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  1. peter100

    M30B28 rocker cover

    Shaun I have been and sorted a Rocker Cover so if you send me your address I will pop it in the post. I have attached a Pic of my current cars, the red one is a 1983 528i 105,000 miles, and my project 1986 M535i. Regards Peter
  2. peter100

    M30B28 rocker cover

    Shaun I will have a sort in the Garage at the weekend and get one off to you if you let me have your address. Regards Peter
  3. peter100

    M30B28 rocker cover

    Hi Shaun Never been on for a will but I have a couple of spare covers. Regards Peter
  4. peter100

    Front Spoiler

    Yes the clear lenses will change the look , I got these about 10 year ago for £75. What do you think of the Tyne bridge I am sure it was the model for your bridge. Regards Peter
  5. peter100

    Who is that man with the camera ?

    Yes Mark it is a while back, anyway I hope you are well, I am trying to get my project M535i project restarted as I am not getting any younger at 57 now so if I don't make a start soon it will probably end up as a barn find for someone when I am gone. The work situation doesn't help as I have been away for the last seven years and still am, and believe it or not I have only put 980 miles on the clock of my 528i since the Santa Pod meet. I plan to post my progress as and when it happens so watch this space These are some pics of how far I am at, I am thinking of a complete colour change to Marine blue metallic (Audi colour) and Shadowline finish on the chrome.
  6. I know its a while ago but anyone spot their cars here, mine is the red one. Cheers Peter
  7. peter100

    Chrome bumpers

    Thanks lads sounds like a good business to be in at those price`s. Cheers
  8. peter100

    Front Spoiler

    Very nice are you going to paint it to match the car ?.
  9. peter100

    Chrome bumpers

    Anyone on here had their E28 bumpers re-chromed if so how much and what company did them. I have got two sets and looking at painting one set and chroming the others. Regards Peter
  10. peter100

    Front Spoiler

    Sorry Lloydy it is the early front panel/valence I have hanging in the Garage
  11. peter100

    Front Spoiler

    I have fitted one recently and it is a easy task all bolt on, the only thing to get right and level is the bolt fixing to the wings they need to be spot on or it will cock up the level of your spoiler if you are fitting one. The problems sometimes occur when fitting after market panels. When get home this weekend I will try and upload some pictures, and by the way I have a early original hanging up in the garage. Regards Peter
  12. peter100


    Hi sorry I didn't get back earlier I am located in Gateshead and have a 83 528i & a 86 m535i. do you have access to these item. Regards Peter
  13. peter100


    As the title says I am on the look out for a pair of decent front suspension legs, Don't require the discs, shocks or springs just the legs if possible please. Cheers Peter
  14. Never posted on here for a very long time, but now getting my M535i project going again. As the title says looking for one only if anyone has one for sale or knows of one please get in touch. Regards Peter
  15. peter100

    1986 e28 m535i clutch kit

    Cheers I will look that up.