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  1. Will check these locations and report back tomorrow!! The car smokes almost straight away, not later on, and then when power is down, ie. Feels like no boost, it doesn't smoke atall.
  2. If boost leak surely it would be all the time, this can clear after a few seconds and be fine for days according to wife?? And also how would it go from smoking but driving fine, to then no power but no smoke?
  3. Hi all, been off here for a while, but need your help. The trusty e61 525d, current situation, wife complaining its smoking heavily and then goes to a point where no dash lights are up, but it really feels like no boost whatsoever, feels flat, still accelerates but feels flat. Car has had a Remap, dpf off, etc. Been great for years, this has only recently started happening. I took car to work lastnight, and thismorn on the way home, it finally did it with me. I was forcing a kickdown from slow speed, accelerating hard, it would kick down and rear view mirror could see black smoke ( its never done this ). Did this for a few miles then it lost its gutsy power and smoking stopped, and it felt like no boost, felt really flat, still revved albiet more slowly. Got home, read codes with Carly and got the following. Recent works to car, two thermostats, 6 glow plugs, beru controller, all around 6 months ago. 2 weeks ago I replaced the throttle actuator. As had code up for that. Before I throw a MAF at it potentially needlessly was hoping someone could help here. Turbo actuator? Map sensor dead? Lambda knackered? Maf knackered?
  4. kjb1

    E28 Lighting and Body Panels

    Did you end up ordering?
  5. kjb1

    e28 bits required

    Whole items.
  6. Can I interest you in selling it? where in Wales are you? Im in Pembrokeshire.
  7. yeh thats the ones Ive heard!! now where can I get me one of those??? and what are they off originally?
  8. Not from what Ive heard. I have heard some will go straight on. Two types will go straight on apparently
  9. Hi guys. Ok, conversion is pushing on!! engine is out. I have my m52b28 engine with the gearbox it was originally mounted to in the e36 its come out of. I need to know what driveshaft I need to convert everything across. My current setup was an auto. Its all out now. Can anyone who has done this offer any advice? does anyone have the televant parts I can purchase off them? Thanks
  10. kjb1

    Steering wheel swap

    Ok so my fine spline wheel is now refurbed:
  11. kjb1

    e28 bits required

    Hi all. Im after the following: Fog lights e28 both sides
  12. kjb1

    Steering wheel swap

    Mine is a coarse spline, I have a fine spline wheel, ideally need a coarse spline, if not I will just change the column on my car to suit the wheel I have. Let me know if you fancy a trade or not? up to you.
  13. I have to say, Steve's enthusiasm did make me feel, the car was going to the right hands in terms of restoration works, I cannot imagine him skipping any corners to make a job easier, I can see it will be done correctly just from talking to him. Once works are completed, I will post before and after shots, as Im fairly certain it will look fantastic!! Just wish the engine conversion garage will pull their finger out now and get this transplant done!!