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  1. saturnuranus

    Anyone do laptop repairs?

    Thanks Enda. I'm based in Sutton Coldfield & would be happy to have a look at it. A bluescreen can be indicative of almost any fault with a machine. Often the codes displayed on the bluescreen can assist with the diagnosis so it might be worth posting these up if they're available. I do tend to follow a fairly set path for addressing such issues. Initially I like to run a hardware check on a troublesome machine prior to attempting any repair to rule out the obvious hardware faults with hard disk or RAM. I use a program called PC-Check from Eurosoft for this. A rebuild with an operating system disc as suggested above will certainly solve any software-related problems with the machine as they'll be dead & buried, and with you not needing anything saving prior to wiping it, would be the easiest fix. Unfortunately this can just be a waste of time if the hard drive is on the way, for example, hence the initial test stuff. You're welcome to drop it over any time, either to my home address (B73) in the evenings or to the office during the day. We have a small retail premises in the B75 area of town. Drop me a PM if you want to get something started .
  2. I've been thinking about this today & must admit, I'm not entirely sure about the convoying idea. Sounds great in principle but I imagine we'll end up with two average sized meets instead of the one superb event as in Kent. Oxford is a 2 hour trip from the burger bar & with the best will in the world I can't see too many of the Kent-based attendees fancying it. I'm with 5ermad above; if I have to make a longish journey for a worthwhile get-together then so be it. Even if the convoy idea went ahead I'd probably end up driving to Kent just so I can be part of it
  3. That sounds pleasant. I can appreciate the need to keep it as a London meet, but Oxford would certainly increase the appeal to those of us a little further up the country
  4. Enjoyed meeting everyone today. It was a fair old drive, especially up the M1 on the way home which was horrendous, but totally worth it. By far the most successful "local" meet I've ever attended for any marque. Hats off to Shaz for the organisation
  5. Facelift E39 M5 in titanium silver. You overtook me in the 50mph roadworks around the M5 interchange heading South. I pulled out, flashed and you hazard flashed back. Nice to meet you
  6. saturnuranus

    New member

    That's the one! Been shopping for my 5 for a while and bought the 540 as a practice machine. Suddenly realised that I could afford one so went shopping seriously, looking at I think 8 cars in the process. Amazed me how many were very poor examples tbh, such a shame. Almost made me want to buy them and bring them back up to scratch. In the end it was down to this one and a Le Mans blue car I looked at down in Portsmouth - this one pipped the other on mileage and overall condition. Not looking forward to calling the other guy tomorrow and letting him down Got a bit disheartened on the journey home when the eml light came on after about 5 miles, which then upgraded itself to a "engine failsafe prog" on the obc 20 minutes later, 250 miles from home. Nursed it back and appeared to track it down to a not-quite-plugged-in pre-cat o2 sensor with the help of Inpa. Next day went out to the shops & back, left it a few hours then came back to a flat battery. Charged it back up ready to begin diagnosis which is underway as we speak. So not an amaaazing start to my M5 journey but still lovin' it!
  7. saturnuranus

    New member

    Thanks for the welcome chap! Car situations changed slightly in that I purchased my first M car yesterday, an E39 M5. It's a forum members car although I can't remember his username right now! It looks to be a well cared for example - I'm very pleased with it. Not amazing with pictures so don't have many of the 540. Here's a rubbish phone pic which rather sums up my first 24 hours of M5 ownership, lol.
  8. saturnuranus

    New member

    Wotcha. Thought I'd join up and try to participate a bit more! Bought myself a cheep 540i a few months back as a bit of practice whilst shopping for my M5. Managed to track a potential car to a member on this forum. Hopefully going for peep at the weekend!