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  1. cableguy

    Alloy wheel refurb

    The Wheel Specialist price of £199.00 includes tyres removed, refit, new valves and balancing. C.
  2. cableguy

    Alloy wheel refurb

    The Wheel Specialist franchise have a December Special of any size upto 20" for £199.00/set. I'm dropping three sets off with them on Monday as they're one of the best single piece rim refurbishers around IMO and the price is a bargain... C.
  3. cableguy

    Wanted single Alpina Classic wheel

    That may take a while to find as 9.5j's are the most sought after of the 17" Classics. I only have spare 8.5j's. C.
  4. Billy bargain and manual box too... get it bought Piper. C.
  5. cableguy

    Its been a while / valuation help please

    £16k to £22k for exceptional examples...? Christ they must be museum pieces! The 540i/6 is a good car but it's no M5 IMO, and a good M5 would struggle at that money. Good luck with your search and maybe have a look and drive of a mint 535i/5 Sport or M5 if purse allows. C.
  6. cableguy

    Improving 535i Performance

    For a small cost in comparison to head work, manifolds etc., try the chip and see how you get on... C.
  7. cableguy

    Its been a while / valuation please

    Raj, pop the same post in the e34 section as you'll have a better chance of reply and knowledge. C.
  8. cableguy

    Improving 535i Performance

    Have a search around as there seems to be plenty of info on the chip. Hopefully Sir ARP can offer more info if his old man wrote the mapping. Take huge power gains from a chip with a pinch of salt, however a few horses or small gain can sometimes make all the difference. Your car seems set up to cruise, whereas my 535i Sport Manual is doing 2500-2600 at 70mph so the diff as mentioned above could be another way of helping. C.
  9. cableguy

    Improving 535i Performance

    Where in North Yorks are you KitsonRis…? I'm surprised at your comment re lacking power up hills etc. as my 535i Sport which I believe is standard and not lacking on the power front has no issues with pace. I'm also in N. Yorks FYI. If interested I have a rare Jim Conforti/Turner Motorsports Chip for the e34 535i 5 Speed Manual car. It could be just the small power boost you're looking for. I never got round to fitting it and i'm considering selling my car soon as I have an ever increasing fleet and another e34 coming out of retirement. C.
  10. cableguy

    Nice looking 530i Sport saloon.

    Much nicer car than that Velvet Blue overpriced rust bucket on Retro Rides. C.
  11. £2k car with £2k+ of bodywork required. Factor in the ongoing mileage and it will never be an investment, just a good looking Sport in a rare colour. C.
  12. cableguy

    My 540i/6 Oxfordgrun

    Nice... Seats look great. You not fancy going the whole hog with charcoal/black interior...? C.
  13. cableguy

    Hey, im New this is my E34 bought back to life

    Cheers ahus48. Maldives is a great colour on the e34. C.
  14. cableguy

    My 540i/6 Oxfordgrun

    Looks great. Any interior shots...? C.
  15. cableguy

    Hey, im New this is my E34 bought back to life

    Pics not showing? C.