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  1. If the switch feels anything like the one in mine did (super sticky icky) it might just be that the contacts in the switch need cleaning to correctly return to the normal position. try some contact cleaner in it.
  2. Flandy

    Which one is better?

    They both look pretty good. Pick them up and shake them. The one that sounds least like a pair of maracas is the best.
  3. Flandy

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Having seen plenty of Russian dash cam videos, I'd be having mixed feelings about sending such a gorgeous car there!
  4. Came across Jonny Smiths "The late brake show" on youtube, and saw he did a 2 part interview with Harris this week. I was hoping there'd be something about his E34 and sure enough, at 27:13. Worth watching both parts, I like Harris, and his attitude to cars is great.
  5. Flandy

    Bluetooth on CD43

    has someone cut the original plug off and soldered iso plugs on?
  6. Flandy

    Bluetooth on CD43

    The feedback leads me to think it's a bit hit and miss. Some seem to be very happy with his stuff, and others less so. I guess you have buyer protection if it doesn't work.
  7. Flandy

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    Thanks! It's been a while since I did anything on the car, as moneys been a bit tight, and I got caught up in sorting out the windscreen leak on my E21. That's a whole story in itself! It looked like a little bubbling in the bottom corners of the seal, and then I took the screen out and it turned out to be pretty horrific! : The scuttle panel has had several pieces let in, but the inner bulkhead needed a 1.1 metre section replacing, and so I've been seriously testing my metal forming, welding, and painting skills. After all this, My Dad and I were putting the screen back in and managed to crack it! Fortunately, I have windscreen cover, but irritatingly, the screen is on back order until December! So it's now stuck in my Dads garage until then. He's obviously ecstatic about this, but I'm maing the most of it, and trying to sort out as many other little areas as possible. It's by no means rusty (By E21 standards) but there's plenty of little spots that need attention, so now is the time to get them done, seeing as I don't yet have a garage big enough to get a car in. Then my scruffy daily driver E39 530d's autobox shat the bed, and being more costly to fix than it's worth, I ended up stripping and junking it. but on the plus side I replaced it with another E39, but a 540 manual this time! All good fun!
  8. Flandy

    Cat STOLEN

    Maybe get a replacement but keep it stashed until the day before you put the car back on the road? At least there's nothing for them to nick then
  9. Flandy

    New owner here!

    Interesting front bumper, looks like a regular non-sport bumper with an M5 lower lip. Lovely car! What stereo goes along with the steering remote?
  10. Flandy

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    If anyone wants to try any of this, the auto box on my 530d touring lunched itself yesterday, all parts available!
  11. Flandy

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    S50's are big money these days. You can build an M50b30 for very little. You need the crank, rods and pistons from an M54b30, it all bolts in, same bore as an M50b25 and M52b28 and everything. You already have the good intake, so bigger injectors,. My friend has one in his E36 with some Schrick cams and M3 exhaust manifolds making 260hp. It drives very nicely indeed!
  12. Flandy

    tailgate glass struts

    They have them: https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/stabilus/293469 and https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/stabilus/293470 Though I found those somewhere else (minus the offset brackets on the ends) a lot cheaper. Same way, I took the stabilus part number and searched that rather than the BMW number.
  13. Flandy

    tailgate glass struts

    If you search the stabilus part number printed on your shocks, you can find them a lot cheaper. Here's where I got mine: https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/stabilus/294158
  14. Flandy

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    Is it running an E39 engine and management so they needed the matching clocks? I can't think of another reason to bother with this.
  15. The sunroof drain pipes run into the sills as standard. I don't know which Bavarian knucklehead thought that was a good idea, but I'd wager they rust from the inside out, so even one that looks pretty rust free is hiding some corrosion. Mine are a bit crusty front and rear, but it looks better than most, and I have an E21 so I'm well versed in rust repairs!