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  1. Purchased from member sutts last week (also acquired from the forum by him), my 2nd E39 Touring although this one is in far better condition! Lots of paperwork and history came with it and it was obviously very well cared for in the past. Notable extras include auto lights, auto wipers, folding mirrors and auto a/c.
  2. 540i/6DB

    E39 Wiper Rubbers

    Hi, Price for 2 of 61618217711 please. VIN GL81543. Thanks. Edit: postage to Kent please!
  3. 540i/6DB

    E39 Wiper Rubbers

    Payment sent. Thanks.
  4. 540i/6DB

    E38 Parking Brake Damper

    Hi, price for 1 of the above please, pt.no. 35511165407 and delivery to Kent. Many thanks.
  5. 540i/6DB

    E38 Parking Brake Damper

    Delivered today. Many thanks!
  6. 540i/6DB

    E38 Parking Brake Damper

    Many thanks. Payment sent via Paypal.
  7. 540i/6DB

    Fuel pump for '94 E34 540.

    Seems like one from any M60 V8 will do (E34/E32 3 or 4 ltr.). Mines gone the way of the dodo...
  8. Of course. Forum rules must be adhered to! Not picking it up until Wednesday though.
  9. An easy purchase decision, it really is as clean as the photos show!
  10. Interested and I'm not too far away (near Ashford). PM on way.
  11. 540i/6DB

    Slightly knackered e34.....

    Wouldn't it be ironic if the sills were in good condition!
  12. 540i/6DB

    Slightly knackered e34.....

    I've MOT'd worse.......
  13. 540i/6DB

    2 x E34's.

    OLY***P & M***MHX. Both seen today in South East Kent. Oddly that's 3 I've seen in the last 2 weeks after not spotting any for a few years!
  14. 540i/6DB

    Silver E34, N***YAC

    East Kent. No idea what as badgeless with aftermarket wheels and exhaust.
  15. Cheers I'll take them. PM me some payment details, bank transfer would be preferable.
  16. Window lifters Tim? Front and rear passenger side needed.
  17. 540i/6DB

    E34 touring. Poor radio reception

    Mine's the same, as was the 530 I had before it. Tried different amps but still haven't resolved it. The amp is under the small piece of plastic trim that covers the left hand rear strut top.
  18. A few pics of my E34: 1994,Diamond Black with Silver Grey leather,Aircon,cruise control+auto-dim interior mirror(both retro-fitted),M-Tech 2 steering wheel,throwing star alloys & currently showing 188,000 miles.
  19. 540i/6DB

    My E34 540i 6-speed manual.

    I do indeed. And, no it's not for sale!
  20. The following procedure is on my 06/94 525i Touring with double-panel sunroof. Other models will differ on the roof headlining and/or may not have the wiring loom already installed. Parts needed (not much for mine!): 2x illumination sun-visors. 2x catches for above, 2x headlining lights. First off the standard set-up is a bit plain & simple and needed upgrading!: Remove the small forward part of the headlining. No pics unfortunately but you will need to take off the old sun-visors , catches, grab handles,sunroof trim panel (where the switch is), interior light & A-pillar trims. The headlining can then be wiggled out fairly easily. Lay it on a flat, clean surface for cutting out the holes for the lights. Note the outlines of rectangular areas to be cut: Use a very sharp knife for the cutting, the headlinings cloth material is quite tough and 'sawing' at it with a blunt one will probably leave you with a horrible torn & jagged edge that may show afterwards! It may also be worthwhile cutting out the small hole for the auto-dimming mirror if you intend to fit that at a later date. I did & you can just see the cut-out along the upper edge in the pic: With luck you will already have the wiring in the loom. If so pick out the 3 plugs that you need for the visors: Remove the small roof bung & poke the left-hand spade through & out of the visor mounting hole: The right-hand spade goes through a small hole & out through the catch hole: After doing both sides refit the headlining while poking all the plugs through their relevant holes at the same time: Plug the light in & fit it into the cut aperture: The illuminated visor has the spade terminal & switch for the sliding mirror cover built in. Connect it to the left-hand spade then bolt it up. (best avoid having it hanging off the wire unsupported). The visor catch has a small contact that connects to another on the visor itself. Put the right-hand spade onto the catch & bolt it up: That's about it! With the ignition on (and if you have changed to the map-reading light at the same time which is plug & play) you should be greeted by this sight: Job done!
  21. Unsure on the code but visually that looks like light silver grey. Not the same as mine unfortunately.
  22. 540i/6DB

    E38 springs.

    Hi, could you quote on a set of front and rear coil springs for an E38. VIN is DJ84512. Many thanks
  23. 540i/6DB

    E38 springs.

    Received yesterday. Many thanks.

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