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  1. The Situation

    DVD use

    DVD’s are supposed to play whenever you are stationary and the video feed will stop playing once you moving and will come back on again when you stopped, with the audio continuing throughout as that is how it is on mine and many vehicles. I actually coded mine myself for the video to continue playing while driving. While it is illegal to play while the driver is on their own in the car but for passengers it’s fine, did this for long journeys with the kids.
  2. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    When I firstly connected the clips to the battery before switching the electricity on, the charger was showing my battery was 100% and so I thought did I just get sent a faulty charger!!! But when switched the mains on was showing at 40% and charging. Was surprised it took only around 7 hours to get to fully charged. Defo was a good shout at the price and will look to charge once every 6 months or so.
  3. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Well at least it got me off my backside to order a charger and get my battery back up to 100%!!!
  4. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Sorry Gentlemen My knowledge of the technical are clearly not that great. I did mean the angel eyes and rears lights coming on. I'm fully aware that many may say I was imagining this and that these lights only come on when the switch in on auto or 'on' and I even went into Bimmercode to look for the option but couldn't find it which left me bemused. But I know I always left on '0' and they would come one until a few months back when they stopped.
  5. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Mine works fine on auto however I actually always left mine on ‘0’ and welcome lights always came on and so that why I realised when they stopped working.
  6. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Thanks for that. Not bad - nice to know as mine falls into that category, although I can imagine them fighting the need for a full software update to be done.
  7. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    My warranty expired last week, did serve me well for the one year I had it coming with the purchase of the car. I actually emailed BMW to see if due to COVID and not being able to bring car down for a ‘warranty’ issue if they will extend it. Their response was it’s something BMW are looking into as the situation is no unprecedented. I tried to see if I could code back using BimmerCode but couldn’t find the setting. Just out of curiosity - how much would a software update roughly cost these days for the F10?
  8. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Well mine from 40% to get to 100% more or less took the same amount of hours which surprised me as I checked on it after approx. 2.5 hours and still was showing at 40% so not a bad piece of kit at all for £30. However it didn’t sort out the minor issue that made me buy the charger in the first place. A number of months ago I noticed then the welcome lights did not come on when the it was switched to the ‘0’ position, a member her commented that it’s probably down to the battery getting weaker and so shutting down non-essential functions to save on it. I know it’s not a major issue as when switched to ‘Auto’ still works but I’m the type of person that bothers me when small things that worked... don’t anymore.
  9. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Never in my ownership of cars (not many btw) have I ever thought of charging battery like this so no experience. Even better if can lock and will try to do the way you said. Thanks
  10. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Waiting for charger to arrive Saturday and arranged mates front drive over the weekend as I’m going to have to do it over two days as won’t be able to leave overnight. Cheers
  11. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    @Y15HAL @marko530d or anyone else if can advise, while charging under the bonnet which would mean leaving it open/slightly ajar, would I be able to lock my car without any issues to charging or alarm going off?
  12. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Well both your recent comments just got me to cross the finishing line - ordered, the price has gone up again this time to £30. Thanks
  13. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    This is why I been holding back from buying one as I don’t have anywhere to leave charging overnight as thought charging at different periods may not be good for the battery. But will order from Amazon today seeming as been used positively by @marko530d
  14. The Situation

    Battery top-up

    Would be interested in how long it took to charge fully and if any good and cheaper than the C-Tek everyone buys.
  15. The Situation

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Looking to buy one but stuck at the moment with nowhere to safely plugged in and left. How long did it take for it to reach up to stage 7?