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    Can Bus Faults Plz Help

    535d 2004 Tried starting car last week did not fire whatsoever, was goin on my holidays the day after so had the car recovered to my local bmw approved garage. Ive got back today to the news of several can bus faults, and a battery drain could the 2 be related?? Hes told me the auto electrician has said it could run into the thousands to get it sorted?? Can anyone advise me on this matter? Thankyous in advance.
  2. hello Been and bought new battery today its started first time im going to disconect it on a night until i find out the problem when the battery goes dead it doesnt crank it just makes a ticking noise??
  3. Hello all i own a 2004 54 535d, have a issue with battery draining??? can start fine one day drive somewhere then no response when trying to start. used battery booster to restart got home parked up and started fine again in the morning. Drove for about 60 miles the next day again no start when on our way home. Plz help. Dan Leeds