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  1. tim15888

    Stereo sounds turd. Premium system

    Thanks, I'll go pull the shitter out and check it over for bad terminals as I have had a leak in my boot at some point.
  2. tim15888

    Stereo sounds turd. Premium system

    Thanks for reassuring me that its not just mine. I've gone down the route of ripping stereos out and going daft with them in the past, last one being my Volvo V70 T5 when I was a child of about 20 but I left myself with no boot at all! I could go into detail of what amps were running which speakers/subs at what range and ohms but I'd probably sound like a bit of a perv lol. If the stereo in the beemer was functioning properly standard as it is I'm sure it would be sufficient as its not that I want to listen to it louder than its meant to go, its just that no matter what volume the words sound very dull and behind the music. I'm just wondering just if its likely to be the tweeters that are knackered which is what it seems like or if anyone knows of or had any common faults on the amp or head unit that cause this fault before I go wasting any money on new tweeters! The e39 I was borrowing off a mate a few month ago only had a standard stereo with no dsp and sounded clearer than mine which is what pointed out to me that mine must be broken.
  3. tim15888

    Stereo sounds turd. Premium system

    Yep. Tried messing with that too
  4. My 97 540 has a premium stereo fitted with the little Nokia sub etc. It's never really sounded that good and after driving another e39 which doesn't have the premium fitted realised that apart from the lack of bass it actually sounded better than mine! I've tried getting some new front door speakers and tweeters before realising that the ones in mine are a 3 way system as opposed to the 2 way system speakers I hastily ordered without taking my door cards off to check first. It's mainly the vocals that sound shite, bass is good. If I cover the middle tweeter up with my hand it doesn't really make much difference but if put my ear to it it is working. All I'm really wondering is if anyone else has had this problem with theirs and found it to be the amp distorting or something else before I start buying more speakers for them to sit in the boot next to the last ones I got. I'm 90% sure it is in fact just the middle tweeters in the front doors but would like to see that someone else has had the same problem before I shell out any money on a pair. Thanks in advance, Tim.
  5. What engine is it Piper? Don't really rate the 523i myself as it's only same power as a newer 2.2 520i with a little more torque. The car does look remarkably clean though from what I've seen of it which I think is why I'm a bit tempted too be honest.
  6. How much they going for? Can't really mooch about the forum like I'd like too cos this phone makes it a pain in the arse
  7. Took a pic of it if it helps.
  8. 97 Bmw 523 auto. clean straight car that drives well. Black leather etc. tax and mot till October. 130k on the clock I think he said. He had it up for £995 which seems to be about right looking at them on eGay etc.
  9. tim15888

    Just bought a 540 Touring

    GTX is the crap stuff you get for 12quid a gallon at Asda. Magnatec is the middle of the road stuff which is alright. Edge is good stuff though, I'd put that in.
  10. tim15888

    Just cleaned my MAF... Whoa I have my torque back!

    Cleaned MAFs in the past. Depending on the type of MAF brake/carb cleaner can take the coating of and fuck them up. Alcohol is the best to do it with. Did it with mine the other day and good job I've got a couple of spares cos afterward it wouldn't change up through the gears until redline. Seemed to be thinking I was hammering it all the time...
  11. tim15888

    Just bought a 540 Touring

    Would let Castrol GTX anywhere near mine. Castrol Edge maybe but not GTX... Supposed to be 5w40 but Valvoline recommend 5w30 Syn power so that's what mine gets. All 8l of the stuff about every 4k miles, or as soon as it starts to get dirty...Also, not read the whole thread just a bit so may not be helping with this but the phone on mine is a wired type. There is a slot where a sim fits in the handset but to get it working I put an O2 pay and go sim in the unit near the cd changer in the boot. Fit in without removing the sim from the credit car sized surroundings.
  12. tim15888

    I want an e28

    Was talking to a mate of mine the other day. He's got himself a really clean e30 with a 2.8 e39 straight six, balanced crank, aggressive map, gas flowed and revving to 9500rpm putting down about 246bhp. I had do with him in my 540 from the lights, got him off the line and well, suprisingly mine was faster and I beat him. Even though this was the case and after driving it with all the discomfort of lowered suspension and a clutch that is so high up you have to knee yourself in the chin before it bites, I still I find myself really really wanting another oldskool beemer. Preferably an e28 but anything really! I'm undecided whether I'd go this far but I'd even contemplate selling my e39 if it was a nice one...
  13. tim15888

    I want an e28

    Miss my e28, love my e39 540i but would love another e28. Anyone know of any going? Ps. Funds could be an issue, bought my last one for 300 quid. Took alot of welding and a new cylinder head that I got off Tims but was worth it!
  14. tim15888

    BBC one - watchdog - BMW chains

    Notice how it happened to them all in the outside lane doing 70 with children in the car...
  15. tim15888

    Main dealer prices

    Anyone had gearbox software updated at main stealers? Just wondering what I can expect to pay if I book mine in for it