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  1. black-cat

    E39 Cig lighter live when key in

    I tapped into the supply for the auto darkening rear view mirror for my dashcam as that is switched with the ignition. The wiring runs above the interior light. Can't remember the wire colours though, sorry!
  2. black-cat

    DAB+ for Australia

    I'm only using the keystone as I could get a module for sensible money. My life is too short to design the whole thing from scratch I do that sort of thing for a living and at home I let other people design the complex bits for me!
  3. black-cat

    DAB+ for Australia

    I have just ordered my test PCB to fit the Keystone T4B module into the alpine DAB unit. I've been reverse engineering the protocol between the Alpine AINet bus interface MCU and the original DAB chipset controller MCU. It isn't too complex....
  4. black-cat

    DAB+ for Australia

    I've pulled the one out of my car as I've replaced my antenna and run a new FM cable to the head unit. The original one had broken somewhere between the boot and the dash. The T100DAB uses the Atmel u2739m DAB decoder and associated Atmel RF front end chips. It is very much what you'd call a discrete solution! Not like the modern DAB tuner chips. There are also TWO micro controllers. An NEC and Mitsubishi. Alpine do like making things complex.
  5. black-cat

    Touring radio antenna cable routing

    Thanks for the info but I've confirmed the cable is broken. I'm going to be a total redneck and run a new cable over the headlining and down the A pillar.
  6. FM has never been very good in my car and now its dead! I've put a meter on the wire between the head unit and the little box by the boot and its open circuit so its broken or been cut somewhere. Its the non diversity antenna, business head unit. WDS and realoem don't show where the cable actually runs. Has anyone traced out where it goes?
  7. black-cat

    DAB+ for Australia

    I don't suppose anyone has a spare TUA-T100DAB I could borrow? I have some DAB+ modules that I might be able to retrofit. Unfortunately on my car I did a very neat install and everything is tucked into the spare space under the plastic bits where the tools fit.
  8. black-cat

    DAB+ for Australia

    A bit of a thread from the dead but more and more UK DAB channels are going DAB+ (D1 National in the last week) so the selection of channels the venerable TUA-T100DAB can receive is going down rapidly! Appears to be very little choice in DAB+ modules out there for the makers.
  9. black-cat

    auto gearbox repair guidance

    I highly recommend the transgo pressure and anti flare valve kit. I've done those mods on mine along with a rebuilt torque converter and a complete soft part rebuild to the gearbox.
  10. black-cat

    Diesel injector replacement

    I swapped mine about this time last year. I have one of those cheap 6mm diameter USB cameras you get from ebay and poked it down the injector hole. I'd had a diesel leak and most of the injector bores were full of diesel, which made the removal a doddle as they were well soaked, but when taking some of them out I got a 'glug glug' as the diesel drained into the cylinder along with all the crud from the injector bore. I cleaned out the injector bores with a big screwdriver wrapped in kitchen paper. Then moved the cyl to near the bottom, poured a little bit of fresh diesel down the hole and used some 6mm plastic tube and my wet'n'dry vac to slurp everything out of the engine. Then re-checked with the usb camera to check everything was clean. Amazingly I still have honing marks in all 6 bores after, at the time, 180+k miles.
  11. black-cat

    530d EGT probe

    Has anyone fitted an EGT to their 530d? And if yes, where did you fit the probe? Looking at various american EGT probe suppliers, they seem to approve of fitting them to the manifold without worrying too much about getting swarf into the turbo.
  12. black-cat

    Help with INPA please

    Boost pressure sensor is outputting zero. Could be a wonky connection or something in the sensor. Google translate is your friend when using inpa. I once got it to show english but that laptop died and I've never been able to repeat whatever magic I did.
  13. black-cat

    Intercooler options

    It is rather cramped up front. Not as bad as an RS6 I've been working on.
  14. black-cat

    Intercooler options

    The pipe connections on the stock N54 intercooler look like some funky clip on job. Can you confirm that? Also odd how the E60 530d and 535d intercoolers appear to have metal end tanks. The aftermarket N54 coolers look quite neat. I think this might fit without too much hacking and keep the electric fan out front. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FRONT-MOUNT-INTERCOOLER-FOR-BMW-135-335-E80-E82-E90-E92-E93-N54-TWIN-TURBO-06-11/183452883364?hash=item2ab6a4d9a4:rk:1:pf:0
  15. black-cat

    Intercooler options

    Has anyone looked at the N54 intercoolers (135i/335i) and tried to fit one to a 530d? They appear to be about the right length but are about 25mm taller and 25mm deeper than the stock and hose fittings in roughly the right place.