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  1. Miami

    e34 525ix zf5hp18 speed sensor

    i guess both. the car is abroad and has the trans program error. i want to get as many parts as i can take when i go there. parts are very hard to find where the car is
  2. Miami

    e34 525ix zf5hp18 speed sensor

    need a speed sensor for the auto gearbox in an e34 525ix. getting transprogram error
  3. Miami

    TDS steering adjustment

    maybe but the steering is just as heavy as before the adjustment.. just hardly any play now. would the power steering pump be responsible for how heavy the steering is? i have a 525i as well same year and the steering is alot lighter... surely somethings not right with my tds? yea i wish the tds had a rack like the ix, so nice to steer...
  4. Miami

    TDS steering adjustment

    recently got an almost full suspension refresh on my tds (basicallly everything apart from shocks ans springs changed). my wheel had alot of play which my mechanic adjusted with a bolt on the steering box. however the steering has always been very heavy.. is there a way to.make the steering light? i have a 525ix which i can steer with my little finger but my tds needs arm wrestling in comparison. what are my options?
  5. Miami

    525tds AC swap to 525i?

    Basically i got a 525i 1995 today. Everything about it is great however it does not have aircon or air recirculation. However my 525tds (now a donor car) has ac and air recirc. Is a retrofit from the tds to the i possible? Has anyone ever done it? I hope the m50 is not too different from the m51. Any one have any ideas?
  6. Any one know the metric thread size of the guide pins for the front calipers on a 540i? One of the guide pins is stripped on my caliper carrier and am considering getting a helicoil kit to fix the thread. Any ideas?
  7. Miami

    E34 TDS handbrake light not working

    Ahh is the second gaiter the black plastic shroud on the base of the handle? I will have a look see if I can trigger the light to come on some how. Thanks for the picture!
  8. My tds has the basic dash cluster and for as longas I can remember the handbrake light has never worked. do these clusers have a handbrake light? And if so, how can I get it working again? I removed the handbrake gaiter but couldnt see anything that resembles a switch of some kind. Any ideas?
  9. Finally got her back on the road. Fresh service. Found a few faults, the fuel gauge does not go past a quarter even on full tank. Handbrake handle doesn't click. Most importantly though is the acceleration feels really sluggish. The revs go up but the car takes its time to move, not very responsive at all. What could be the problem? I was thinking the TC has gone or maybe the auto box needs a service? Anyone else experienced this?
  10. Miami

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    new tyres all round. changed the discs and pads, new handbrake shoes. changed water pump, thermostat, coolant flush. changed oil and oil filter. all thats left to do now is change fuel filter, cabin filter, and clean k&n air filter.. hopefully ready for mot tomorrow
  11. Miami

    E34 TDS Coolant flush help

    turns out i had an undertray so i couldnt see the drain plug until i removed it. flushed the coolant, replaced water pump and thermostat. not too .hard in the end
  12. Miami

    E34 Rear Caliper Rewind

    haha yes i figured that out after i assembled everything and put the wheels on... also made the mistake of putting loctite on the adjustment screws. got new screws and springs on order so can sort the handbrakes out properly
  13. Miami

    E34 TDS Coolant flush help

    does anyone have any ideas, spent two days now and still cant figure it out. i cannot see anything under the bumper that resembles a drain plug. the car has aircon if that helps
  14. I want to do a complete coolant flush (my coolant is a nice shade of rusty orange) but cannot find the radiator drain plug. I can't find any information about doing this on an M51 either, does the block also have a drain plug on these engines? If so, where is it? The last image is the bottom left of the radiator where everything online says the drain plug should be but no dice. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Miami

    E34 Rear Caliper Rewind

    thanks for all the help everyone. turns out the rear calipers don't need a rewind tool... no idea why. Changing the handbrake shoes was a pain though.. need to readjust them as the car does not hold at 3-4 clicks. Ended up compressing the pistons with a G clamp and the worn out pads. All in all, wasn't too hard. Haven't attempted to bleed them though...