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  1. daviek

    Items for sale

    No .... £25 delivered
  2. daviek

    Items for sale

    They do what they say in the tin buddy , deflect wind and rain when window open and no extra noise when windows closed and window operation is not affected at all
  3. daviek

    Items for sale

    Yes would fit E61 , they are Team Heko with a smoked dark finish
  4. daviek

    Items for sale

    No you cant use the idrive to scroll through tracks have to use iphone itself , and yes you need a seperate tuner.
  5. daviek

    Items for sale

    No any tuner can be added as it accepts two a/v sources
  6. daviek

    Items for sale

    No Tristan the iphone needs to be jailbroken to mirror whats on screen to the monitor , and an aux input is needed for sound if your car doesnt already have one
  7. daviek

    Items for sale

    PM Sent
  8. daviek

    Items for sale

    Yes mate it does thats what mines is
  9. daviek

    Items for sale

    Items priced to sell at the moment buddy , will keep you in mind
  10. daviek

    Items for sale

    Pre-Lci M5 rear bumper with PDC holes in Titan Silver - £300 - SOLD Quad exhaust pipes rear section to suit above bumper for 525/530D - £175 (Could do a deal if both bought together) - SOLD Lci look replica rear lights with smoked led indicator lenses ... not as good as genuine but loads better than standard pre-lci lights - £100 - SOLD Mtec V3 angel eye led bulbs that have been converted to fit Lci halogen headlights or will fit pre-lci xenons without the converted part - £40 - SOLD Front kidney bonnet grills - Black - £30 Black M floor matts - £30 - SOLD Pair of electric pre-face 01/07 mirrors complete in Titan Silver - £80 Pair of front door wind deflectors £30 I-drive TV/Multimedia interface £90 - SOLD All above items are in excellent condition and plus postage or collection if preferred , will add pics soon Bumper and Exhaust Rear Lights Grill and Mtec Angel eyes Link to TV/Multimedia interface http://www.xcarlink....7&cat=16&page=1
  11. daviek

    LCI Halogen into pre-LCI - Simple Summary?

    No they dont get excessively hot , i have had mine for 5 month now and all is well. Dont think LHD would work in a RHD car hence why there two different part numbers and the adjusters wouldnt allow you to convert enough to get away with it
  12. daviek

    LCI Halogen into pre-LCI - Simple Summary?

    Yes thats what i did buddy and used these resistors http://www.hids-dire...leds-p-403.html and cut off both ends off them , one end to leave enough for wiring into loom and the other end close to body of resistor and taped up. Never had a warning at all
  13. daviek

    2003-2005 e60's being registered now?

    Something wrong there , Motorpoint are notorious for using old pictures but for an 11 plate pre-face .... who on earth would buy that
  14. daviek

    E60 (2007) iDrive

    No , plenty of people retro-fitted