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  1. Have you tried another bulb? Also the headlight wiring insulation becomes brittle with age. You may have an intermittent fault/short due to this, which may not be immediately visible until you take a close look.
  2. webweaver

    E60 523i pcv valve help

    https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/BMW-E60/102-ENGINE-6_Cylinder_Crankcase_Breather_Valve_Replacement/102-ENGINE-6_Cylinder_Crankcase_Breather_Valve_Replacement.htm# This should give you an idea of what’s what
  3. webweaver

    Can’t set date

    Seems to have rectified itself
  4. webweaver

    Can’t set date

    I have had my battery disconnected to do some work. When reconnected I am able to reset time, but not date. Anyone come across this before? It even shows set date and time message in check control. Thanks
  5. webweaver

    iDrive screen not working

    All the iDrive connections are behind This panel and behind the unit itself. If he has disturbed this then he may have dislodged something
  6. webweaver

    So how common is the swirl flaps issue?

    My 530d did over 100,000 miles. Swirl flaps never removed. Never had a problem
  7. webweaver

    Missing the torch port in glove box?

    No it’s on the right side (assuming RH Drive) next to the hinge
  8. webweaver

    Missing the torch port in glove box?

    I have both. It is difficult to see without a torch.
  9. webweaver

    Help! Will this CCC unit fit my 2004 545i?

    Sorted. Please feel free to remove
  10. I have done searches and googled until my head is spinning. My iDrive has given up the ghost. Will this fit my car? As per title it is a2004 545i obviously pre LCI. E Bay item 233330905756 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233330905756
  11. webweaver

    BMW 2004 545i E60 Saloon Auto

    Have you gone into settings on iDrive to see if set up correctly?
  12. webweaver

    Help please - Angel Eye Bulbs

    Looking good
  13. webweaver

    Help please - Angel Eye Bulbs

    Yes looks like it. I changed mine for some 12 LED bulbs, but as previously said, they are really a colour change, not as bright enough to be considered as daytime running lights, although the ones I have are better than others I’ve seen
  14. webweaver

    Help please - Angel Eye Bulbs

    If, as I suspect, you have a pre LCI car with halogen headlights, you will have one angel ring bulb per headlight (4 in total) they are in the bulb holder which has, I think a brown wire and a green wire connected to it. They look like this. Is that correct?
  15. webweaver

    Bmw e60 2005 525i Angel eye problem

    I know this may be stating the obvious, but you are aware there are 4 bulbs in total, one for each dip beam and one for each main beam? I don’t mean to sound patronising, but there are several variations according to which headlights you have and it causes a lot of confusion