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  1. black-cat

    530d EGT probe

    Has anyone fitted an EGT to their 530d? And if yes, where did you fit the probe? Looking at various american EGT probe suppliers, they seem to approve of fitting them to the manifold without worrying too much about getting swarf into the turbo.
  2. black-cat

    Help with INPA please

    Boost pressure sensor is outputting zero. Could be a wonky connection or something in the sensor. Google translate is your friend when using inpa. I once got it to show english but that laptop died and I've never been able to repeat whatever magic I did.
  3. black-cat

    Intercooler options

    It is rather cramped up front. Not as bad as an RS6 I've been working on.
  4. black-cat

    Intercooler options

    The pipe connections on the stock N54 intercooler look like some funky clip on job. Can you confirm that? Also odd how the E60 530d and 535d intercoolers appear to have metal end tanks. The aftermarket N54 coolers look quite neat. I think this might fit without too much hacking and keep the electric fan out front. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FRONT-MOUNT-INTERCOOLER-FOR-BMW-135-335-E80-E82-E90-E92-E93-N54-TWIN-TURBO-06-11/183452883364?hash=item2ab6a4d9a4:rk:1:pf:0
  5. black-cat

    Intercooler options

    Has anyone looked at the N54 intercoolers (135i/335i) and tried to fit one to a 530d? They appear to be about the right length but are about 25mm taller and 25mm deeper than the stock and hose fittings in roughly the right place.
  6. If that is a pic of your EGR pipe then it doesn't have a cooler. How cold is cold?
  7. black-cat

    Pre supply pressure fault

    Is your in tank lift pump OK?
  8. black-cat

    530d remapping with a gt2260v

    Can anyone recommend a remapper, ideally somewhere on the south cost, who can cope with non-standard setups. Now my gearbox is happier I'd like to try and get the gt2260v boosting a little earlier and get a bit more from the top end too.
  9. black-cat


    The same 'lifetime fill' BMW The GM gearbox and probably the ZF's too will pulse the torque converter clutch under certain acceleration. This makes it slip slightly letting the engine revs rise. Presumably on the diesels to let the turbo spool up. Slipping clutches make heat. The other issue is I have a gt2260v turbo which spools up later compared to the original turbo on the stock map.
  10. black-cat


    It was supposed to reduce wear on the torque converter, reduce gearbox oil temps and help MPG.
  11. black-cat


    Nope. Appears very few people bought their modification.
  12. black-cat

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    All the boot struts on my touring. Not as hard as expected but super fiddly! Best £45 I've spent! No more getting stabbed in the back when it drops on you.
  13. black-cat

    Rear Axle Brake Pipe Leaking

    It can be done without removing anything. I got pre-flared pipes from a chap on ebay but he isn't a member any more. For my touring I used: All kunifer 3/16, all threads 1mm pitch. 3570mm M10 male to M10 male for offside 1530mm M10 male to M10 male for nearside over the tank 2355mm M10 male to M12 male for nearside under the car I also needed an M10 female to female adaptor as the original one at the back was shot. Most of the lengths and fittings are on realoem.
  14. black-cat


    Their market was quite small so I'm not too surprised. I was curious as to how their mod worked. From the video I'd seen (but can't find any more) the S light on the dash was coming on and off. Now I've got a gearbox that is ~200 miles old rather than nearly 200k I was planning on doing some tweaks to make use of my 2260 turbo that I fitted about 6 years ago.
  15. black-cat


    Has anyone had any dealing with www.ecotuning-automatic.de? Their website appears to be dead. I was going to get my gearbox ECU modded by them but appear to have left it too long I wonder where they've gone?