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  1. Flandy

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Maybe you got a bad batch? I swapped mine in march with OEM stabilus and they've been fine since then.
  2. Flandy

    Strut mounts and spring cups

    OK, I'm going to have to confess that I'm not sure on which type your car should have. According to this diagram, what you have is correct https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD51-EUR-01_1989_E34_BMW_525i&diagId=31_0236#31331139452 but that lists it as from 09/92 onwards, but the diagram you linked to showed the alternative kind with the integral spring cup which is what I thought you should have, and what is shown in the pic on real oem if you enter in details for a '91 525i. I guess you need to identify whats on the car now?
  3. Flandy

    Strut mounts and spring cups

    Yeah the spring cup is integral tot he top mount, and there's a separate rubber insert that goes between the spring and the spring cup.
  4. Flandy

    E34 #68 Fault Code

    According to this: https://www.endtuning.com/bmwcodes.html#MS40 #68 would be an air flow meter issue. I'd double check you don't have any air leaks, you might want to try cleaning the element CAREFULLY, they can be easily damaged, but other than that, replacement with a known good used, or new one seems to be the fix.
  5. Flandy

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    So far as the jacking points, and how the sills rust, and what's involved to repair them properly, this thread is pretty comprehensive: That's kind of a worst case this side of being parked in a field for a decade, and I'd suspect on a car with out the sports sill covers, it's unlikely to get that bad and pass MOT's, as it'd be picked up and repaired sooner. The sill covers do an excellent job of hiding the damage and allowing it to fester and as the MOT tester can only poke what's visible, it can still pass even when quite bad. Suspension joints just tend to wear gradually, with more and more play, and the rubber bushes go soft and crack, but they're very much fail safe items that give the driver plenty of notice in the form of steering play, shimmies on the steering and under braking, and just a general feeling of inaccuracy. If it didn't scare you when you test drove it, odds are it's fine for a while, although they're always benefit from a freshen up. These cars have a steering box instead of a rack (4 wheel drive 525ix excluded) and they're never laser sharp, but it should stay on target. There is scope fr adjustment to tighten it up, but only a little. Mine is too worn, and when I eliminate the slop in the straight ahead, where it gets most wear, it's too tight on lock. so I really need a replacement, or rebuild.
  6. Flandy

    What is a fair price for an E34 M5?

    Cheaper than you might think, my improvening thread will get more interesting sooner rather than later....
  7. Flandy

    The e34 rear sill thread

    I'm fairly confident that mine is not as bad as yours, but obviously, until you start hacking you never really know! But I certainly appreciate the efforts you've gone to to show how deep into the shell you can go and build back properly. Mine is a touring, so the sunroof rear drains exit into the hatch recess, but I was pretty dumbfounded when I discovered how the fronts drain, talk about stupid! Other cars exit them into the arch behind the liner, or into the door gap, the scuttle area, all these seem like a way better plan that into the frickin sills!
  8. Flandy

    What is a fair price for an E34 M5?

    Somewhat off topic maybe, but depending on your desire for originality, and your skill set, for the price of a nice M5, you can build something pretty incredible from a lesser model. You could buy a 540i and have £15,000 to spend on upgrades and restoration and have something that's faster, stops harder, and handles even better. All E34's are equally prone to rot, the shells are the same, everything that makes an M5 an M5 can be bolted on to a 518i. If you want a touring, the price gap is more than double! That's a hell of a budget for shenanigans!
  9. Flandy

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Corrosion that effects braking or steering is a bit of a puzzler, seeing as the steering and suspension are all bolted to a couple of very substantial crossmembers. It seems to indicate that either the crossmembers, or the area of the bodyshell they mount to are a bit suspect, but those aren't really common failure points on these cars. The only other thing would be if the bulkhead that the column and pedals mount to is rotten but again, it's an odd place for that much corrosion to have occurred. As for wobbles, they're good in that they're usually easy to fix. These cars are very sensitive to wear in ball joints and bushes. They're not deal breakers, but they're good points of negotiation. Good quality genuine BMW or OEM parts from Lemforder are the ones to use, so it may pay to look up prices on these and go in with some information on what it might cost to fix.
  10. Flandy

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    I got 5 metres of the fabric, at 1.7 metres width, a fair bit more than I needed, but at £12 metre it seemed like a small expense to make sure if i screwed it up I'd have spare. I've still yet to do the sun roof panels, I just can't be bothered to remove them at this point, but I''ll do them this summer and service the sunroof mechanism at the same time. With those done, I think I'll have used about 3 metres of it, you end up using more than you'd think because many parts need to have the visible weave going a certain way. The Spray glue that I used was what Martrim supplied, it seemed ok, but time will tell I guess. it took three full cans, and I guess I still need more to do the sunroof panels. If I were to do it again I'd probably use 3M super 77 which is highly rated but about £20 a can.
  11. Flandy

    e34 530i - lowering

    I can't remember, not a great deal, I have a crest at the top of my drive I need to get over safely! I was gonna move the car around and get a pic but it's raining. I did measure the ride height from ground to the centre of the wheel arch, the front is 651mm and the rear 610mm so you have something to compare to your car.
  12. Flandy

    e34 530i - lowering

    Yeah I've got Eibach and Bilstein B6 on mine, sits nice, handles excellent, and rides perfectly acceptably, although that's a purely subjective view. I'll get a pic sometime.
  13. Flandy

    Roof rack.

    I found this when I was looking into roof racks. Seems like a pretty good solution. https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/forum/e34-e28-forums/general-5-series-technical/236532-diy-yakima-roof-rack-for-e34-touring
  14. Flandy

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    The best bit is the options price list! Somebody else paid a butt load for the things that occasionally work on my car!
  15. Flandy

    540i touring. "The Improvening!"

    My sunroof seems to operate fine, but I just discovered that the drain on the passenger side front was blocked. I turned the car round so it was more nose than it had been and it's rained a few times since, and when I went to sit in the passenger seat I got a wet arse. I can't believe they just have the drains dump into the sills, like some kind of self corrosion system! Anyway, I took off the speaker panel pulled it out of the sill, unblocked it and I think i'll re route it at some point where it can drain without filling the sills. All i can say is buy more fabric than you need, because it's really easy to cock it up!