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    Rear F11 suspension lower that expected.

    Here is a better phot of the car. Not so worried about showing the reg number as i now have a cherished plate.
  2. Hi I have noticed in the last few months that the rear offside suspension rests very low when the car is left for a long time. It doesnt always do it, but i notice it is always in the same place, like a car parking space at work or the end of my drive when it may not be completely flat. The suspension does always pump up again but i do have to wait for this to happen before i drive away and this could be upto 40 seconds. Am i been paranoid? It never goes this low on the near side. Thanks John

    F11 Warped rear Brake discs / painted calipers

    Interesting. The wheels have been refurbished but to memory, I don't think there was paint on the matting face. Are we suggesting that the alloy wheel is used as a heat sink for the brakes? I must admit that it was not something i have ever considered. I did ask the service guy in the dealer about big blue calipers that surrounded me on most of the cars in the show room. He said that when they want calipers painted, they send them away for a special powder coat. Talking of the showroom, i know its off on a tangent but what do you think of the Green on a 440i ?

    F11 Warped rear Brake discs / painted calipers

    Hi, i have painted the calipers gold; they do look good against the mid grey of the wheels, however has it opened a can of worms? There is a possibility i got white spirit on the discs but i was concioius of any rubber seals. I have used brake cleaner on the discs incase there was any residue left. I did not remove the calipers when i painted them. only painted what was visable. I think i will have to remove a wheel and inspect myself at the weekend as i am not convinced that the dealer removed a wheel.
  5. Hi Bit of a head scratcher this one. I had the MOT this week which it passed but I did ask them to check the brakes as i was experiencing shuddering under breaking. The shuddering comes through the pedal more than the steering wheel. The discs and pads on the front have only seem 2000 miles, all fitted by the same local BMW dealer. Rear Discs and pads still have a bit of meat on them and the BM dealer is happy with the amount of pad/disc left. Here is the head sratching bit. They checked the car and wrote me a report. They believe the rear discs to be warped due to the fact i have painted the calipers, thus not letting heat out of the caliper and contributing to the rear discs warping. Back in August I did paint all four brake calipers with gold smooth hamerite. The shuddring i must admit did start soon after. Rectification advice is to remove all the paint off the calipers and replace the rear discs. I just find it a bit difficult to get my head around what they suspect has happened. I must say however that the main BMW dealer only charged me for the MOT and not for the two technician who spent time driving the car and writing a report with corrective action. Thanks John

    Android 7.1 10.25" screen

    Hi good video. It does seem a bit antiquated to use the AUX jack socket i must admit.. My Head Unit is very basic. It is not the large CIC unit, no DVD or Sat Nav. Also one thing i have noticed is that the sound quality from the IGO online sat Nav is really poor through the AUX Jack. When playing a video however through the sound quality through the AUX is excellent. So at the moment , it does not add up. Somemore time is required to be spent on it. John

    Android 7.1 10.25" screen

    Hi. You are both correct that the Aux port does the trick. I had aurika moment on the way home from work and plugged the cable in. I was working on the phylosophy that the Aux out cable from the screen was for head phones. I was expecting the sound to find its way to the head unit through the numerous other connector wires. The quality of sound when playing a film is great. The unit has a demo film trailer which you can play through the video. The car is filled with surround sound quality. Two extra USB connectors are provided. I have these fed through to the glove box. I am also impressed with the satnav as my H U did not have one. You have a choice of navigation apps you can use with a free 2018 download of the UK and a number of European countries. The screen quality is also excellent. All in all I paid £360. I have been able to fit a rear view camera as the screen has a pre wired camera in plug. The camera automatically comes on when you engage reverse. You also have the ability to view the rear camera at any point in time. I imagine I can keep an eye on the hitch while towing the caravan. All i have to do now is find a descrete way of hiding the Aux cable into the central console. I will add pictures in a few days. John

    Android 7.1 10.25" screen

    Hi I have just fitted a 10.25" Android 7.1 screen in my F11. The model is designed for an F10/F11 2010 - early 2012. looks great and the Sat Nav is also excellent. Like most things from China, there are no instructions. Only problem is that I am unable to get sound from the androids video and music, except through a set of headphones which bypassed the Head Unit. Don't think that the sound is speaking to the head unit and then on to the car speakers. The cars original Music and CD's are playing through the head unit setup fine. The Android unit is apparently Plug and Play. Does anyone have experience of such devices? I have a standard Head Unit with Bluetooth option and DAB radio. I am not even sure if they class this as a CIC. Radio Professional (F-Series) Thanks john

    Carbon front spoiler - anyone got one?

    Hi I have not used the carbon fibre one but because i have a Black F11, i have put on a black ABS version. £129.00 from Germany.


    Thanks Andrew


    HI Can anyone point me in the right direction please, to download a safe copy of ISTA. I need to cancel some error codes down; in this case drivers airbag. Thanks John

    Air bag warning light

    Emm, That doesn't make me feel too good. Won't be posting a picture on what did you do to your F10/F11 today?

    Air bag warning light

    After a bit of reading, i think i may download a copy of INPA or similar tool and cancel the error code; new ground for me. The wheel is an M sport for F10/ F11 with Alcantara trim. I got it off e-bay from Lithuania. Starting to get paranoid now after reading a thread the other day about an increase of part going missing from vehicles across the UK.

    Air bag warning light

    Hi. I have replaced the steering wheel on my F11. In the process the airbag warning symbol is now on and needs clearing. I am working on the assumption that the new bag is not at fault. When i reconnected the old bag, the warning light was still on. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction. excuse the pun. John

    F11 Tyre pressures with 275/35/19 at the rear

    Sounds like a good reference point. Thanks