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  1. Sam BM-Dynamics

    10k to spend on indulgent car...

    I had an R129 SL500 for 6 years and loved it! If you can get a really nice one with a Panoramic hard top and 18" AMG staggered wheels it really is a damn good car. Can't believe just how cheap they are these days to be honest!! (null)
  2. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    I think I have pictures if it on my profile Stu or PM me your email address and I'll send details. (null)
  3. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    Hahaha.... Quality (null)
  4. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    Hahaha..... Certainly sounds like my car, but it hasn't been anywhere since November. I'd rather think of it as a Mafia staff car that a drug dealer's wagon (null)
  5. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    Think I'd be happy with 3-3.5k for it as long as it goes to a good home! Looking for a rag top to replace it (null)
  6. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    £37... good offer but damn, I can't accept PayPal... shame that lol (null)
  7. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    Not the same car, no. Don't think I've ever driven it to Gloucester!! (null)
  8. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Selling my E38.... any Ideas on price?

    You're welcome to buy it and convert it to a 728 if you want Ray lol (null)
  9. Its time to move on... Both E38 and E39 will be up for the chop. Have already got pre-advertised interest in the E38 but no idea what to price it at?! It's a '99 740i in Cosmos Black, fsh, 116k, dealer ordered with 5 20" Genuine Alpina alloys, grey sport interior, Alpina suspension, Alpina front spoiler, stainless sport quad system Inc sport cats, glass roof, sport steering wheel , etc. Those who have seen it know it's a nice car! Any ideas? (null)
  10. Sam BM-Dynamics

    What do I buy next?

    Really don't want an X5 or I'd keep the ML. Just looking for something I can have as a toy for me that I can also use for carting the kids around! E61 touring will be a bit on the large side too I think. Understand about the cramped nature of the back seats in both 3 and 6.... this is where the Audi A4 scores better! :-/
  11. Sam BM-Dynamics

    What do I buy next?

    I've thought about most of those cars, the 6 series seems to be quite good value now days and out of the list, probably the most suitable. The only thing that puts me off it is the running cost of the car. May have to look into it...
  12. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Porsche 911 turbo

    993 is the one to have, a real animal and more reliable than the 996. The running costs scare me on these cars though!!
  13. Sam BM-Dynamics

    What do I buy next?

    I was thinking of a 330i Sport convertible as they are quite plentiful and having had a 325i Sport Coupe before I like them even though a bit more boring than the 5 and 7 for that matter!
  14. Sam BM-Dynamics

    What do I buy next?

    It's taken a lot of thought on my part, but due to a recent change in personal circumstances I have decided that I will be selling my beloved E38 and E39 as well as my 7 seater Mercedes ML270 CDi. Anyone who knows me will know this is no easy decision on my part, I love my cars and have lavished attention and money on them, way beyond what I really should have! I will probably list them on here sometime in the near future as I really want the cars to go to proper enthusiasts who will look after them properly. Question is.... What do I buy as a replacement? I really need something with 4 seats to carry the kids around so a Z4 is out of the question, but I really would like a rag top, just don't want to go down the Audi A4 route. I'm not against tin tops, still considering a 535d or similar but want to try and keep away from the M cars as I don't want the running costs. Suggestions are gratefully received
  15. Sam BM-Dynamics

    Checking Oil Level

    If I were you I'd check the oil level on a flat road to make sure you are getting a proper reading. I never trust the sensors, they can sometimes get clogged or just stop working in one position or another. Better safe than sorry!