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  1. paz5432

    Sat Nav question

    Hi had my car. 5 year keep say need to update maps. Still haven't done it . Will get a new usb stick
  2. paz5432

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    If your rear carpet are getting it can be your both rear door vapor seal ... To do this remove door panel and reseal with using mastic Hope this helps
  3. paz5432

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I think the water coming in rear thought rear door .. Google f10 rear door vapor barrier I had this same fault cleaned the yellow grommet and then found out it was vapor barrier in the doors have come away ... just need to re sealant back
  4. paz5432

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Check your rear door .
  5. paz5432

    Magic potions?

    I use Forte dpf and advanced formula . On my 530d
  6. paz5432

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Both area of my footwear were wet .. front end all dry . Found on a US forum about door vapour seals behind door panel Resealed so far all good Sorry dont have any photos
  7. paz5432

    Castrol Edge cheap in Tesco

    That is cheap.. but is it low ash oil for DPF
  8. Hi do you have any photos with speakers fitted ...I was looking at changing mine
  9. paz5432

    2018 Maps

    Thanks Guys for all your help will look into this
  10. paz5432

    2018 Maps

    It’s 9/2011 61reg any links on cable and software
  11. paz5432

    2018 Maps

    Ok thanks I’m looking at doing some upgrades so poss wait, dvd in Motion and movie on usb
  12. paz5432

    2018 Maps

    Have you guy done free download or paid for the upgrade
  13. paz5432

    2018 Maps

    OK Thanks it's saying for 24 months. . Will have to check if it will work on my 530 2011
  14. paz5432

    2018 Maps

    Hi All I'm looking to update my maps to 2018 any link were I can get them from Thanks Paz
  15. paz5432

    Drive Train Error Message

    Had this fault on 530 turned out to be two glow plugs and relay
  16. paz5432

    Rear brake pads

    Hi all need to do braked pads change on my f10 530d ... front and rear ... do I get them from BMW or is there any that you all can recommend ??
  17. paz5432


    Any info on this map dvd ... Rusty? ... link
  18. paz5432

    Glove Box Light

    Hi had this same fault on my 525d after software update. . It turned out to be an issue with the lighting control unit Cheers
  19. paz5432

    Extended interior light package - awesome!

    Blood do you have any pic of mirror puddle lights , also I have door interior lights on the front but not on the rear so looking at doing this mod .thanks
  20. paz5432

    Extended interior light package - awesome!

    Any more photo on the lighting pack on the e60 ? I had this on my audi a4 ,miss it on the bmw
  21. paz5432

    MAF Sensor issue?

    Poss glow plugs
  22. paz5432

    MAF Sensor issue?

    Poss glow plugs
  23. paz5432

    530D Misfiring / Hesitating

    What gasket ???? This was done as I had an Auc warranty ,all they said they changed the inlet manifold gasket
  24. paz5432

    530D Misfiring / Hesitating

    I had this fault turned out to be glow plugs and glow plug regulate .yes the inlet manifold does need to come off ,also don't forget to change the inlet manifold gasket
  25. paz5432

    Car jerking forward

    I had this fault on my 525d its needs an gearbox software update