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  1. marquisofraspberry

    Anyone know this car?

    It is quite well equipped, comfort seats and HUD both items on my wish list.
  2. marquisofraspberry

    Anyone know this car?

    As the title suggests, does anyone know YG62KHX 535d saloon. It's coming up for sale and wondered if the previous keeper was someone here?
  3. marquisofraspberry

    F07 buying advice

    Having had the comfort seats in both an F07 and F11, I would not consider anything unless it had them.
  4. marquisofraspberry

    Business edition and Blue Efficiency

    Brightwells auctions in Leominster
  5. marquisofraspberry

    530d GT - any owners here?

    Well it really is going to be how you as an individual drive, but as a guide when I had mine it returned 38.1 mpg over 28000 miles. Check out the figures on www.fuelly.com
  6. marquisofraspberry

    Realistic F10 long term ownership costs?

    For you maybe, but then you are doing over 100% more miles than the OP.
  7. marquisofraspberry

    Realistic F10 long term ownership costs?

    Why on earth do you bother having a car when you only cover 48 miles a week? It must be cheaper to take taxis than have a PCP for a very expensive car. I'd go for the full BMW warranty if I were you as it appears money is no object for you.
  8. marquisofraspberry

    What to look out for

    All, I'm on the lookout for a E60/61 in either diesel or petrol, prefer the 3.0 litre option. Apart from the obvious, are there any niggles or issues I should look out for when buying, is there anything worth viewing in the hidden menus? Does PRO nav always have bluetooth connectivity? Thanks in advance. John.
  9. marquisofraspberry

    Local detailers.

    Many thanks
  10. marquisofraspberry

    Local detailers.

  11. marquisofraspberry

    Local detailers.

    Dear All, I have searched the forum with no luck to find a detailer near me in Worcestershire. Can anyone recommend someone near ish to Worcester or Hereford. Thanks in advance.
  12. marquisofraspberry

    Memory Seats

    I just surprised you have parted with a large sum of money without driving/checking the car?
  13. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Yes, it's Detail My Car or DMC Newbury. They're obviously doing well for themselves as they have moved to bigger premises, They used to be near the race course which was handy for losing money, they are now on the old Greenham common site. Just google dmc newbury.
  14. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Probably the wrong section but talking of detailing, I used to use a guy in Newbury but have since moved. Can anyone recommend someone near Tenbury Wells. Worcestershire/Shropshire/Herefordshire borders?
  15. marquisofraspberry

    Fuel system cleaner

    Yup, clean oil.