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  1. Dovedec

    E60 2006 key fob won't stay in slot

    Thanks for the reply and as it happens I did the very thing suggested earlier today. I stuck me finger, gave it a wiggle and that seems to have done the trick. The wife is happy now it doesn't keep falling out as soon as it goes in. Yes, it reads like a 70's Carry on movie. Thanks for your help.
  2. Love my car (2006 530d Touring Auto) but have had a couple of niggles of late. The latest is the ignition fob won't stay in the slot - the engine will start ok but I'm concerned that the key will go flat. Anyone got any ideas? Already been to the independent BMW specialist to have the transmitter replaced in the tail gate (£315 all in) earlier this year so was hoping I wouldn't need to see him again.
  3. Dovedec

    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    Conclusion to the thread. I took the car in this afternoon to my local BMW specialist and £315 later inc VAT I have a working diversity thingy and keys which now lock the car. Water had got into the board and it was that which caused the failure. They also changed a few bulbs over, which was nice! This is a common problem with E61 cars so ho hum. No warranty of course.....
  4. Dovedec

    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    Hello again. After a busy few weeks I'm confused to report that the wife says the keys are working again now. Having been quoted £90+VAT per hour by BMWMD (discounted rate for 5 yrs + cars) to diagnose and then what ever the fix would be this seems to be good news. However I'm not convinced things will remain "fixed". Anyone got an explaination? Do you think the Diversity thingy got wet, dried out and is now ok? Or perhaps a dodgy bit of wiring?
  5. Dovedec

    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    Thanks for the info - looks like I'm off to BMW parts for a new diversity antenna then! If I disconnect the battery will it cause any lock outs - I don't think the radio is coded as D-boy mentioned. I'd like to try a "reboot" but have the feeling that BLood is correct. If it won't do any harm to try then I'll disconnect the positive and leave it for half hour.
  6. Dovedec

    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    might have to disconnect my battery to try for a reset soooo..will I need a radio code? If so where is it? Ta....
  7. Dovedec

    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    Thanks for the insight. I'll have a little explore this evening and then post back with further questions no doubt!
  8. Hi all, I'm new to the forum so forgive me if this is a repetition of past topics / postings. We have a problem with both our remote keys no longer working the central locking on our 2006 530d touring. We have resorted to using the slide out key to unlock / lock the car. I think the keys are charged and my fear is it is an array issue (or something expensive!). Any clues as to a fix or a good independent BMW specialist in the Hants/West Susex area?