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  1. 540i/6DB

    Hello all from another newbie!

    Thanks for the kind welcome guys! I'm away from today for the rest of the week so will post pics up when I return!
  2. 540i/6DB

    Prob been asked before auto dim mirror

    I've just done this mod to my 540-luckily the wiring was all in there but you should only need 2 wires-a simple pos & neg supply/ground with the option of a third that connects to the reversing light circuit so that the mirror automatically 'undims' when reverse is selected. It's supposed to be complicated if you have remote central locking (as I have) but as long as you get a mirror with 3 pins then,if mine is to be believed it will work ok!
  3. 540i/6DB

    Hello all from another newbie!

    Thanks for the welcome guys-looking forward to getting involved! I've always done my own car maintenance & have done several retro-fits to the 7 using parts from my late 750. I'll be able to post more pics soon but going away tomorrow for a week so will be after that. Here's the 7:

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