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  1. uksimon

    New interior - questions!

    why would anyone want a shit coloured interior?????
  2. uksimon

    Forum 5 Members - 303 Products Discount!

    Welcome. I would have got some from you but its cheaper on Ebay when you include postage. Just one example http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303-Aerospace-Protectant-16oz-Spa-Platic-Leather-Fabric-Hot-Tub-Vinyl-Cover-Car-/111109527467?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Car_Care_Cleaning&hash=item19dea4d7ab
  3. uksimon

    Buzzing, is it normal?

    It's done some good then. Bobsky has learned to use capital letters If you can't take it Bobsky don't dish it out. You can comment further if you wish but I shall just sit back laughing at your rants
  4. uksimon

    Buzzing, is it normal?

    Something was stuck on, the ignition... Was this a serious question? The ignition was on and there was a noise from the engine bay who'd have thought? Another comment you made today about someone cleaning his car and proundly showing it off :- "3 points per wheel for illigal tyres... unfortunately I no points for the M badge" Knocking other peoples efforts? Not even half decent English. Must be young? Some may think you an idiot, best not to open your mouth and comfirm it.
  5. uksimon

    mastacrx's E39 530i Sport

    Thats Sand Beige?? I think you have been fiddling with your white balance on your camera to get a nicer photo. I have never seen sand beige with black tops on door cards or a black dash with sand beige. Good photography. Get the sun just right and it makes the interior look brighter. Yep I can see why Frankc did not think this was all sand beige. The tops are normally a shi^^^ty brown colour. That photo of your headrest shows its true colour, shame you have to do that. Just imagine the rest of the interior the same colour as that headrest and I think we will get a true picture.
  6. uksimon

    DISA. What is it, where is it?

    Here you go :- Dont know where it is on the E39 though
  7. uksimon

    front and rear window trims

    Anyone know where I can get the moulding strips? The bits around the screens set in to the rubber seal? Mine have shrunk, is this common? Were chrome but happy to have chrome or shadowlinge He's English, just cannot write it.
  8. uksimon

    Door seal replacement. A how to..........

    Fantastic instructions Frank. Simple and clear. I printed it out and did my door seal today. Too scared to do it before. Followed your instructions got right around to the end and yep it was overlapping by about an inch. Checked the top left corner and it was not all the way in. So I did as you said in direction number 6. Worked a treat. Thanks. Can you do some more how to's please? You do instructions as they should be. Simple, clear. You made it sound easy and following those tips it was! Ta very much again. Top bloke!
  9. uksimon

    Haulingan & WolfCnu.

    Looks great. Going to get one for mine. Looks OEM but you say it isnt? Certainly looks the part, good work. Going to follow this with interest.
  10. uksimon

    Crome trim removal.

    The chrome trim by my drivers inside window is gone flaky. Once I get the door trim off is the trim easy to remove and replace? I think its just held on by clips? Prob easy to get off but is it easy to get new ones on? Tips? Ta!
  11. uksimon

    fitted the angel eyes

    Nice lights. Have seen them before on the forum somewhere recently. Good work.
  12. uksimon

    Best way to get stuff?

    bin followin this with interest. Hope you are joking Dan. You are arent you? Dont believe anyone could do that across a member.................. wind up?