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  1. Bill_B

    Heater matrix failiure, how to repair/bodge

    Well it appears to be 'item 1' the aux pump that has shit its biscuits! Pulled 'pipe 3' off it and fed it straight into the diverter valve and all seems fine
  2. Bill_B

    Heater matrix failiure, how to repair/bodge

    I thought 21 and 22 were the left and right feed (or return) from the left and right heater matrixs, 23 was the common for the matrix, so I would need to take 23 to the feed to the diverter valve which would be 16 or 3 depending on if you run the aux pump (1).
  3. Bill_B

    Heater matrix failiure, how to repair/bodge

    So looking at this: Am I looking to clamp pipes 21 and 22? Or can I find the pipes to and from the block and take the whole diverter valve and heater matrix out of the water loop? would that be connecting pipes 3 and 23?
  4. I'm losing coolant out of my E34 touring (V8 manual), and it appears to be pissing out of the underside around the back of the bay on the passenger side. I'm assuming this is the heater matrix fubard. So what is the easiest way to loop out the heater matrix? I'm warm enough at the moment and just want to keep the old dog running for another fortnight. Where do I find the in and out pipes from the block? Thanks
  5. Bill_B

    To break or not, fun but leggy 530ti

    The V8 and manual box are the bits I'd hang onto though, the engine was refreshed 40k ago new timing chains, tensioners and pumps etc. The interior is black and showing signs of wear but not 280ks work IMHO. The chassis is showing signs of age, I have no worries about transplanting the guts of it into a newer shell, I just don't really need something as big as a 5 series, I manage to get pushchairs and shopping into the integra (alarmingly practical car tbh) and the mrs prefers driving smaller cars. I also have an E30 340i itch I'd quite like to scratch, the research I've done suggests this running gear to be about perfect, the engine fits the box requires no tunnel mods and my only issue is fitting the large case diff. I think it may be a case of a 'breaking thread' in a month or so once I've finished moving house (its a very practical car for that mind )
  6. Bill_B

    To break or not, fun but leggy 530ti

    Yep the silver one. For day to day my honda integra is just as quick (actually quite a bit quicker, but you do have to really wring its neck) and returns about 37mpg on my commute, so quite a bit cheaper to run. the touring isn't really quick enough to be really fun and not economical enough to be day to day practical. I feel the best way to make a fun car out of it would be to transplant its heart into an E30 and for that I have all the right bits. If i could get £5-600 for the car less the engine, box and diff (good set of konis and springs must be worth something) then I'm most of the way there to a decent E30 shell (only want a base spec 3 door), and that could build something very fun. Its not a rotten shell really It just has a couple of bad bits and the rear end of the sills and subframe pick ups is one of those areas. the rest would probably blast and underseal fine, but it would be a lot of work and paint to get it really smart and honestly its not a car I'm in love with.
  7. Trying to decide what to do with my E34 touring, Its not really suitable for me as its too thirsty for commuting (22mpg 24k a year ) and its going to need more welding work for the next MOT. Basically I have: E34 530i touring, with about 280k miles on it 4.0l bottom end, 5speed manual box, 535sport rear diff re-ramped to lock 75%. K&N and supersprint exhaust. this is a very fun combination of bits Eibach springs and koni shocks The shell is rotting out at the rear of the sills, I welded one up last year the other will need doing next, and the whole thing creaks and groans a bit and the underside looks pretty crusty. Every panel has a little ding/scrape, it looks good from 20 paces at night The interior is comfort leather, everything works apart from the usual electrical light warning due to lamp adjusters and offside rear does cl doesn;t work. The lights and wiper linkage is good (new about 40k ago), it has alutec 18" ACS copies (could do with a refurb but not terrible). Do I sell as a whole of break? I'm tempted to keep the running gear as it is all the right bits to do an E30 v8 conversion which would be VERY fun. but what would it be worth as a whole and in bits less the running gear? Thoughts please!
  8. see post 2... Seems my gauge is not that accurate and the OBD claims I have 31 miles left! first time I've run out of petrol in 15yrs driving and I feel like a right twat!
  9. I have an E34 V8 touring originally 3l manual but now a 4l with 3l heads. I went to it this evening and it would start fine but then very quickly run rough and struggle then die. I found that by pumping the throttle to about 30% 3-4 times a sec by hand I could keep it running (this suggest to me the accel enrich is giving enough fuel to keep it running without load, otherwise it starves) any steady throttle state especially applying and holding throttle caused it to stall. I pulled a couple of plugs they looked a nice digestive colour and an cranking gave a good spark. So I'm thinking its a fuel delivery issue, blocked filter (unlikely as it has been running fine up until this evening) or failing pump that is managing to build some pressure but not the 3.5bar the injectors are looking for. any ideas? its sat in the works carpark and I could do to get it running asap, I'm thinking new fuel filters and maybe drop a new in tank pump in. Any advice or guides would be gratefully received
  10. Bill_B

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    might have to give it a proper clean and take some decent pics if we get a nice weekend.
  11. Bill_B

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    Alutec 18" schnitzer reps (now with genuine ACS center caps!!). I'll run it until I can't be bothered welding up the shell anymore, the shell is pretty tatty, its definitely a 20' car or best viewed in the rain, every panel has a ding or scrape to it and there is not much original metal in the back of the chassis rails! Its a good drive though and excellent comfy cruiser if you can afford to feed it (did about 475 miles the other weekend and its so effortless)!
  12. Bill_B

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    Yep, Jake (US Military helecopter tech) did all the work then sold it to my mate John who sold it on to me. Engine is good and solid, box a bit noisey (277k on it) and the shell is rotting away from the back of the sills. Might look at dropping it in an E30 shell in a year or too, I'm selling my integra shortly so I'll be wanting something pokey again in a year or so
  13. Bill_B

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    This is it: I think most of the racing dynamics stuff and big brakes had gone before I got it, what do the RD anti-roll bars look like (for next time I'm under there trying to weld it all back together)? That rear diff really does make the car though performance wise, I've always been a fan of low gearing for performance, my mate had a honda civic type R with the spoon gear set, topped out at 110mph it 5th at 8600rpm!
  14. Bill_B

    Bill_B's E34 Touring

    Pics of the big old shagon wagon
  15. Bill_B

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    Interesting thread... I have the 530i touring with 4l bottom end. It has the 3.0l 5 speed manual box and from memory a 3.43 radio rear diff (re-ramped to give 75% lock). The engine makes 281bhp on our local rollers (dyno dynamics) and its pretty pokey (I'd like one of these 340bhp remaps though ) It is a bit revvy on the motorway you do sit at about 3.5k and you will struggle to get much more than 20mpg, it doesn't feel like your hammering it though due to the smooth nature of the engine. I must say after trying an E39 540i saloon with std gearing they do feel a bit lethargic in comparison. I've not tried it up against an E34 M5 but an E39 one decided to overtake me coming off a corner and he had needed to get to what would be a very naughty speed on the queens highway before he got past me, I'm told it is a very even match with the E34 M5 up to 130mph or so.