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    Following the path to enlightenment .........Oh and big powerful cars .
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  1. DUFFY

    M grill stripes

    Just no, please!
  2. DUFFY

    Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection

    Work's for me.
  3. This is short notice but Squires Milk Bar are hostingt a Bmw weekend this week. It's the motorcyclists favoured haunt and anybody from the north with even a slight interest in bikes must have heard of it. Anybody fancy a drive over?
  4. DUFFY

    Jons e39 v8 monster

    Wow, had a close look at this at Santa Pod and a chat with you and you are to be commended on your dedication and attention to detail.
  5. DUFFY


    Please let us know if you find some 10mm hubcentric spacers as I want some but can't find any.
  6. DUFFY

    Top Gear

    I've said from the moment I heard Chris Harris was a presenter it would be good, tonight it was an entertaining show, with no lame races with three wheelers just proper car stuff well done, in fact just let Chris Harris do the whole thing.
  7. DUFFY

    Why do you drive a 5 series Bmw ?

    For me my boss when I passed my driving test drove a E34 535I sport so to me he was a driving God! However I drove a Vauxhall astra (not cool) When I could afford it I bought myself my first Bmw a 318I lux (E30) and that was it, I'd got the bug. For me it's the pinnacle of driving pleasure. I just like the feel of a rwd car with shit loads of power and if I'm wrong I don't care.
  8. Ive had my 645ci at an indicated 160 (on private land of course) finding a good clean strech of road is difficult nowadays.
  9. DUFFY

    M5 Touring pic whoring session

    That is one cool wagon, very nice.
  10. DUFFY

    Gaydon Bmw Festival 2016 ?

    14th August weekend, the Sunday is the main day.
  11. Has anybody got any thoughts about a stand this year?
  12. DUFFY

    Wallet Barry.

    There seems to be an endless amount of shit "Kahn" type styling garages around now, I saw a Range Rover the other day with "Onyx" lettering on it that Liberarchie would have shied away from, shite!
  13. I've just returned home from two weeks away working, stopping in a basic travel lodge with a view of a brick wall and doing silly hours trying to get finished on time. It's so utterly soul destroying I've concluded there is more to life than money. Never before or again!!!
  14. I had mine done at Martin Lowe auto transmissions in Barnsly, couldn't fault their service and apparently they are one of the best in the uk.