. 3 Yr BMW Warranty, FBMWSH

    Cool. Sophisto is such a good colour... GLWS. C.
  2. cableguy

    F11 530d M-Sport Touring. 3 Yr BMW Warranty, FBMWSH

    Mileage??? C.
  3. cableguy

    Factory short shift gearlever £25

    I'll take it please. Please PM payment details. C.
  4. cableguy

    E39 M5

    Just the usual Hexagon trick in trying to push market prices up. They did the same with the Z8 and actually succeeded. Nice low miles late car which will no doubt find a buyer, eventually... C.
  5. cableguy

    New car purchased today!!!

    The car has only done 32k miles so unless there is evidence of any leak then i'd leave alone. Gearbox would probably benefit from a service at 100k miles or ten years old, whichever comes first. C.
  6. cableguy

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    A static plate is what you need. I have one on one of my other cars and was wary of it coming off at motorway speeds, however it's surpassed that speed and more. Recommended. Show Plate | Static Plates Awesome work as usual ttrw2. C.
  7. cableguy

    New car purchased today!!!

    Same here albeit in 535i Petrol. A couple of miles or so and the gearbox is back to its almost seamless shifts. C.
  8. cableguy

    Just a feeler: F11 535i sport touring - ideally manual!!

    I genuinely think you're going to pay a premium for a 535i Touring in petrol guise, they're few and far between so there will only ever be a handful to compare and view. It's a lottery with spec. I'd list your absolute must have's and anything else will be a bonus. Search for a Diesel and and you can pretty much choose your colour, spec and engine size. C.
  9. cableguy

    Just a feeler: F11 535i sport touring - ideally manual!!

    Used Bmw 5 Series Estate 3.0 535i M Sport Touring 5dr in Slough, Berkshire | K and A Cars Ltd C.
  10. cableguy

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Top job, liking them. BMW's recent fad with flat faced diamond cut & lacquered wheels really let their cars down IMO. C.
  11. cableguy

    Driving with two key fobs

    Shouldn't be an issue. I drove my car back from the Dealers with two keys in the car, has Comfort Access too. When anyone buys a new or used BMW with two or more keys, they are going to drive home with them in the car! C.
  12. cableguy

    Educate me!

    Rather light on options... however a nice late 535i Petrol is a great car. C.
  13. cableguy

    Educate me!

    Throw in a Leprechaun and we have a deal! C.
  14. cableguy

    Educate me!

    How deep are your pockets... i'll sell you my full on unicorn spec... C.
  15. cableguy

    Educate me!

    Agree it's pricey but it is an F11, much better looking than the G31 IMO. I tried a G31 540i before buying my latest F11 535i and preferred the earlier car in almost all departments. Don't like the comedy tablet dash, seats, 20" Rims and exterior styling on BMW's latest 5. F11 a much better looking car. C.