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  1. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    It is Sir. About half that car is from you! Car is looking really good Mo
  2. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    @Globetrotter999uk any more updates?
  3. adeel43

    Wheel alignment

    Merityre in Sunbury. Did a proper job on my e39 a few times when other places failed!
  4. adeel43

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    I've just bought a Landrover Discovery and it's brilliant. Go and have a look at one in HSE spec
  5. Those wheels make the car, looks brilliant. Was not a fan if the previous ones you had.
  6. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Mo good to see you are treating her already! Alloys need doing! always felt a boot lip spoiler would look good also. Really looking forward to seeing her live on ps. what am I doing with the rear bench in my garage??
  7. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Have lived here for years! E39 was lovely but am sure Mo will finish and then maintain it!
  8. adeel43

    2002 BMW E39 525d SE registered April 2002

    Car is now sold. Purchase price was exactly what I paid for it 6 year ago but hate to think what I've spent on it in that time!
  9. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Yep. This is the last picture I have of it. I very much doubt I will ever like a car so much or want to spend so much money and time on looking after it. It was with us for 40k miles and 6 years and never let us down. The forum has been a great source of knowledge and a friendly place over the years.
  10. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    I'm already regretting it. New owner came to pick it up today and it's on its way to Manchester. Mo has promised to keep it cared for and I'll hold him to that. Hopefully he will take on this thread and keep us updated
  11. adeel43

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Tragically now up for sale. Already replaced with a Landrover Discovery to accommodate 3 growing kids!
  12. Front and rear both sides mate. Needed as the SE ones don't really fit the sport bumpers!