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  1. I did see that when I searched - but I need pictures
  2. Are there any idiots guides out there? I'm a real newbie with mechanics, but want to save on the hundreds I'll no doubt get charged. Already got the thermostat here (done the EGR one a few months back)
  3. Morning Guys I would like to find myself a decent Indy around the area I'm now living (currently x3 BMW's in the household so probably advisable! ) Can anyone recommend some for me? Here is a handy map to give you an idea of the area I'm looking in Nearer to the centre the better Thanks everyone
  4. Anyone?? Is it possible to fit a 2nd hand unit or am I looking at brand new from BMW Anyone had any success with these companies that advertise that they can repair them?
  5. Ok looks like my Gauge Cluster may have died completely Whats my best route on this? Should I look to get mine repaired? Or could I buy one of the 2nd hand units you see on Ebay etc? i assume they all fit and can simply be coded in? Any guidance or help would be really appreciated. This problem couldn't have come at a worse time and I'd really like to have a solution in mind so we can at least get some peace of mind on from this.
  6. Found the fuse, it looks fine. Changed it anyway and still no cluster Is there anything else to check?
  7. 2006 E61 535d. The gauge cluster has died completely. Speedo, revs, back lighting, fuel gauge etc Basically everything in that cluster. Tried restarting, unlocking, locking. Would have tried the Cluster test but you cannot see what menu you are going into as the displayisnt working. Is there a fuse that controls the lot?
  8. LOL, turns out the indicators and lights are working, they're just not showing they are on the cluster.
  9. she switched the car on and off, not sure if she's got out and locked it and back in? No doubt I'll hear back on that one soon though
  10. Mmm, update. She says the headlights and the indicators arent working either!!!
  11. Just had a call from the girlfriend, she says none of the gauges are working??? Speedo just says zero, fuel tank says empty. Sat Nav screen is apparently ok. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. Just ordered both thermostats for delivery from Kevin at Cotswold BMW. Very helpful and friendly, will definitely be calling them when I next need some bits
  13. good point, should have said. Not great mpg. When we first bought the car 5 months ago we'd see around 35 on a run, but now its around 32.
  14. Hey Guys Pretty sure one or both of my thermostats are fubarrred. I accessed the hidden menu and this is what I saw on a 80miles journey just on dual carriageways (apart from the initial 3 miles 30mph to the A1) It took the car about 40miles just to get upto about 70 degrees. At that point it very gradually made its way towards 80 and right near the end of my journey settled at around 83. If I put my foot down the temp dropped rapidly, less rapidly made its way back up afterwards. If I stuck it in Sport (same speed increasing the revs) the temp dropped a few degrees. At my destination I left the car on tickover for a good 30mins, the temp had increased to about 91. Pretty sure its a thermostat problem, but based on these symptoms is it the main one or the EGR? And where is the best place to buy them? Apart from a BMW stealer BMW Parts Online anygood? thanks