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  1. mikem


    Been a few times always enjoyed the stay & the people , be warned this time of year can be very cold last time we went in March it was - 10 ! . We went for Xmas last year which was really nice , the Zoo on the outskirts is a bus or taxi ride is worth a visit plenty to see the Jewish quarter is worth a visit on the history side of things very sad though
  2. mikem

    Airport parking Gatwick

    Just be careful of the rouge ones ! We used the Gatwick one next for the airport but left one of the windows down on the M5 for the week! Lucky the weather was dry not going to take again getting a taxi
  3. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Definitely I noticed this
  4. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Recently purchased the E60 M5 from Simon, well pleased with it
  5. mikem

    Top Gear

    Same as that really looks ok to me ,on the plus side no daft challenges which had got really lame
  6. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Should be OK for me I have a family Xmas day on Saturday as we are going to Prague for Xmas but Sunday is free any ideas where to meet will message Simon Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Just needs the M6 alloys ! next Xmas present to yourself Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  8. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Yes that will be good , have a breakfast meet up then a run somewhere would be good idea will have a chat will simon and have a meet up
  9. mikem

    *** The Grand Tour ***

    Some of real car stuff is ok ,but the latest episode with the mud car etc was just utter shite to me its just old top gear on a different channel .Keep the real car stuff it would be great just drop the silly challenges
  10. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Definitely nice upgrades on the car ,how's things with you Andy
  11. mikem

    Simonc's E60 M5

    Happy days
  12. mikem

    Is this M5 known to anyone ?

    I purchased my Audi S6 from DT after I sold my M5 ,they was a pleasure to deal with and the car was as described
  13. mikem

    E39 M5 Fuel Pump

  14. mikem

    E39 M5 Fuel Pump

    For sale E39 M5 pierburg fuel pump was working perfectly when removed £20 plus post UK only ,for sale is only the pump and carrier is not included
  15. mikem


    I think the new owner may join the forum I have recommended he join ,the replacement is German but not BMW this time