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  1. cableguy

    Changed my wheels to these opinons

    Not feeling the fake splits but each to their own. Seats and spoiler delete look good. C.
  2. No such thing as an e34 540i Sport in the UK or Europe, it was only offered to the American market. UK Sport models came in 525i & 535i only. C.
  3. cableguy

    A Trip Up North

    This ^^^^. I go at least a couple of times a year in different cars. Some great driving roads, walking, towns and sights. C.
  4. cableguy

    Bangers and Cash TV Prog

    Just down the road from me, it's a great site, Museum & Auction, plus the roads are sublime for stretching a cars legs. There's a classic car show on at the end of this month which is also worth a visit. C.
  5. cableguy

    SuperDave RIP

    Sad news. Sincere condolences to family and friends. C.
  6. cableguy

    E39 530i AEGAN

    Got to agree with Paddy. Ditch the AC Mirrors, Yellow Fogs, Dodgy Plates, Black Grilles, Gold Calipers and non OEM finish 37's and you'd have a nice car. C.
  7. cableguy

    Nice, if You Like lots of Red!

    Clearly not a "less is more" type of owner...! C.
  8. cableguy

    E34 M5

    Definitely the one to have IMO, 3.8 5 speed. Avus looks sweet too. C.
  9. cableguy

    Jeezzz, Look at The Size of These Kidneys!

    WOW...! For me BMW have lost their way over the last few years. Too many variations of far too many models and after driving a good few, boring. That grille is just hideous and clearly shows the way forward for BMW. Long live the classic BMW. C.
  10. That's about the going rate. Also interested to hear what the OP sold for after the six months advertised? C.
  11. cableguy

    Lovely Looking 735 (E23?) 1985/86

    A rare sight these days and looks in fine fettle... I see a grey one in my area when the sun is out and they're a great looking barge. C.
  12. cableguy

    VW Arteon 4Motion R Line 280

    I like these but silver wheels would be a must. C.
  13. cableguy

    E34 540/6 Orient blue (Ireland)

    Seller is deluded with his speel and starting price…! However trying to be an optimist, the arm rests look in good order. C.
  14. cableguy

    E34 b10

    If anyone is after a genuine B10 3.5 then a good friend of mine has a good car that isn't getting the use it should. Royal Blue with Cloth interior. C.
  15. cableguy

    E34 b10

    If it looks dodgy and reads/sounds dodgy, it's usually dodgy! Engine pic would help as IIRC didn't genuine B10's have a Black Engine/Cam Cover? C.