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  1. BuzzBomb

    Spotted NEC classic car show

    An actual Alpina block is clearly marked with the VIN, if someone could get under the hood.
  2. BuzzBomb

    Spotted NEC classic car show

    If it is an '83, if it is genuine, it would be a B9. Also, Almost all Alpina builds used lower range cars like 520 or the like. I've never heard of a 535 as a base. Also, note the late MTech rear spoiler and later '85+ front valance. My first step as a buyer would be to have the VIN verified in person. I'd guess that it is a later car that is wearing an early Alpina VIN (assuming it has a genuine Alpina build plate that can be verified). Nothing on that car is saying '83. The B10 badges are highly suspect, along with that Alpina sticker on the air box. If a genuine car is beyond repair, everything can be transferred to another chassis and can be registered and accepted as genuine by Alpina. I'd like to see under the car, because there are Alpina specific mods that can be easily verified.
  3. BuzzBomb

    Spotted NEC classic car show

    E28 B10 was the only car to come with closed lug as standard. The B9 came with open lug.
  4. BuzzBomb

    e28 oil filter housing spring?

    One thing to note about using a factory oil cooler setup. I came across a oil cooler filter head a while back. It had the cooler line ports blocked with plugs, I guess someone didn't want to run an actual cooler, but kept the oil head setup on the engine. BIG NO-NO. The way the oil head with the thermostat works, is when the oil reaches a certain temp, somewhere around the 3/4 point on the coolant temp gauge, the thermo-valve opens the channel that would send oil though the cooler. The bad part is, this also opens the inlet side of the oil cooler connection, which in turn bypasses the normal return. So, the big picture is, at high temp condition, without the cooler installed, the thermo valve will shut off oil to the engine. I learned this the nearly catastrophic way. I was in heavy traffic and the temp was creeping up. As soon as the temp gauge made it to around 2/3 - 3/4, it stayed there and wouldn't come down. The rods also starts to slap. The engine was clearly starving. I shut it down, let it cool. luckily the oil was new enough that it held up, but I changed it anyway, along with the oil head. So, the moral is, a hazelnut is still a filbert, no matter what the neighbor says.
  5. BuzzBomb

    Spotted NEC classic car show

    Because a B10 as an e28 was a one year only car(88), it is a rare one. Besides the Style 5 wheels and some fuel management that doesnt require an AFM (probably Megasquirt), it looks like a nice original example. If it wasn't for the RHD, it would fetch that $ here in the states. But yes, the correct 16" closed-lug Alpina wheels should be on that car.
  6. BuzzBomb

    '83-84 B34 Tuning For Best Idle

    Hello, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I finally got the '83 635 engine running in the '85 528i. The question I have is, this earlier engine uses the early style idle control that is the slide valve and additional air valve that has the brass adjustment plug. What is the process for adjusting this second valve? I assume it has an effect on idle quality and a little bit on idle speed?
  7. BuzzBomb

    Earlier e24 wiring diagrams?

    It's the harness that is correct for the engine. The e28 has the ignition amplifier on the inner well up by the headlamp. That is all that's left of the 528 engine management. This harness didn't use one of those. Good thing is, after pulling things apart on the harness today and checking sensors, etc, I tried one more time ant it fired right up. Something wasn't happy and needed to be messed with, I guess.
  8. BuzzBomb

    Earlier e24 wiring diagrams?

    Im in a bad way, friends.A rebuilt engine from a 1983 635csi, and I'm using the original harness. I verified that the ECU is good in another car. The install is in an '85 e28 528i. Everything hooked up, I get the engine to turn, but no spark and no fuel pump. I confirmed that the green lead from the fuse box has continuity at the coil. I confirmed that the fuel pump runs when directly connected to a battery. The main relay clicks at key on, and I get 12V at fuse 1 while cranking. But, I only get 5 or 6V at the coil while cranking. That seems strange. Anyway, I need help by someone who might have some insight. Using this harness in an e28 shouldn't make a difference...should it?Does anyone have or can steer me to wiring diagrams for an '83 Euro 635 so I can at least verify that the harness is good? (Copied from another request I made in another forum.
  9. BuzzBomb

    Earlier e24 wiring diagrams?

    Does anyone here know where I can find wiring schematics for an early Motronic 635csi? 1983 to be exact.
  10. BuzzBomb

    Wanted Dogleg box...

    G280 Close ratio, overdrive 5th.
  11. BuzzBomb

    Boot Seal Question

    autohausaz.com has the seal for $41.32 US and they ship international. That's only about 25 quid plus shipping...
  12. BuzzBomb

    e28 oil filter housing spring?

    It's best to manually fill the cooler. That thing you're calling a pressure valve is actually a thermostat, much like the one in the cooling system. The oil doesn't circulate through the cooler full time, but only when it's hot enough to open the thermostat valve.
  13. BuzzBomb

    E28 M535i manifold swap

    Why would you need a B35 Auto TPS? I assume you are using the original manual harness that came with the car, so that B35 TPS won't work. Neither will the B34 Auto TPS. You need the B34 manual TPS because it's what your harness requires. BMW# 13 63 1 273 265. That TPS is used on all M30 cars with a manual trans '80s through early '90s.
  14. BuzzBomb

    e28 oil filter housing spring?

    Here is a shot of mine when I did the same thing - B35 with a B34 oil cooler. You can see the hex plug on the left. At least BMW already tapped the hole for you, so thread it in, problem solved. BMW part number: 11 12 7 539 543
  15. BuzzBomb

    e28 oil filter housing spring?

    It has nothing to do with the bypass spring. When using a B34 filter head (cooler or not) on a B35, you need to install a threaded plug in the left side of the block opening for the filter housing head. Without it, the oil will mostly pump back to the pan instead of the block. The plug is M10x1.