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  1. Would you believe it, went out to the car this morning to pump it up as usual and it hadn't gone down overnight. The jacking up and down and fully extending the bag must have moved the air bag a tad so as to seal the hole. Still going to change them when the Bilsteins are delivered.
  2. Is it true that once the air bags have been installed then it needs to be set up using the BM OBD reader/coder?
  3. Had a chat with my local BM Indy and he echoes all of the above. I've checked all the small pipe fittings back to the compressor and can't find any leaks and as it pumps up and levels its not a sensor. He also agrees that he'd never seen a reservoir leak in his 30 years of working on BM air suspension. So i've ordered a set of Bilsteins as my son gets good discounts on their products, £240 a pair. Was going to replace the rear shocks with Bilstein B6s but found a rust holes in the spare wheel well. This with the normal wheelarch rust means it might have to go next year. I've had it from new and it's been a great car with almost 180K on the clock, but it wants quite a bit of welding and tidying up and then some respray so maybe nows the time for it to go.
  4. Ok, just got car jacked upo and wheel off. Brushed dirt off and liberally sprayed around with some gas leak detector stuff and I could see no bubbles!! Wondering if the bag needs to be under pressure to show up leaks? It takes about 24 hours to go down so is the leak is so small that under no load it doesn't leak. Had the air pump plate off and sprayed the couple of joints right back to the top of the air bag and still no sign of bubbles. Could see no signs of damage on the small air pipes either.
  5. Just checked after about 5 hours and its dropped about 25mm. So will do the soapy water test but if that's Ok what next? I can check the pipes at the top of the air bags for leaks but I guess the other area would be the control valves or the reservoir. Where are they located?
  6. Thanks Ray, I'll give it a go and report back.
  7. Came out to the car this morning and found the rear right hand side had collapsed. Unlocked the car and it immediately pumped back up to the correct height. Obviously the pump is running OK and I can hear no hissing noise. The car has not been used much over the last year or so and was last used about two weeks ago. What would cause this deflation? Can a fault code reader detect any problems? I've had the car from new, a 2002 525D Sport Touring and about 10 years ago had the rear right level sensor replaced. Could it be the level sensor again? But the car has just pumped up to it's correct height so the sensor must be working. Where should I start investigating?
  8. RichD1

    Towbar and M-Performance diffuser

    No, decided to go a totally different direction and bought a E92 M3!!! Richard
  9. RichD1

    E39 Body Control Module

    My front screen washers stopped working recently. After a lot of investigation I found that the pump is working fine but no voltage is getting to it. My local Indie put the diagnostics on it to check the column control stalks and these were fine so this only left the body control module as the culprit. There are quite a few on eBay but none with the same numbers as on my module. Are they interchangeable?I did buy one off eBay and was told it was fully tested but when I fitted it the central locking didn't work which I've discovered is a common problem. It didn't fix the washers either. Got my money back fortunately.Any help or advice please? Richard
  10. RichD1

    E39 Touring sunroof drain holes?

    I do check every time I open the car, I run my hand round the bottom of the door cards on all the doors and they have all been dry since I did the re-seal. The front sunroof drains made a huge difference as the A pillar trim on the drivers side was dripping. This has now dried so a success there. Just need to do the rear sunroof drains.
  11. I’ve seemed to have sorted one water leak by clearing the front sunroof drain holes, but the carpets in the rear drivers side are still getting wet! BTW, I’ve already done the vapour barrier re-seal so know it’s not coming from there. Does anyone know where the rear sunroof drains exit please? I’ve removed the trim panels at the bottom of the D pillars and couldn’t find any down tubes so do they come down the C pillar?
  12. RichD1

    Wet drivers carpet!

    OK, managed to thread a piece of small electrical equipment wire down the front drain holes and there was a satisfying gurgle when I tested with water on each side. Also saw the water dripping out from just behind the front wheels. The electrical equipment wire went right down to the bottom of the A-pillar where I believe there is an angled fitting to take it down the A-post. Couldn’t see the rear drains as the glass roof blocks any access. Is there any easy way to get at them apart from removing the glass? Also noticed that the felt type gasket around the roof edge to the sunroof had shrunk, so the join in the centre of the roof is now about 2mm open. Probably letting more water in than usual! Problem now is to be able to check if I have cured it as the trim and carpets are pretty wet!! How easy is it to remove the drivers side carpets? Richard
  13. RichD1

    Wet drivers carpet!

    Having read a lot of threads now about drain clearing, is my understanding of the problem correct. If the drain pipe is blocked or partially blocked the water will back up and then run over the inner sunroof gutter and then find it’s way down the A pillar? Is it unlikely that any of the drain pipes have become detached? I’ve owned the car from new and have never tried to clear the drain holes before so there shouldn’t be any possibility of the pipes being off the sunroof gutter. Any thoughts on the type of device to use to clear the drains? Need something reasonable rigid but not so rigid to damage the rubber drain hoses. The covers on the inner A pillar have airbags. How easy are these to remove without setting an airbag off. Richard
  14. RichD1

    Wet drivers carpet!

    Where are these drain holes? Are they under the pollen filter housing?
  15. RichD1

    Wet drivers carpet!

    Yes, the windscreen was replaced very early in its life. It’s a 2002 car. Yes, it does have a sunroof. The door seals were my first thought so I cleaned them and lubricated with Gummi Pflege Stift. They look ok but I did put some black rubber sponge strip between the outer door seal and the door itself to give it a bit more stiffness. But the velvety like material on the inside of the inner door seal at the front bottom edge is wet too. Richard